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I want to convert and marry another man, but I’m already married.

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I hope someone can give me advice  about converting into a Muslim. I'm a catholic and I'm married with my husband 2 years now. The problem is that I am falling out of love with him because he acts like a child and also we've been apart for four years now. We used to see each other once a year if he will have his vacation in Philippines.

I met him thru chat, and he's the one who was in a hurry to marry me while I wasn't ready for that time yet. I have loved him but he is not that responsible to me as a husband, and that caused me to fall out of love with him.  I met this man who is my friend and he is a Muslim from Saudi. Everything I am looking for in a husband i found it in him, and he treats me like a queen. He knows that I'm married and he knows every little detail I'm having with my husband. He wants to marry me, and I already love this guy.  He's always there for me and we used to see each other 4 times a month because he's a pilot.

The problem now is that my visa to my husband in theUK was released already just last month, and I'm so cold with my husband and he knows that and he can feel it. He loves me so much I can see, but he never became or showed me his responsibility as a husband. My boyfriend the muslim told me to go there in the UK because it will be easy for him to get me from there and he told me that if I will convert to Islam and marry him I will no longer  be married to my husband.  Is it really true? And do you think its against the law? I'm concerned that my husband might file a case against me for"bigamy".

I don't know what to do, help please.  I want to know if I convert to be a muslim and marry my boyfriend, will the marriage I have with my husband  no longer be certified? Sorry for my English.



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  1. Salaams,

    I hope I can help bring some clarity to your situation. I'm sure from your perspective it seems rather confusing and complicated, but in reality it is probably a lot simpler.

    The first issue I would like to address is about the person you are interested in, the Muslim man. I would like to say right away that even though he is Muslim, he is not practicing Islam. You see, if he was truly trying to live his life the way God willed it, he would have ceased all contact with you from the moment he found out you were married. Instead, he has continued to correspond with you and even visit you. Those behaviors are strictly forbidden in Islam, so for him to go against what he knows he should be doing tells a lot about his character. Ask yourself this question: Do you really want to marry someone who is only a Muslim in name only? Would you want to marry someone who is possibly quite capable of not honoring you as a wife, and is seemingly quite likely to cheat on you? I hate to say it, but someone who doesn't guard their modesty before marriage, is not so likely to guard it afterwards. Coupling that with the fact that he is a pilot and will be away from you a lot due to work, and further exposed to opportunities to meet other females, the chances are lowered that he will be a dutiful husband to you as he should be. As it stands right now, I would seriously have to question whether or not he already has a wife in his country of origin. Unfortunately, many times men like these already have wives and are picking up second, third, even fourth ones internationally and causing grief to all the women involved once the truth comes out.

    My advice to you is this: if you want to convert to Islam, do it because you want to be a Muslim from the heart. Don't do it just to be with someone, because in all actuality it's not "required" for you to be a Muslim to marry one. Muslim men are allowed to marry Christian and Jewish women with no problem, so if he is telling you that you must convert to marry him he is showing another error in his understanding of Islam. If you really want to find out the truth about our Creator, and what He has revealed as His plan for us under Islam, by all means continue to learn about it and then make the decision to follow this path because you sincerely wish to.

    As far as your current marriage: I hate to say it, but regardless of how bad it is you are still married and even according to Catholicism you should not be taking a romantic interest or meeting with other men. It is considered inappropriate behavior even in your current faith, so there is no excuse for you to continue it on any level. If you don't want to be married to your current husband, then divorce him. It's as simple as that. It really should have nothing to do with visas or potential remarriages, but what you want for yourself. You have to ask yourself this: if you had never met this Muslim guy, what would you be doing with your current husband right now? Would you be going along with him to UK just because you don't really want to go through the trouble of divorcing? Then that's what you should do. If you would've ended the marriage with him before getting stuck with him over there, that's what you should do. Your decision to end your marriage or stay in it should be decided without this Muslim guy being a factor at all.

    Finally, to answer your question about the divorce being nullified if you do convert: If you become a Muslim, and your current husband is not a Muslim, then he has a specific timeframe (I believe it is 3 months) to decide whether he wants to convert as well, or not. If he decided to convert within that time, then your marriage continues as it would under any other circumstances. If he decides not to convert, then after that timeframe expires your marriage is considered invalid ISLAMICALLY. This means in the eyes of Allah, you are no longer married and are free to remarry anyone. However, it does not mean that you will be automatically divorced according to whichever law or country you married under, so in that sense your husband could very well bring a bigamy case against you if you remarried (even Islamically) without completing a civil divorce from him. In Islam, an Islamic marriage and a civil marriage are not one in the same, and so they have to be dealt with separately. So to answer the issue of what this Muslim man has told you: No, the moment you become Muslim is not the moment your marriage becomes nullified. It has to be dealt with as I outlined above.

    You have quite a bit to think about. First, think about what you want for your own life- what kind of person do you want to be? What kind of relationship do you want to have with your Creator? Do you believe Islam will bring you where you want to be? After you've answered those questions and made those decisions, then you can decide how you want to handle your current marriage. Only if you find yourself single again should you be looking at other relationship possibilities, and that's the truth whether you become Muslim or not.

    -Amy Editor

    • Dear Amy,

      Having seen your reply, it seems you can help me to get the solution of my problem.. I am having a similar case as Neftum has but i am a male.. I am married to a girl last year but she left me after staying with me for 3 months..My marriage is registered in temple as per indian law (we have to register marriage in temple where marriage solmnized and later it can be register in Indian marriage court.).. But we havenot registered the previous marriage in Court however the marriage is legal as per indian law, Now, i am converted muslim and want to marry a muslim girl. Is it legal if i marry to her? However as per islam i can keep 3 wives.

      • Asalamo Alaikum Junaid,
        If you are going to revert to Islam, then let me know your intention.
        whether this reversion is just for getting option of three or four marriages, or you are reverting for the sake of Allah, and inspired by Islamic fundamental beliefs.

        Obviously you might have right to marry with 1-4 girls at a time, because this permission is granted by Almighty Allah the Greatest the Glorious and Exalted One, but with a condition, that if you can, make justice with all of them, if you will fail in making justice with all of them....then its better to marry one, God says in Quran.

        But your intention should be the later one...means, you should inspired by preaching and beliefs of Islam.

    • It seems you can help in my case...

      • Dear Mukti, please register and submit your question as a separate post, and we will answer you in turn.

        Wael Editor

        • Hello.i converted muslim last december 15 2014 .and now i want to get married to a muslim man it possible to get married again even im still married with my christian husband?

          • i wnt to convert islam to accept allah wth another reason but i really wnt to become a muslim not becos of my man although its part of my reason i wnt to marry my muslim man bt i been married in phil bt we separeted 8 years ago its possible i cn marry him if i convert muslim wthout my annulment in my marriage in phil

        • Can u help me how can I married my bf Pakistani but I'm already married in ph

          • Yam, we have published many posts on how to get an Islamic divorce in the Philippines. Please search our archives.


      • assalamu alaykum! im a Christian Filipina girl, ive been married before in Christian man in my country and had 4 kids. but since i left the Philippines i doesn't feel that i love this guy anymore coz he is not responsible to our kids. so when i came in uae i met a Pakistani Muslim man and we love each other so much. we planned to get marry and live in to their country. according to him he is willing to accept my kids but now he told me that he cant marry with me because im still married (we dont have divorce in Philippines) and hid culture is different and he believe that i will leave him to stay with my family in Philippines. i can feel he truly love me and i do as well. what should i do? im willing to convert in Muslim just to marry him. i need your advice please. thanks!

  2. Please refer to this issue:

    It has the same issue as yours, and the solution. The only difference is that the Christian girl in this case reverts to Islam based on her research. But in your case, it is driven by love.

    Anyways, if you are convinced with Islam as your Religion, then revert to Islam and follow what the Ulama (scholars of Islam) say in the above link.

    MAy Allah Guide yo to His True Path
    Muhammad Waseem Saifullah

  3. hey all muslims and non-muslims. Listen me. Read quran 4;77 and 67;2. Allah testing us. Don.t believe this world only. We have endless world in paradise. And you must must must search in internet. That key word is 'quran miracle'if you a human. You should she that verse and involve in research quran miracle.

  4. Assalam!

    Its been two years I converted into Islam, when I was working in saudi arabia, I found out in my heart that islam is my true religion....At the same time Its been 7years ago also that i dont have any communication w my husband...he left wo any words...I raise my son alone when he left...

    After 5months of converting to islam, I met a muslim man, he is nice and religious.. After my contract in saudi I came back home to Philippines and my muslim man came along w me in Golden mosque Quiapo mosque to inquire on how we are going to marry...

    I presented my stories that i was a christian before and i was married, Its been 7 years ago that i never be together w my husband...despite that i beg him to come and see my son he never appeal...Immediately the Imam solemnized me and my muslim man and pronounced we are married...

    Is my marriage is valid? Pls help me for my query...Thanks and God bless!!

    • Aisha, from an Islamic perspective, your marriage is valid. Your conversion to Islam invalidated your previous marriage. I'm assuming that you met other conditions such as having two witnesses and payment of the mahr. However, you still need to secure a legal divorce in the Philippines, so that you can marry your new husband according to Philipino law.

      If you need further advice, please log in and write your question as a separate post, thank you.

      Wael Editor

      • Brother/Sister


        You have any contacts for sharia lawyer in philippines?



      • wael,

        Assalaamu alaikum.

        im married in the philippines we are for about 7 years now he is living already with another girl and our annulment/divorce already in process 1 year by now and no idea when it will be finish. my husband is a catholic. And i convert into muslim last june 22,2015 now my question is i want to change my name but i dont want to carry the surname of my husband anymore is that possible? and is it possible also if i want to marry a muslim man even my annulment is not yet done? i love someone right now and i think i deserve to be happy also i dont have kids to my husband and his happy now also with his new girl. is it possible that i can marry here in dubai with an egyptian man he is single. if its possible what are tge requirements for marriage? please help me

        • A. You can revert to your maiden name. B. You can get married Islamically even if your annulment is not complete, but you will not be able to register the marriage legally until your annulment is done. C. I don't know the marriage laws in Dubai, but in general the Islamic requirements for marriage are:

          1. Mutual consent; 2. Payment of mahr or dowry to bride; 3. Representation of the bride by her wali, though in your case this may be waived since you are previously married; 4. Presence of at least two witnesses. 5. Publicization of the marriage through a waleemah (wedding party).

          If you need further advice please register and submit your question as a separate post, and we will answer you in turn, Insha'Allah.


          • u help me a lot very much appreciated brother wael.

          • I have a gir fren she is married already before she is christain and i m muslim how can i marry her with out her divorce paper

          • You cannot marry a married woman. She must be divorced before you can marry her.


          • Hello every one..iam a married filipino too. And me and my x husband were not legally separated accdng to philippine law. Its been 6 yrs that we have separated he was living in with his new girl and they have a child, and i don't have a child from him. The same thing i have a malaysian muslim bf and we are already morethan 1yr. At the same time im trying to learn about islam by watching videos about schoolars of islam and i know from my heart that i was in the middle of accepting islam right now. Me and my bf are planning to get married soon. And iam going to convert islam before our marriage.But i was worried about my passport because iam still using my x husband's name. I have read some of the advice and comments upon reading everything. I have gathered some ideas and it was very helpfull. I was just wondering if would it be possible for me to change my name in my passport using my islamic name after i had coverted to islam. Can we possibly register our marriage her in malaysia since we are planning to get married in phillipines. Even my catholic marriage was not ended in philippine law yet...Please i need more ideas.. thank you

          • nery, these are questions that should be directed to the appropriate authorities in the Philippines or Malaysia.


          • im jocelyn and i want to marry a man he is already convert in islam before we met.the problem is he is married to a christian girl and not yet divorce what can i do pls help also convert in islam before i met him and im a single not yet married....can he marry again?

      • Hi, I'm jackie,a Filipino citizens and planning to seat the marriage of a pakistan man....we are both married, the man asked already her wife permission that he will marry me. ..her wife allowed him to marry me. ...but for me I never devorse yet my previous husband.......may I know what are those requirements in getting married in pakistan? and is posible that we can get marry without my devorse paper....thank you

        • Salam madam, you may want to consider seeking a legal advice first of a Philippine Shariah Lawyer, because you have a Civil marriage initially.. whatever you do seek legal advice first..i can give you my lawyers no. and she is very accommodating, she lay down all the options to you.. here's her no. anyway her advice is free..+639772035730

          • salamo alaikum,
            i am mariam, i converted to islam i ws a catholic before and married and not yet annuled, i just wanted to ask that if i get married again islamically with my muslim fiance is it legal? like if soon after we got married if we plan to have kids does are kids will freely and legaly carried by there father's surname. because we are living here in uae.

          • Hi is this number still working?

      • Asalam likum,

        Wael, me and my husband converted to Islam. HOW CAN WE GET A LEGAL MARRIAGE PAPERS .I am not legally divorce from my Christian husband,6yrs we are separated now and he has his own family now...WERE BOTH PILIPINO..

        THANK YOU;


  5. Brother wael, there are different opinions regarding the issue... Some schoolers, her with her first marriage is still valid, untill she returns his bridal money to him and divorce him (she can even divorce him by saying it to him verbally. Ie, telling him something like "i divorce you and i dissolve this marriage"). But the condition is she has to return his bridal money to him.

    Some other schoolers go with the opinion that her marriage with her first husband i annuled, going by the condition that is surrounding the marriage, her conversion to is, and there long separation..

    But the correct opinion is that there is no marriage between here and her first husband. Reason being a muslim woman can only marry a muslim man, but a muslim man has the option to marry nonmuslim women.

  6. @wael, i edited parts of my comment, but it didnt appear on the page

  7. Salam,
    Seems very like what I'm going through. Just cut all contact with this other man. It's not worth messing with your marriage. If you want to convert to Islam from you heart go ahead other wise don't. Good luck!!!

  8. Assalam!

    Its been two months since i convert to Islam and I met a muslim man and he want to marry me in the Philippines. Can we marry in islamic marriage even if I married before in a Christian husband? Also, I have not seen my husband for 18 years now and i dont know his whereabouts?

    His family will be coming here to arrange our marriage? Will it be valid? Please help me.

    • Zehra, your conversion to Islam invalidates your previous marriage, so you can marry the Muslim man.

      Wael Editor

      • Thank you very much for the reply. May Allah guide us.

        • HI Zehra


          Your case is same as mine but only few differences. I was married before when I was a Christian. I filed my annulment back 2013 up to now I am still waiting when it will be done.
          I reverted to Islam after I filed my annulment even if I am practicing Islam before I went to court.
          I am separated with my ex christian husband since 2008. You cannot just get married right away. You have to go to Family Guidance and seek for dissolution of your previous marriage. File Divorce to court. and If it is granted then you can marry after but you cannot file it to Philippine govt because you marriage still not void. You cannot inform anyone in you ex husband or your ex husband because he file a bigamy case against you.

          May Allah guide you.

          • hi farah same situation here .i want to file a divorce here in dubai but whenni ask a laweyr they are asking for too much u spend in divorce and how long it will take?

  9. i am already convert to muslim and we are planning to get married in islam what are the documents we need to able to marry each other here in uae but im seperated with my christian husband

  10. good day,i just wanna ask if the same filipino we"re both marriage here in the philippines can remarry in dubai U.A.E if they we're convert to muslim?pls reply to my email.because i found out my husband planning to remarry to his filipina mistress.

    • Alice,

      If you have already converted to Islam and so has your husband, you can remarry in Dubai by doing a Nikah.

      Why is your husband marrying someone else? I think you will have to mention that clearly in order to get the correct response. Please login and create a new post with some details. In sha Allah, we will publish it in turn.

      Abu Abdul Bari Editor

  11. i found out my husband have a filipina gf in dubai.some one told me if they convert to muslim they can remarry.i just want it to know if it possible?

    • Assalaamualaikam

      Polygamy is permitted in Islam (although not universally practised or required), so it is allowed for men who revert to Islam to marry again and have up to four wives. What is not acceptable is for a Muslim man to have extra-marital relations. By formalising relationships by marriage, the rights and responsibilities of all parties are defined and protected.

      There is far more to Islam, though - it is a faith of peace, equality, justice and truth, and immensely rewarding. Do not allow yourself to be blinded by negative media propaganda - I would encourage you to learn more about Islam and the positive effects on the world and the individual. For example, in a society where women were frequently treated as little more than commodities, Islam established rights for women to inherit property, choose to marry, choose to divorce, testify in legal cases...

      I hope that you are able to find peace. If you require more in-depth information, please submit a post and we shall answer it in turn, inshaAllah.

      Midnightmoon editor

  12. hi,
    i am a catholic born i have a husband i left 5 years ago because on the 3 yrs of our relationship he had 5 ladies and 3 he had a kids, for 3 years i was crazy of holding our relationship to think that my daughter dont have a father,but my heart did not carry that much! my ego kills me,now i am here in dubai 5 yrs no communication no support to our child from his side and he did not even seen her for 5 yrs, now i meet this Muslim man i decided to convert to muslim not because i want to marry him and he want to marry me i want it as i can feel peace and clear of mind when i here a prayer i just close my eyes and its like a great heal to my self!!!

    we want to live with bleesing of Allah but i am still tied on a piece of paper.
    please enlighten me....i am soo despirate to live peacefully but still i have those....

    • Hello Lee,

      It is great to hear this. Indeed, prayer is soothing to hear. Then just imagine yourself praying, how great the experience?

      Sister, if you believe in Allah as your Only God and Muhammad peace be on him as His Final Messenger, then you are ready to become a Muslim. You can approach an Islamic Center or a Mosque in Dubai to pronounce the Shahaadah and get a certificate for having reverted to Islam.

      Shahaadah includes two testimonies: That there is none worthy of worship but Allah, and that Prophet Muhammad peace be on him is His Servant and His Final Messenger.

      And sister, when you become a Muslim, according to Islamic Law, you must wait 3 months (which is supposed to be time for your Christian husband to think about Islam). After three months, your marriage is considered void as per Islam. You will be allowed to marry a Muslim man then, because a Muslim lady can't marry or remain married a non Muslim.

      I welcome you to Islam, the only Religion acceptable with the Only True God.

      If you need further advise, please submit a new post after logging in.

      Abu Abdul Bari Editor

      • salamo alaikum,
        i am mariam, i converted to islam i ws a catholic before and married and not yet annuled, i just wanted to ask that if i get married again islamically with my muslim fiance is it legal? like if soon after we got married if we plan to have kids does are kids will freely and legaly carried by there father's surname. because we are currently living here in uae. Actually at first ive decided to be a mulsim to to marry someone who is muslim but because i felt it by heart and i felt peace when im talking to allah. but somehow allah is very good to me when he saw me that i am sad and really wants someone to be with me whatever happens indeed he gave me one man who i think deserves my love until the last second of my life. i hope u could really help me with this. if we got married are we going to have a legal islam marriage papers so whatever happens like if i got pregnant by the will of allah after our marriage it is safe here in uae? i just really wanted to be a wife for a second and last time to the man that i throughly love.. thnak you very much MAY ALLAH BLESS US.

        • if i marry the love of my life who is a muslim man will i be his wife legally?are we going to have papers? thank you so much.

  13. Salam,

    I am married back in philippines last 2008 , but our marriage not work out maybe because we are young and hurry that time. Almost 3 years now we seperated, i'm here working abroad and as i talk to him he tell me that he want to be free again so i gave to him his will.

    Im planning to convert to muslim not because i want to get married maybe in future yes ! But i been confuse if its possible to get married without annulled? As you know in philippines divorced dont exist and its expensive and time consumed.

    Is it true as per my reading here , its possible to get married again.?
    How ,where,when,?

    THank you in advance..

    • ayesha, yes, if you convert to Islam it will annul your previous marriage (from an Islamic perspective), and you can marry a Muslim. As far as the legal situation in the Philippines that's another matter and you may have to pursue annulment in the courts there or however it is done.

      Wael Editor

  14. Can a christian husband convert to Islam just so he can take back his wife who converted to Islam and married another man? Can he let his wife be condemn ?

    • Emie, you could convert to Islam, but whether your wife chooses to leave that other man and remarry you is up to her. And since you are describing a conversion that is not sincere, I doubt she would do that. I'm sorry that you lost your wife, but you have to let her go. The two of you are on different paths.

      Wael Editor

      • Dear Brother Wael,

        I am sorry, i know i shouldn't ask here but as i am new to this site and yet to understand its working, hence i am bothering you asking here that i have put up a post from my mail id and status of it as of now is -pending. Has it been accepted? How much time will it take to get published? I am in urgent need of advice hence asking, please guide. thank you.

    • I am asking for anulment but shes not cooperating, so i think i have to make something that will make her convert to islam and condemn her. I can also file bigamy to court.. Am i right? As Islam u should proscribed Islam women who have multiple husbands.

      I dnt feel love anymore to her, what i want is for her to suffer the consequences..Islam must not tolerate woman committing such is haram.

      via Mac iPad

      • Trust me, she's going to have to regret this sooner or later. But as a disbeliever, your regrets will never end, while if she stays and dies a Muslim, her regrets will one day end.

        So in that case she will have the advantage over you.

        I suggest you convert to Islam yourself, marry someone better than her and be better than her. That way, you will have the permanent advantage.

        And you can take your right from her in the akhirah. This is a narration among the narrations that were revealed to us concerning justice. Don't worry-God sides with the wronged.

        However, you are committing a great injustice which is failing to follow the first commandment. This is an injustice that is never forgiven unless you repent before it is too late and the matter has been decided.

        You need to enter Islam. Only than can any revenge you get on her be meaningful.

        Imam Ahmad recorded that `Abdullah bin Muhammad bin `Aqil heard Jabir bin `Abdullah say, "I was told about a Hadith which a man heard from the Prophet , so I bought a camel and put my saddle on it, then I traveled on it for a month until I came to Ash-Sham, where `Abdullah bin Unays was. I said to the doorkeeper, `Tell him that Jabir is at the door.' He said, `Jabir bin `Abdullah' I said, `Yes.' So he came out, still putting his garment on, and embraced me, and I embraced him, and said: `I heard a Hadith narrated by you, that you heard from the Messenger of Allah about reciprocal punishments. I was afraid that you or I would die before I could hear it.' He said, `I heard the Messenger of Allah say:

        «يَحْشُرُ اللهُ عَزَّ وَجَلَّ النَّاسَ يَوْمَ الْقِيَامَةِ أَوْ قَالَ: الْعِبَادَ عُرَاةً غُرْلًا بُهْمًا»

        (Allah will gather the people -- or His servants -- on the Day of Resurrection, naked, uncircumcised and Buhman.) I asked, `What is Buhman' He said,

        لَيْسَ مَعَهُمْ شَيْءٌ، ثُمَّ يُنَادِيهِمْ بِصَوْتٍ يَسْمَعُهُ مَنْ بَعُدَ كَمَا يَسْمَعُهُ مَنْ قَرُبَ: أَنَا الْمَلِكُ، أَنَا الدَّيَّانُ لَا يَنْبَغِي لِأَحَدٍ مِنْ أَهْلِ النَّارِ أَنْ يَدْخُلَ النَّارَ وَلَهُ عِنْدَ أَحَدٍ مِنْ أَهْلِ الْجَنَّةِ حَقٌّ حَتَّى أُقِصَّهُ مِنْهُ، وَلَا يَنْبَغِي لِأَحَدٍ مِنْ أَهْلِ الْجَنَّةِ أَنْ يَدْخُلَ الْجَنَّةَ وَلَهُ عِنْدَ رَجُلٍ مِنْ أَهْلِ النَّارِ حَقٌّ حَتَّى أُقِصَّهُ مِنْهُ حَتَّى اللَّطْمَة»

        (They will have nothing with them. Then a voice will call out to them that will be heard by those far away just as easily as it will be heard by those near: "I am the Sovereign, I am the Judge. None of the people of Hell should enter Hell if he is owed something by one of the people of Paradise, until I have settled the matter, and none of the people of Paradise should enter Paradise if he is owed something by one of the people of Hell, until I settle the matter -- even if it is only the case of a slap.'')

        We said, `How will that be, when we have come before Allah barefooted, naked, uncircumcised and having nothing with us' He said,

        «بِالْحَسَنَاتِ وَالسَّيِّئَات»

        (By ﴿merit for﴾ good deeds, and ﴿recompense﴾ for evil deeds.)

        With that said.....forgiveness is even better for you.

  15. I am hoping for a JUST answer.

  16. Do you, as Islam tolerate christians to be using Islam in committing bigamy and adultery? They get married without posting a notice. If they did it right she should divorce me before she married an Islam man. Yes she thought that her marriage with me is dissolve but only in "islamic way" but i am sure i can still file cases against her in our country because she didnt do it i right?

    • Emie, it sounds like your wife did things the wrong way. Upon accepting Islam there is a waiting period before her marriage to you is dissolved. During that waiting period she is supposed to remain in your home, and give you a chance to accept Islam as well, to preserve the marriage. She is definitely not supposed to be with any other man during that time.

      As far as filing a case against her, I don't know the law in your country. You should consult a lawyer.

      Wael Editor

      • Isn't it that they don't have to remain in the home but they do have to wait the idda? And she should definitely have gotten a proper civil divorce. This man has a right to take her to court for whatever.

  17. i was married to a christian woman before i converted to islam, my wife had cheated on me and i wanted to divorce her, i have also met the woman whom i think deserve the love and respect from me and i plan to marry it possible for me to divorce my first wife and get married again

  18. good day e i was married to a a catholic man last 2005,after 2 years of marriage he became cold to me but i still hold on with our marriage until year 2009 i found out that he has another girl and they live in one roof and found out also that they have kid but i still hold on i decided to be with him again on the months of being togethere he keeps on punching me and hit me every time he gets mad..i dont know what he wants...i decided to let him go i sepated to him 2010 of april until now..i was planning to convert in islam not bcoz i want to remarry again but im not closing my door i just want our marriage to be void in any way because i really dont wanna get involve in anything and everything about him...what should i do and where will i go here in the philippines so i can get my convertion...

  19. Hello! I have enormous questions regarding conversion to Islam. I am married to a man whom i lived in with for almost 12 years. I was married year 2011. my husband and i have 2 children but just 2 mos after our marriage i learned that he was womanizing and had an affair with my sister. it torn me into pieces which led me to work to here in uae for my children. despite the things he has done i still treat him civil but my love for him is no longer there. Then i met a man whose totally way ahead of my husband unfortunately he is also a married man but he cut relationship with his wife after discovering that 2 mos after he left philippines she cheated with another man. we are both on the same situation where in both of us have been hurt by our partners. we want to be annuled from country but we know it will take ages for it to be granted. We aspire of becoming muslims to be married and live in peace with our new religion without our ex partners bothering us again. Is it possible in out case to be married? what are the requiremnts in converting from christian to islam and how long does it take for us to become muslims??
    your answer is really a huge help to us. thank you so much

    • Assalaamualaikam

      The only true requirement in order to become a Muslim is that you truly believe in your heart that there is no God but Allah and The Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) is His Messenger.

      I would urge you, though, to seriously consider all aspects of Islam - if you accept Islam, then it influences every action you make - this isn't a "once a week and at holidays" religion.

      While a Muslim man can, under certain conditions, have more than one wife, a Muslim woman must have only one husband, who must be a Muslim man. If you both accept Islam because of true faith in its teachings, then you could speak with local scholars regarding the issue of marriage. Being Muslim won't automatically mean you can get married - this is a complex issue that needs discussed with local scholars.

      If you require additional advice, please log in and submit your query as a new post for publication, so it can be answered in turn, inshaAllah.

      Midnightmoon editor

  20. salam...

    this "conversion" matter really hurts me.. please don't use our religion just to escape from your issues.. if you really want to be a convert then do it in the name of ALLAH and not for other reason..

    i am a certified Shariah lawyer base in the Philippines..

    i am willing to give free legal advice if i could see that your conversion to Islam is sincere..


    • (Your comment has been deleted. Please register and submit your question as a separate post, and we will answer you in turn. However, I must tell you that we are not lawyers and cannot advise you on legal matters. - Editor)

    • Salam I am married 2002 but separated 2004. I am now converted to Islam 6 years ago. I met a Muslim woman and want to marry her. My 1st marriage was not annulled. Can I marry again legally?

  21. Im enlightened with all this conversation and im submitted myself to convert to muslim and have peace in my heart pls help v. Hi nam I need guidance shokran

  22. I am a filipina woman working in Uae for 7 years. I'm a catholic and married for 14 years but separated for 8 years. My filipino husband still connected to me because of my childrens support. I'm not file an annulment still now. I had a bangladesh boyfriend for 2 years and we are planning to marry, its is possible that i convert to islam and marry him here in uae without annulment?
    I need an advice,,,Thank you!

    • Salaams,

      This is a legal question, and we do not offer legal advice on this website. You would need to speak with attorneys in both UAE and Phillipines to get a precise answer. Speaking generally, converting to Islam shouldn't be a requirement to marry, as muslim men are permitted to marry christian women.


  23. Hello...

    [Editor's note: Please submit your question as a new post for publication rather than as a comment on an existing post. That way it can be published and answered in turn, inshaAllah.]

  24. Im a filipina who's been separated with my catholic husband for 7 yrs now..we have 2 kids whos with me..he never gave support n lastly I've heard from his cousins hes having another woman with 1 kid now..i want to convert to islam not just to marry a muslim guy but as I noticed all my friends were so happy with there live
    s now as amuslim..i want to have peace n be question is it possible to remarry my muslim bf now that were both muslim eve im not fully annuled yet?how long I nid to wait to remarry?is that months to wait is valid to remarry here n dubai court even i dont have necessary papers to show that im annuled as long that month duration is over?

    • kristelle, after you convert to Islam there will be an 'iddah (waiting period) during which time you must give your husband the opportunity to embrace Islam as well, in which case you will remain married to him. After the iddah is complete, you are free Islamically to marry someone else. As far as Dubai law, I do not know. We have answered many questions similar to yours. Please search our archives.

      Wael Editor

      • salam, if you said you are A filipina, you will need to get your first marriage a declaration of nullity or annulment, before you can legally enter into a second marriage, otherwise, here in the philippines you shall still be considered married..if you are true regarding your conversion then inshaAllah, that same religion of being muslim is also the only way which can declare you marriage be declared dissolved, but that is only upon the approval of your former husband to embrace islam which case you shall be covered by the philippine shariah law.

        • hasna, please do not share your private contact information or advertise your business here. If you want to advise people then do it sincerely for the sake of Allah.


          • Wasalam wael, indeed i am sincere in helping, one of our goal is to let non-muslim see that instead of using Islam as they way of escape, they will see it as the real religion that makes things life easy, initially they may really "use" it to cover up their issues, however, it is not us who shall judge it whether it is true to their heart that they want to embrace islam...what our job now is to continue giving them assistant in seeking knowledge about what really islam is, giving them dahwah...and inshaAllah, they will become practising muslims...

  25. ...

    [Editor's note: Please submit your question as a new post for publication rather than as a comment on an existing post. That way it can be published and answered in turn, inshaAllah.]

  26. Hi, good day everyone! I have read some of the concerns here posted by our brothers and sisters. I understand that after going through a process of conversion to Islam , it is stated here that you can remarry again. How it can be possible when your first marriage in Christian rites is still existing and valid? Does getting a second marriage in Islam doesn't require any documents to prove that you're capable of re- marrying and is free from whatever illegalities? Hope you can enlighten all our minds by having a specific answers to these questions. Thank you in advance and more power!

  27. Salam,

    It is indeed sad to think that most of our friends in other faith tend to make conversion to islam an escape goat to their bitter sweet marriages. However, Allah knows best and we are not to judge them. Everything that happens to us is the WILL of Allah.
    To clarify Janah's question I do believe that ROMM (registry of muslim marriage) requires a certificate that states u r single or free from any ties before one can legally marry. However, it is also clear that conversion to islam invalidates one's previous marriage (other faith) unless the (Christian ) husband/wife decided to convert within Idda period (within 3 month after conversion).
    I hope I was able to help clarify a bit.

  28. Greetings!!! I'm married to a Christian man working in Saudi. My concern is that I got a news from other people that he got married to a married Filipino woman also working in Saudi by converting themselves to Muslim. They now have a one year old baby. I have proof that the girl is still legally married here in the Philippines. Is there marriage valid in Saudi? I just wonder how they got married when both of them are still legally married here in the Philippines. How can I ask help to file complaint against both of them since my husband's allotment for my three children is not anymore sufficient. The girl had been harrasing me through phone calls and publicly posting their family picture in saudi allowing my children to see it. Hope you can help me regarding my concerns. Thank you so much.

    • diana, you should consult a family attorney in the Philippines who can advise you on how to sue for proper financial support from your husband.

      Wael Editor

  29. to Miss Diana..try to file a VAWC case against your husband for non support.

  30. Salam,

    My mother used to tell me my name was of Muslim origin although I'm a Catholic. Her bestfriend who is a Muslim named me at birth. bearing this in mind I searched for the religion at internet sites and got interested in converting and embracing the faith this year. In 2005 I was civily married. In 2009 my husband ceased giving support to our kids, blocked me of networking sites and never communicated with me.During our time together he physically abused me, hitting me and my kids, almost killed us because of his temper. This gave me insecurities as a woman. I heard he is with someone else now in OMAN. I would like to have the freedom to get my Maiden Family name back and the freedom to remarry in the future. I've read that Islam faith give Women the right to keep their maiden them even if they are married. Can I file a divorce under Sharia Law if the marriage union is not of Muslim rites I am a Filipina residing in the Philippies Marraiage also took place in the Philippines. There's no annulment grounds for our marriage since battery and absence is not a valid ground for annulment. I hope I will be able to get a light into this INSHAALLAH

    • Roselain, mabrook (congratulations) for embracing Islam. May Allah make the deen a source of light and guidance for you. I don't know the answer to your question about divorce. This is a question about Filipino law. You need to consult with a divorce lawyer who can advise you on this.

      Wael Editor

      • HI Wael,
        I'd like to qoute on what a free lawyer from our Country (Philippines) has to say regarding this situation

        "2 Re: annulment o divorce on Thu Jan 01, 2015 11:45 pm
        It could be possible to divorce him because you are only married through civil not in the church. Ask for an advice from Muslims and they can give you more idea about it! Otherwise, wish for the divorce bill to be approved. Annulment takes years and lots of money. You can appeal to have your children �back in your care because their father is not in the country and you as the mother has more rights than his mother! Give them the lesson they deserved Appeal and take your children back and do the same thing back to them so they can feel how you feel!"

        having this qouted from a lawyer, what are the possible steps I can do to divorce my husband who has not communicated with me for 6 yrs now.My husband is not a Muslim. I hope that Allah will give me a good husband in the future.

        • From an Islamic perspective, if you convert to Islam and your husband does not, you are automatically divorced after a short waiting period. However, if you want to know how to secure a legal divorce in the Philippines, I have no idea. As I said, I know nothing about Philippine law. I think the lawyer you consulted is confused. You should consult a lawyer who knows about Shariah law in the Philippines.


          • Hi Wael,
            My apologies I'm just starting to study since I just converted. Makes me wonder
            Would it also be the same if a Man converts into Muslim and his wife does not, will he be considered divorced of his wife if his wife does not convert? this is just a hypothetical question though. Thank you

          • A Muslim man is allowed to marry a Christian or Jewish woman, so if he converted to Islam and his wife was Christian, then he would not automatically be divorced. Islam places the man in the position of head of the household, and assumes that a Muslim woman who married a non-Muslim might be coerced or pressured to abandon her faith.


          • i am christian before i was converted to islam two years ago
            and i am marry as christian but 11 years seperated to him without communication. i want to marry a man same converted to islam, is it possible to us to get marry here in dubai.... and where.

  31. I have a friend he is married in catholic but the wife cheated him they talk that they will annul there marriage but did not happen until he converted to Islam and marry this islam woman now the woman from the catholic marriage questioning the. Imams why did they allow it to happen. What will happen now to both of my friend marriage

  32. Hello,
    I am a catholic woman and married to a catholic man.we been separated for 10 yrs.but not annulled yet.I found out my ex husband converted to muslim to marry a muslim woman.Is it possible that our marriage will be invalid already? Coz as far as i know our law in the Phil.prohibits a man or woman to re marry if not annulled yet.any one of us will be accuse of bigamy.So, my question is this..does my husband marriage to this muslim woman valid because he converted to muslim and made our marriage invalid w/o annullment? Thank you hope to hear from you.

    • monica, your husband's new marriage does not annul your marriage according to Philippine law. You still need an annulment or he must secure a Shariah divorce under Islamic law.

      Wael Editor

      • Hi, thanks for the reply Wael.So if my husband will secure a shariah divorce under islamic law then are you saying our marriage will be invalid already? We been married in catholic church and in civil.Now he is married to a muslim woman coz he converted to muslim.I dont want any argument with them what i want is also my freedom from him and annulment or divorce is the only way our marriage would not be valid anymore.So when he secure a Shariah divorce under islamic is also one way our marriage will be invalid?..thanks waiting for your reply again.

        • And how about his new marriage in muslim are they legal? Coz my husband will be facing bigamy in by marrying another woman w/o our annulment.

  33. Salam,,, Hi wael, i want you to answer my question please. i am married for first time but separated for three years because he beating me. i met someone he is muslim how can i marry him i dont havemoney for annulment. how to convert in muslim? but they asking for cenomar to proof if am single in philippines or no. so how can we marry in slam how my first marry would annul thru slamic way, would it be possible even i dont annul him my first marry? Thank you♡

  34. Can a muslim marry with a Catholic woman without conversion of islam.?????

  35. me and my boyfriend are married here in the philippines but we both did not want anymore to stay and live with theme, my boyfriend plan to go back to saudi arabia where he is working and to convert into islam and plan to follow him in saudi and i will also be converted into islam and to be marry him in saudi under islam.
    is our previous marriage in the philippines is still valid and thus are married in saudi arabia under islam will be recognized there is our marriage to our former husband and wife will be no harm to us when we are in saudi is his wife will no longer filled cases to us when we are in saudi?

    • Are you both still legally married to your previous spouses? If you convert to In Islam your new marriage will be recognized. But I cannot speak about Philippines law. My understanding is that you still must secure a divorce or annulment if you wish to be free of civil repercussions.

      Wael Editor

  36. Hello im revert Muslim but im seperated in Christian in philippines
    How I married my boyfriend here in Saudi Arabia his from Paris France it is possible ?
    He want to marry me but i don't know if we can be together here because.
    Please give me advice ?

    • Hi .... I m an Hindu married to a Hindu girl through registered marriage in India . After few months My wife went to Dubai n fell in love with a Muslim guy . Both of them got married there .after that She's not in contact with me anymore. I want to know that:
      1. whether my marriage ( which happened in India ) is still valid
      2. Present status of her marriage in Dubai ( still married or separated or divorced )
      3. Any contact numbers in Dubai to find details

      • I'm sorry, but we are unable to provide the information you are seeking. We don't have any information in Dubai- We are based in the USA with staff here and in UK. If you want to see if your marriage is still valid in India, you will need to speak to an Indian attorney or authority. Same with checking on what her status is in UAE.

        -Amy Editor

  37. its not that I am using Islam just for my own intention, its been a long time i seek for an annulment with my husband but doesn't want to cooperate. Now I am happy and love my Muslim boyfriend for almost 3 years. He is married but separated with his wife and have 1 kid. We are both a failure from our first marriage and we didn't know that we will fall in love happy with each other. I love him so much and I am willing to embrace with my whole heart his religion.We know that we commit a sin and we seek for ALLAH's forgiveness. we hope that its not a sin to find love with each other. He told me that he wants to marry me here in Philippines but I don.t know how it can all be possible. Please help us.

  38. Assalamo Alaikum
    i am an indian muslim present in saudi arabia on work visa, i am 40 years old married man having two kids and here i fall in love with philippine 41 year single woman. So we want to marry each other. in vaccations we dicide to go philippine to further process. And also i din't want to divorce my wife. Si please give me information in this regard. Thanks

    • Baug, does your wife know about what you are doing? Or are you lying to her? If your wife doesn't know, then you will quite likely destroy your marriage.

      If you need advice on your situation then please register and submit a detailed post, and we will answer you in turn, Inssha'Allah.

      Wael Editor

  39. I am 14 years married in philippines but 14 years separated ,,live 6 years in Kuwait my husband maried again in Africa
    After converted into Muslim he have one child in African and he have also one illigitimate daughter in philippines
    In have 14 year old legal child from him but he never support since birth I raise it up alone
    Now I found a muslim man sincere and willing to marry me and we really love eac other,,,,,and I'm willing to stay with him as a Muslim also
    I really love him,,,,,

    Problem no devorce I philippines
    After I convert to islam is that possible I. Can him????
    But I want to convert from my heart also I'm happy to decide
    Please help me

    • From an Islamic perspective, if you convert to Islam then you can marry him, yes. However you should still try to seek a legal annulment of your previous marriage.

      Wael Editor

      • Seeking a legal annulment cost a lot of money and time wasting in philippines for legality and 14 years of being separated is big punishment for my life that even I want to make straight my life I can't
        This lead me to keep doing wrong now I have muslim man who love me sincerely he will die with his love with me and I feel same
        Was possible to marry him here in Kuwait after I seek and advice and proclamation from imam?
        Thank u so much I really want to marry and stop doing wrong
        Please help me,,,thanks

  40. I have been separated 5 years now but have not divorced yet because of custody and financial issues. I have met a Muslim man now that I love with all my heart. My question is can I marry him without getting a divorce in my country? And without converting?

  41. As salam alaikum,

    As i browse for so long time and seeking for an answer i found this site and saw u answer their questions clearly.
    As i will start my question, i just converted to muslim and loving the islam. I found being muslim gives you dicipline and respect for yourself and most love to Allah... As i saw some of the female muslims here in saudi, they are too dicipline on how and what time they will pray everyday encourage me alot to be converted..

    About the topic about marriage failures, i have similar case from most of the people asked your advice... i am married before to a christian man and now were seperated for more than 8 long years and annulment is too much waste of time and money in the philippines.. My question is, if i will get decided to have a new love life and getting married, and as i founded that it is possible in the islam religion to re-marry under islam marriage,, but the big question for me is,,, where will be the wedding solemnization and is there a marriage contract to be given to the newly couples? How many witnesses much needed, and for the man do he need this dowry for woman eventhough she just converted to muslim?

    Thanks alot and hope u will answer me...

    more power...

  42. Hi iam converted muslim 4yrs ago and i was married a christian man before, we dont have any communiction now 6yrs ago but still seeing my daughter sometimes,, i was committed already a muslim man and wer planning to get married hir in saudi islamic court but still im using my ex husband surename will i use my single name just to valid my wedding in islam? Sorry for my grammar. Pls i need advice thankyou

    • good day,

      i know someone who is a shariah lawyer in the philippines who also help me.. you may want to contact her 0977-2035-730 .. she gives free legal advice..

      • what exactly he told you im here in dubai and im having a hard time looking for a solution my annulment is on process and its been a year and not yet finish.i want to get married can i divorce my husband thru islamic way even im here in dubai and how

        • HI Aisha u are a revert Muslim also?how much did u pay for a divorce in Philippines by shariah law?thanks

          • no my husband is the one who file an annulment i dont know how much.i also want to file a divorce thru sharia law here in uae but i dont know how and how much it cost

          • I know a lawyer here in sharja.u can contact him +971 50 646 0887 Atty. Allmulla

          • did u try to make a divorce before any idea how much here in uae.thank you for ur reply

          • I am filling now with this lawyer in sharja still he is reviewing my case.but I don't know how much it will cost better to call him and ask.+971 50 646 0887

          • his not answerring maybe his still busy.i only have the letter of my husband that he is agree that i can marry again and i have the copy of my annulment file in the philippines i just hope it will also living in sharjah pls let me know if u know any way to make this fast.thanks a lot

          • Yeah he can help sister is working there if u want we can go there together I already send all the requirements that he needed. Here's my number 0563494036

        • divorce granted from other country will not be valid if the spouses are both filipinos..if your marriage were solemnized here in the philippines.. then the only way to dissolve that marriage is only through philippine annulment or islamic divorce by amicable agreement with your previous or former husband.. try to contact shariah lawyer mina from the philippines i believe she can help you..she gives free advice..from there at least you know what to do next..heres her no. +0639184822112..i hope this could help.salam doa

          • yes shiela my annulment is on process in the philippines its just long timw to finish so my other option is to file divorce here in uae so i can get married so i will not commit a aware that divorce here is not acknowledge by philippine law but all country with divorce they accept it including uae since im living here in uae and my fiancee is arabs so there is no problem i just want make things right.since my husband is also living with another girl for very long time and we are seperated for 7 years.thank u sister

  43. I don't know the laws or fees in UAE.

  44. I want to ask how much did u pay for a divorce in Philippine and how many months it will take to be granted.

  45. Salam WAEL,

    I saw this in your reply that these are the requirements for Islamic marriage

    1. Mutual consent; 2. Payment of mahr or dowry to bride; 3. Representation of the bride by her wali, though in your case this may be waived since you are previously married; 4. Presence of at least two witnesses. 5. Publicization of the marriage through a waleemah (wedding party).

    What if the number 1, 3 and 5 was not followed. is that mean that the wedding is invalid? my husband married secretly and the parents of the girl get one of our property which was under the protection of my sister in law. I don't know anything about it I just knew it through my brother in law. They get that as mahar. Is that a valid mahar?..
    Please do enlighten me i post it but nobody is answering me.. Shukran Katheran.

  46. I'm Christian married women from India, fallen in love with married Pakistani man, his family agreed for marrying with me . plan to divorce my husband coz I'm n love with this man. it is not good to go along with my husband, when I'm in love with him. I decided to marry him. what formalities for getting marry with Pakistani man in dubai?

  47. Salam alaikom. I was convert to islam 2 months ago and I met a muslim man here in kuwait. Me and him wants to married but im married bfore to a catholic man. Can we married my bf muslim even I narried in catholic man before.. we separate lives for 7 years now.

    • We have answered this type of question many times. Please search our archives.

      Wael Editor

      • Assalam mu allaikum.. Can i ask im christian but now i. already converted on muslim Last 5months ago.. Im married in Philippines with 1son.. But now me and my husband in philippine we decide to separate because we are not happy to each other and both of us in a relationship with other my only question is if i can married again. With my Egyptian fiancé but we want to marry and Philippines because both of us we are here in saudi pls help me what can i do.. If we can married in Philippines.. Thank you

        • Salam April, try calling my shariah lawyer. She may help you, just like in my case
          I contact her through this site and she is very helpful. She has viber and whatsapp no. 09772035730 or +639772035730...may you be guided.. wasslam

        • Try calling shariah lawyer from the philippines....she is very helpful, her viber and whatsapp no is 09772035730 or +639772035730 i recommend her too just like the other because she is kind, just give it a try

  48. Salam alaikom brother wael . I am a convert to islam and wants to marry a muslim man but Im still married to a Christian is ok if I married a muslim man even im not annul. . It is automatically annul.. thank u so much

    • Salam and good day alesha,
      Consider your citizenship and countries law regarding subsequent marriage of converted wife. Although religiously and traditionally, islamic law automatically prohibits a muslim woman to be married to a non believer husband, under legal matter, you may be barred in doing so, because the marriage between the two of you has not yet been annulled or divorced. Anyway there is always an answer to every problem. And if its Allah's will, then nothing is impossible, may you be guided. -SL Mina

      • Please do not post your telephone number or other private contact info.

        Wael Editor

        • Dear wael

          Assalamu alaikum...

          I am a converted islam for a year now...i am married to a christian man but unfortunately our marriage didnt work out because of third party and being a battered wife..i've been separated for almost 7 years. i met a guy who is also a converted islam from a seventh day adventist . we met 5 years ago and recently thru exchanges of messages and constant seeing we decided to leave together..we are now leaving in one roof and we decided to get married thru an islam rights. Is it possible for us to re marry inspite of our status? i didnt file an annulment because of its cost..he is also married but separated also (but not legally) for 10 yrs..i am still bringing my ex husbands last name, can i re marry by bringing my maiden'ns name? His children and my children accepted our relationship and infact they are both staying with us.

          Thanks alot

  49. Assalamalaykum,

    • Salam you may want to contact mam mina she is a shariah lawyer from the philippines and she gives free legal advice she is very accomodating and kind answers all your quiries without any cents ask. Try sending message to her using fb namirou pits ambutong or call her 09772035730 .pls admin dnt erase this if you really want to help let these muslim people reach a shariah lawyer who is very islamic in her deeds. I can attest she gives free legal advice very helpful.alhamdulillah and may she be bless by Allah.since you cannot answer the issues raise by these people then let them seek it from a lawyer.thank you admin.spread the way how to help muslims

  50. Salaam,

    Good day.
    I just want to asked something I am married but 5 years separated with my ex husband. He is now living with another girl and they have a child already. At this time am in a relationship with an Islam guy who just converted last March. He found peace of mind when he embrace Islam. I don't want to be haram with him . Is there any chance to get married with him if I also embrace Islam. But of course i need to study and learn right and it is a long process as well. Yes it's one of the reason but I still don't want people think that I want to convert bec my guy is Muslim but bec my heart find peaceful. Can u please help me. Do u know anyone here in Qatar whom can guide me.

    Thank you


  51. Dear all..
    i have same issue i fell in love one phifino but when we come too close she told me that she is married but separate from husband from last 2 yaears ,,she want we marry ,,but how ..she is ready to convert ,,but how about her husband there,,
    my question is now .if she convert and we marry ,,so then she can apply for divorce in her country ..are after convertimg first she need to get divorce

  52. Salamalaykum Mr wael;
    I want to ask advice is it possible I can be married a muslim man and I'm already 8 months muslim.I study first about the words of allah and accept him to my heart and that's the time I decided to plan wants to be married.I was separated 2yrs already.and my separation paper still on going and I can get that on December when my x husband will sign because he is in other it possible I can marry a muslim man this coming months. Is there any requirements I need to be married even I'm separated or even I still not yet have this requirement.please give me advice.thank you.may allah bless u all
    Frm ayah

  53. my husband is a muslim and I am a christian we got married when I was 19 years old. I want to file annulment to him does he really need to sign?? thanks


  54. Hi.

    I got a question. What if a married man but already separated for 4 years wants to convert or become a muslim and marry another single and muslim woman. Is his first marriage valid and the second marriage is valid also in the Philippines?


  55. I'm married with a married man but now we are separated for 2 years. I have a muslim fiance now and we want to get married in hongkong or in saudi where we are working. What process should we do to facilitate our wedding? please help. thank you so much.

  56. Asalamu alaykum I'm christian to I'm married to Christian guy I decided to marry him coz of our one daughter and I think that's the right I do to make strong our relationship between couple... but instead to be okey most everyday have no understanding and every day fighting and now I'm her in saudi I meet a Muslim guy this guy i feel that he care me he love me the things that my husband not give to me he gives me.but I'm already convert in islam before that Muslim guy came my life I only ask is if can I merry with him even im merry in pilipino guy...? But I separate with him but not legally.....

  57. what if a non muslim wife converted into islam the husband can remarry again????

  58. I'm a Filipina woman..I started work in Saudi Arabia 2014 since that year I converted to Muslim..I am married in phils but we separate..2016 I have Pakistani bf,we love each other and we are planning to get married in Dubai next I allowed to marry him even if I'm not legally separated?we're both Muslim..I need ur advice ..thank u

  59. i am divorce here japan with my japanese husband last
    dec.2017 on march 2018 my bf which he is a
    muslim but not yet separated in the philippines married here under imaam and i also converted into a muslim at d same time.can we register our marriage in the philippines?my bf wants to divorce his us.? is our marriage is valid?

  60. Good day,, im a filipina,, married but not legally separated for 12 years now...ive been converted to islam for 2 years now by a muslim friend, who teaches me about islam, but im converting islam here in lebanon far from my husband ,thats why i want to ask if,, i want to marry muslim man,, can the marriage be valid? Thank u

  61. Hi... can i talk to someone here privately.... my story is not as easy and ill be needing some more follow-up questions and answer...
    Please bear with me...
    Thank you so much...

    • I'm sorry, we don't answer questions privately. Everyone's story is difficult, but if register and submit your question we will do our best to answer you in turn Insha'Allah.

      Wael Editor

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