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I want to marry him but my family won’t accept him


Alsalam alekoom

I'm a twenty one year's old Muslim girl ,I'm from an Arabian country,my story is that I met an Indian guy by chance and after time we started to have feeling for each other, I had known its wrong but I couldn't forget about him we end up having a love story ,so he proposes to me and he told me that his family won't mind any thing ,yet they will happily eccept me,so there is no problems from his side .

The problem is from my side ,what I have done wrong is that I talked to him without my family permission, and he wants to come and propose to me from my family but I know they will reject him becouse he is from different country and he speaks a different language,that's the reason why they won't eccept him.

Please help me can I convince my family when I can't tell them that I already know him?!

What can i do?!

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  1. Your story is similar to my sister's brother in law is an arab.his family were against this marriage too.but he somehow convinced them.look dear any parent would want their child to be happy and safe.if the guy u love has stood on his feet such that he can take ur responsibility all by himself and loves u a lot.I don't think ur parents will have any problem.don't lie to them.just confront them and see what they have to to either of ur parent who will understand u.

  2. Assalamualaikum,,

    I seek refuge in Allah from Shaytaan.

    An Arab living in India? my guess is you're from Yemen!

    You know that what you did was wrong and your family will not accept him. But your boyfriend says his family won't mind anything ,yet they will happily accept you, so there are no problems from his side? Astaghfirullah!

    You see how bad your Indian boyfriend and their family is. They won't mind anything because they are really, really bad Muslims! Perverted, sick people! That is how most of these Indian Muslims are! Have you seen how most of the Muslim Indian families live? They don't separate their wives from Non-mahrams, they all live together!!!

    Just ask forgiveness from Allah and leave this guy and Wallahi! Yaa, Ukhti! You don't do this haram thing again! Stay on the right path! do not do this again! Get married to a good, pious guy! Do not fall in love before marriage! Do not talk or look at boys or have feelings for them!!!

  3. She is not yemeni, she is egyptian .

    I think neother yusuf is from small town in pakistan which is reflected in his bigotry answer. When the biy family said it does not matter it means because you both are muslims and indian muslims are highly educated and india is a 7th largest economy in the world.

    And i believe u big h have not committed any wrong doing so its ok. The most illiterate in islam i came across are arabs, pakistanis, egyptians , and africans.

    So as long as you guys have right aqeedah go on and get married.

    • Salamualaikum, Ceylan.

      You need to improve your English and your reasoning skills too.

      And how many famous scholars has India and Pakistan produced that we commonly know of?

      Zakir Naik from India and Israr Ahmed from Pakistan! Well, I'd name only two for now. Anyways, which Muslim group do you follow?

  4. When you are adult and have financial freedom to some extend, you do not need to bother about the family. Get the financial freedom first. Become independent. Your of his family will get easily convinced

  5. @ Yussuf & Ceylan

    Both of you NEED to STUDY ISLAM VERY WELL especially the aspect of respecting one another...
    It seems that your islamic knowledge is too shallow and narrow

    • Salaamualaikum.

      "It seems that your islamic knowledge is too shallow and narrow"

      - Subhanallah, Are these the manners our Prophet (SAW) taught to correct others?

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