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I want to marry him with mum’s blessings..


my name is Khan. And I’m here to ask you about what to do because I’m stuck in it...

It’s about 1 year, I fall in love with a guy who is about 10 years elder then me. He is a transport contractor in different medical colleges. And I’m in one of that medical colleges with my 2 elder sisters. .As this is his job so sometimes he drives coaster just for fun or something but my sisters are like he’s a driver and how a doctor can marry a driver and all. My sister made a very bad image of him to my mum like he’s a drug addict, intrsted in girls and sex, don’t pray a single prayer a day and all...but she lied to mum he is not like that at all I swear he’s that honest and good person I ever thought of. I  compaird him with my brothers in that he was on the top of the list coz my brothers have all that bad habits. I told my mum and sisters but they are totally different now they are like we will never let you marry him and trash our reputation, as it is matter of reputation for them..I have done 3 istakharas for him and response for all were positive..

But according to Islam their is no such thing that poor and rich can never be in a relationship. You also know our Prophet (P.B.U.H) was also not that wealthy like Hazrat Khadija (R.A). And about love marriage Islam never said no but Prophet(P.B.U.H) himself asked his daughter about Hazrat Ali(R.A) that if she wanted to marry him or not...then why us..?

I don’t want to let him go I can’t stop myself talking to him he’s like everything to me after mum. I can’t leave him and I don’t wanna Marry someone else and I can’t let my mum go too.. I’m stuck in it and unable to find a way out of it or any solution..

plz help me in it what should I do that my mum says yes happily to me and let me marry him with her duas...


Barki Khan

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  1. I really wish for someone wise to reply to you. You really shouldn't have been talking to a non-mehram in the first place my dear, now you can't seem to move on. Forget about him for now, focus on your studies and remember that family comes first. If you really want him keep praying to Allah, dua can literally do wonders. Take advantage of the late night prayer before fajr. But do consider that Allah might have planned someone else for you. And if you still don't get over him by the time you reach the age of marriage, just deny whoever your mum chooses for you and remain firm on marrying that man you like, who knows she might give up. But please stop talking to him for now, it won't help you in any way and is also a sin.

  2. There is nothing wrong with a wealthy woman marrying a man who is a laborer. The Prophet was a man of limited means and married a successful widow. Every Muslim knows this.

    However, often men take advantage of a woman's innocence and naivete and manipulate the situation. Your sister needs to provide sound evidence of the man's bad behavior or end her backbiting about the man you are interested in. There is the possibility that he is a good man and your sister is jealous. He himself should meet your mother and state his case. If he does not do this, then there may be a reason why he is considered not goon enough. This is why it is necessary for you to have a mahram make inquiries of the man's reputation. Til then, I would suggest you limit your contact with the man in question. It is not appropriate and creates a "sneaking around" relationship that never ends well.

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