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I want my husband back, please help me?

Lonely woman

I loved a person in your place who lives in [location removed]. He is a Muslim but I'm Hindu but we loved each other. Finally in the name of Allah we got married too but we didn't registered our marriage but we lived our life like a husband and wife only.

On the month of july, I got sick and bed ridden for a month. At that time his parents forced him get marriage. They told that if he does not get marriage means then they will commit suicide, so he married another girl.

Now I'm alone without anyone. I called him and asked about my life. He said that now he is married if I want to take revenge means go and file a case against but I can't do that for him because I love him that much. That is the only reason.

Now I'm going to die because I can't live without him. I want my husband back. He cheated me but still I love him and I want my husband back. Is I'm looking like a prostitute for him because I lived my life with him for 2 years now can I get move on. Still I believe in god so still I'm making fasting daily but I don't know how to make prayer will you help me for doing prayer?


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  1. Salam sister! look its not the end of the world get grip of yourself.....We all have problems .Allah test people in different ways.The most important thing is that Allah excepted you as a believer i him and Muhammad has the seal oof prophets who has brought the quran as a guidance....I had a similar situation like you. I was also a new muslim .Until i looked at myself and sad you know the world is a big place and i have Allah.Sister we all have feelings but think of this Allah didnt want this to happen because he iknows whats best for you .So you didnt lose anything! First thing get youself connected with sisters at mosque.Be involved with community.Learn from the lectures at mosque or courses..At the same time think of your career so you can be independant.... Because life is getting expensive and you need a good paying job.Rule number 1 trust nobody unless they are pious who fear Allah and pray at the mosque and talk very soft and humbly....2 Do not get involved in any interest 3 becarefull what you eat in terms of halal and haram.Dont worry about marriage build you understanding and master the basics.The basic are all in book called Ta leemul Haq. Go to Islamic book store another book for questions on daily life is called Bahisti Zewar.and a book called fazail e amal..when i was learning to pray salat i would write on paper the words and follow it as i prayed and then as time went on i learned from some brothers.Salat is the most important act of worship.It seperates us from the idol worshippers. Salat is a connection to Allah So learn it properly and dont give up. Quran will also give you peace of mind so read it frequently. Oh By the way the correct Islam is first being a sunni muslim and follow one of the 4 major schools of I follow Imam abu Hanifa....This will help you with all questions on regards to how the prophet prayed to your menstrul cycle on regards to fast salat etc..You will start to the difference in you as time goes by....Dont worry about marriage .Have that belief that Allah will find you a pious educated muslim...Just build yourself first and be confident......Make sure you have a daily routine.Eg I read sura yaseen after fajr i do 34×Allah akbar 33×subanallah 33×HALHUMDULILLAH 100× durood(Salallahu alayhi wa salam)100×astagfirullah before i go to work.When i retire to bed i do the same except i read sura mulk and some fazil e amal.Remember theres a shaitan chained to everyone he will make all attempts to avert you or keep you away from the truth or any thing that Allahs name is mentioned .Thats why a true muslim lives a life 24hrs in worship no matter were he is..Theres a dua for everything soooo theres lots of work...Rember feelings for this guy is not really wort it because you deserve better.So ask Allah to make me the best muslim in his sight and that you make me a means for others to come in the fold of Islam.You will be blessed if you follow this route and dont say you want to kill youself.Allah gave this body as a trust and we will have to answer for it when that days come so be ready.

  2. Dear sister
    The advice above is correct the only thing I want to add is don't wait for the idiot. Life is a test for all of us, our sisters and brothers of Islam. Many many Congrats for becoming a Muslim and may you find a better person then the creep you married, be patient and follow Dam Co 300765 advice as it makes you a better person in all.
    Allah bless you and in time Allah swt will bring you someone more pious in your life who will become a better partner for you and give you all what your heart desires , duas are for you always..X.

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