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I want to do nikah in presence of my mother


I want to nikah with some one.but I want hide it from family and his family everyone knows about our relationship . but before my sisters Marrige m not able to do nikah so I want to do nikah Presence's of my mother is it possible to do it.our many frnd know that we are husband wife.but we are not. now want to do  tobba for every thing and since my sisters Marrige we want to hide our nikah so that's why we want to do it just front of my mother my father is no more.


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  1. Assalaamualaykum Ali,

    What I gather from your post is that you have not yet proceeded with marriage, and that when you do, you want it to be known to as few people as possible due to your sibling not being married yet. Perhaps you/your mom want this because your sibling is older than you and it is culturally more acceptable for the oldest to go first? Please forgive me if I have misunderstood you in any way.

    From what I understand, the marriage would need to be done in the presence of your mother and 2 witnesses. There may be exceptions to that rule that I am not knowledgeable about. It is also recommended that the wedding be announced, something that your situation may clash with.

    However, your main issue here is that your sibling is not married yet, no?

    Perhaps someone else can advise further, Inshallah.



  2. Ali,

    I apologize... Just one correction. I meant to say that your nikah needs to be in the presence of your Wali (doesn't have to be father...can be an Imam/Sheikh from the mosque if you don't have anyone) and two witnesses. Of course your mother can be there as well!


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