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I want to move houses

I hate the place I am living in because there's nothing to do. I live in a place where there is mostly Christians. I go to school by car and I find it annoying and embarrassing because my parent got an old car and whenever I am finished at school they come like half an hour later which is annoying because I don't want to spend my time waiting for them to collect me. It really get me angry and I always tell them that I want us to change houses because my life and their life would be much easier because then they don't have to drop and pick me up and they don't need to wait if I get a detention. I really want to move houses but my parent's won't let us move because the area I want us to live in has no/small driveway. Whenever I tell them the benefits of moving closer they always swear at me because there is no disadvantages and they can't argue with it. It always get me depressed because whenever I come to school, some of my mates will talk about what they did yesterday like playing football. It also gets me angry because I could have been doing that with them. Whenever I am late after school they (my parents) they always start swearing and shouting at me, it's not like it's my fault the class was kept behind. The area I live in is boring because I don't know anyone and I am afraid of going out alone because I'm muslim etc.

Is there any dua to make us move houses or change my parents mind about moving houses. I really want to move because then when I go home, I got time to pray but here I don't because it takes around 35 mins to get home. I want to spend time with my mates and do stuff like other kids do. I am starting to hate my parents because of this. I just want to live in another area. I know Allah knows what best for us but I think moving might be best cause it makes our life easier. The other reason why I want us to move is so I can pray. The house I am in is small and whenever I try to pray, my brother and sister always look at me and I can't concentrate. I can't concentrate in prayer because they stand right in front of me in middle of prayer and that annoys me. I want my life to become easier and the only way is to move houses. Please, is there anything I can do to persuade them to move houses or dua I can recite to buy a new house. I am missing out on stuff my friends are doing. also I haven't been to mosque after school like all my mates because there is no mosque nearby and my parents can't be bothered to bring me home from school and then send me to mosque. I want to learn what my friends learn in mosque but I don't know what they do and I really want to move so I can atleast go mosque after school.


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  1. Son
    I'm sorry
    But you have to deal with it.
    Life is hard.
    Brothers and sisters will be a pain
    Parents will struggle to make ends meet
    And you are going to have put up with what lives give you.
    Even if they come in front of you, tolerate it
    Kids will be kids
    Get your parents involved on this case.

    Your parents probably cannot afford to get you to a new house because of what the problem is they are in

    I'm sorry young man but it seems to me you're having a case of "first world issues"

    suck it up and deal with it

    there are so many actual issues that go on there are so many people who have lost their homes in Syria

    and you are complaining because your house is a little small your brothers and sisters are a little annoying

    your house is far from a mosque

    and you have to wait half an hour for your parents to pick you up

    suck it up and deal with it
    Because that is life

    would you rather be begging on the road

    if you want to change your circumstances
    grow up just enough so that you can get a job save money

    and move into a different home

    Otherwise deal with it

  2. Reshme. That's very harsh response. Am sure you wouldn't like that kind of response if you were in his shoes. It's best we learn manners.

    • Bro
      This guy talks of a different residence

      Try being in my shoes

      By going on the other side of the world

      In which you can not understand the language

      Try having two mentally challenged siblings

      Try having rude and racist relatives

      And try surviving physical and sexual abuse.

      Try surviving greencard fraud and divorce

      Plus the death of both siblings and a parent in one go

      Coming out of all of that made me a stronger bolder person.

      It's not harsh
      It's reality
      Take off those rose colored glasses
      Don't focus on the language

      Focus on the content
      If you dare
      Adios amigo.

  3. Brother

    - Its not so easy to buy a new home. Think practically. Who would not want to go in a bigger house? But it doesnt comes for free isnt it ? Be understanding a bit. May be you have a smaller home today but who knows tomorrow you might end up building a mansion for yourself and your people. Days dont remain the same.

    - If your siblings come in front of you while praying you just tell them politely that you are getting disturbed or may be make them also pray along with you. Its Sawaab.

    - From your post it seems that recently you have shifted to this home / locality. So it will probably take time to adjust. Make new friends so that you dont get this thought again and again and morover concentrate on your career that is more important now. I know people who have spend there childhood in smallest room and now they are governing states and cities. So dont lose hopes and try to divert your mind from this new house thing and so keep yourself occupied. And am sure one fine day you might end up liking this same house and the locality in your future.

    I wish you all the very Best !

  4. Be patience & thankful with what Allah gave you no matter how little it is

  5. My husband is Muslim and is from the Balkans....

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