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I want to forget her but she is not leaving me

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A.o.a every one.

I am muslim boy. My age is 18 and going to turn 19 after 3 months. My question...

I never stare a girl in my life but 3 months ago I fall in love with a girl. I don't have any hope that she will talk to me but I pray for Allah that she talks to me and marriages me. Then my prayer works - she takes my number from my friend not from me and we start talking in sms. I am more attached to her but also attached more from Allah.... because I also prayed that I get her number but fortunately she get my number lol ...

Now I know that she loves another guy, she tells me about him etc. She is modern girl not Islamic but now I want to get closer to Allah because Allah hear everything when you pray from your heart. I don't want to talk with her. In sms I already proposed to her but she gives no answer coz she loves someone else ..

I know that sometime she flirts with me but I want to stop texting her coz to talk to a girl is a SiN. I don't want to make Allah unhappy. I pray 4 time namaz alhumduillah ..

She text me. I don't want to hurt her by not replying her but want to get rid of her .. She text me every day almost. I want to go away and forget everything for the sake of Allah .... but I don't want to hurt her .. it's a mad and funny story but I can't forget her ..

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  1. You assume your hurting her , these thoughts are from satan to keep you linked with this women , do the right thing and stop talking to her, she already refused your proposal therefore theres no point in further communicating with her

    • I think your right brother there is no point talking to give me some courage i will try to ignore her... Allah will help inshaAllah ...

  2. In the begining, I want to forget her, because i love allah, i love allah because he give everything we ask, she loves another guy, in last i dont want to hurt her by not replying and i cant forget her,
    What is this? Nothing but fooling yourself, loving non mehram is haraam, brother, she is not your future, come out of your dream and feel the reality.

  3. Assalaamu Alaykum,

    Brother, I think you avoiding her is only making her chase you harder. Women are often chasers, when something is being withheld. We don't back off easily or quickly, especially when it seems ambiguious (to us) that the guy in question may still like us or we still have a chance with him.

    The only thing you can do to successfully get her out of your life is to tell her clearly: You do not want to marry her, there is no future for her with you, and you will not change your mind. Tell her that you do not want to talk to her any more, and that the more she disrespects that the more she will earn your resentment and even may need to escalate to some type of harrassment order against her. Be clear, be firm, and if needed- a touch harsh. Not rude, but just enough to make it clear that she doesn't have any options and the best choice is for her to let you go.

    Often guys try to "let girls down nicely', and take a passive approach of trying to just fade away. But we women can be so stubborn, we don't like to let men fade away, and we don't take hints if we don't want to. So that's why in cases where it is very important for ties to be cut (as your case is) you have to be clear and bold.

    -Amy Editor

    • sister Her boyfriend leaves her . She is now taking intrest in me but she don't love me .but i am sure that if give her more time she proposed me ..but i know if i marry her she destroy my future every thing . And i love Allah n mohammad(s.a.w) more than her... InshaAllah i will try to avoid her if i am unsuccessful then i will change my sim of my cell phone .. Inshaallah.. Without hurting her... I will leave her soon ..

  4. Finally i left her .... Love u all ... Thanks

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