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I want to stop these haram relations

haraam relationship online

I was doing sin that is talking with na mehrams on net and phone. When I realised I stopped doing it but two males were serious for me - I feel guilty and can't stop talking to them. I asked them so many times that I don't want to talk to them any more. But they cry and beg me not to leave them.

I am so confused, please help me. I am feeling so guilty that I talk with na mehrams and then pray. I don't want to marry them too. Please guide me how to leave them or should I inform them or not, and second thing is how not to feel guilty and sympathetic after leaving them.



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  1. Dear Sister,

    Don't worry about the men. Men have it in their nature to move on in life. No matter how much they tell you that they love you, once they find some other girl who is showing interest in them, they will leave you and run after her.

    Especially on the internet, some men are expert in playing with innocent girls emotions and make the girl feel guilty about leaving them. They are just using you as time pass and entertainment.

    Please send them one last message telling them that you are leaving them for the sake of ALLAH and because this is haram.

    Don't spoil your akhira for these useless guys on the internet. Think about your akhira, you will be rewarded for leaving this haram relationship on the internet.

    May Allah give you the courage to avoid haram.

  2. Salam alikum sister,

    Send them last messege saying "It was great getting to know you, but after careful consideration I have come to the conclusion that we are not meant to marry eachother, and I am permanently disconnecting further communications for the sake of Allah swt. Good bye." (Block their skype and phone numbers from your phone/ device)

    Then move on sister. Nothing to it. Talk to your family (or local masjid sisters) that you are interested in marraige and want their help finding proposals. Then watch the brothers come marching in! Get busy with your own life and the boys from your last will fade away, inshAllah.


  3. Why don't you change your email address and phone number, so they cannot contact you?

  4. SIMPLE change your email and phone number. You need to be strong and be very careful of falling into the haraam path this can cost you everything. Look how many posts are posted here about girls been taken advantage off or being used by these men etc. Please do not fall into this path. Avoid mixing with males, and if you want to get married tell your parents they can find someone for you. Never be alone with a man they will use you. These kind of interactions only cause people heartaches and you certainly dont need to feel needy that will make you do haraam. Be strong and say NO!

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