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I want to marry my loved one

Aasalamu alicum:

I have been in love with a guy fr the past 5 years and by 1 month back I informed my dad about my relationship but my dad rejected it as is was not allowed in Islam and the guy is also still studing and one more year to finish his studies. I am also still studing and I too have one more year to go. My dad rejected him and he said no to my relationship and he said me to leave him of and he is saying me to marry someone. I left him and did not contact him anymore but whenever I do my namaz I ask Allah I just wana marry him and I couldn't even imagine a life  with someone else. He is a very gud boy he as no bad habits and he respects me very much. I never want to hurt my family and I couldn't leave him.i loved him and that is haram in Islam and Allah should forgive me fr that and Nw I am not in contact with him anymore but I ask a Allah to convince my parents to marry me to him.There are seeing alliance for my but still I have hope  that inshaallah Allah will convince my parents to marry me with him and forgive my sins.plzz sisters and brothers make dua for me. I am in such a worst situvation crying all day and night I don't want to hurt my parents and I on another hand I want to marry him.


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  1. Assalamu'alaikum wa Rahmatullah Aaysha,

    I begin in the name of Allah, our Rabb, The Almighty and The Greatest of Planners. I make dua that you're in good health and are blessed with Allah's guidance my sister.

    Living in the 21st Century is a difficult trial given to us my sister and this is something many of us Muslims can agree on. We must always remember with every breath we take and every step we take that Allah gives the hardest test to those He loves the most.

    You say 'in sha Allah', Allah will convince your parents to allow you to marry this boy. It is best for us to understand what this means. 'In sha Allah' means 'If Allah wills'. Therefore, whatever dua you make to Allah with 'in sha Allah', it is dependent on Allah's will. We must remember that Allah loves us more than we will ever be able to love him or anybody else, we simply do not have the capacity to love that much. Therefore, if Allah never wills your getting together with this boy, it will never happen because Allah knows what is best for your success in this life and the Hereafter (although it is up to you to act upon Allah's decision and prove you are worthy). Similarly, if Allah wills for you to spend your life in a halal manner with this man, then it will happen.

    However sister, it is wrong to fall into depression and devote our time to a desire for a man. Allah has given us life, people who love us, food, shelter, the ummah, guidance and forgiveness. So much from our creator and yet we spend our time not on His worship and rememberance for the sake of attaining the best of prizes, Jannah and because we fear and love Him but for a mere man he has shaped from clay who will not even remember us on the Day of Resurrection when we will be held account for our intentions and deeds. Remember my sister, he is not worth the Hellfire. Just because you intend to change this haram relationship (yes it is haram even if you have not committed zina- fornication/adultery) into a halal one, does not change the status of it into a halal one.

    Allah's Will is the greatest and if He willed for you to pass away today my sister, would you want to face our Lord on the Day of Judgement knowing that the last thing you did was text a guy who was not your mahram? Allah has commanded us to not even go near zina. Forget commit it, he forbade us from going near it. It is that dangerous. I think it is obvious to state sister that you are near it. If you are given permission by Allah to see this message, you must stop. Remove yourself from these whispers of shaytan because it doesn't matter if this boy reminds you of Fajr or Zuhr, your religion is between you and Allah. Do not fetishise the our religion. Fajr is more important when you wake up yourself because Allah has helped you do with it. It is not more important when a strange boy who is not your mahram does it.

    This life, my sister, is nothing but a test. I know that most tests come as hardship. Perhaps you see your situation as such. However, this perfection and purity presented to you through this boy is a test too. It is a temptation and temptation was what removed Adam and Hawa (peace be upon them) from Jannah for eating from a forbidden tree. Do not make the same mistake my sister. Truly our Adam and Hawa (peace be upon them) were steadfast in their faith however they were not warned of the shaytaan. You are.

    One of the 7 people whom Allah will provide His shade to from the shade of His throne on the Day of Judgement when the sun will be ONE MILE away from us so that it melts and boils and blisters us, will be the man/woman who was given the opportunity to be with the most beautiful and highly-ranked woman/man against Allah's with and he/she refused saying "I fear Allah".

    Fear Allah my sister and in sha Allah we will All fear Allah too. In sha Allah, I will act upon this advice and not be amongst the hypocrites. In sha Allah, He will guide us all and our families onto the path of the righteous and ultimately to the best of prizes - Jannah. In sha Allah, we will all have patience and acceptance so that Allah's decisions for us will be embraced by us with happiness and love.

    In sha Allah, He will give us strength, peace and patience.


    Assalamu'alaikum wa Rahmatullah

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