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My husband keeps going out at night

Going on a trip, bags packed

My husband is going out late at night and he will not tell me why and where he is going.

I'm thinking of talking to his mother about this since he refuses to tell me. I have warned him and he didn't seem to care and went out anyway.

Do you think I should involve my mother-in-law, or would that be childish and make it worse?

-Confused Wife

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  1. maybe he spending time with friends

  2. If he was doing something innocent he would have told you! The fact that he refuses to tell you indicates he is up to something no good.

    What I am concerned about is your attitude to all this. Your husband goes out at night, refuses to tell you what he is up to, and all you can think of is telling your mother-in-law???

    He is your husband, you have a right to know what he is doing going out at night. The fact that he thinks its okay not to tell you tells me you're in a very unequal relationship where you have no say.

    You should not only be telling your mother-in-law but your own family as well and threatening divorce unless he comes clean. Don't let him treat you like a carpet otherwise thats all you will ever be to him.

  3. Forgive me, but this post really made me laugh...especially this bit:

    I'm thinking of talking to his mother about this
    Are you and your husband 12 years old? It's not normal for adults to have to consult each other's parents to sort their problems out. Your marriage sounds like you're a nagging mother and your husband is your annoying out of control teenage son. How very strange of a relationship you have, honestly. Why are you with a man that's clearly not into the whole marriage thing? Your husband sounds really immature, someone who's not ready for the responsibilities of marriage. If I were you, I'd throw all of his things to the curb, change the locks and tell him that since he loves hanging out in the streets so much, he can now live there. Find yourself a man as your next husband instead of an annoying child.

  4. Your husband should have let you know where he was going on his own without you having to even ask him about it. Since, he did not only fail at this, but also he also refused to answer when you asked him about it, he is clearly in the wrong. Does he mistreat you in other matters, or has this been the first time he has behaved this way, or does he not tell you anything?

    Do not involve your mother-in-law in this. Why do you want to do this? Is it because being his mother, she would inquire him and he will tell her the truth and somehow did not want to tell you? If he is lying about it to you by not telling you, he will surely hide from his mother too.

    Things could definitely get worse, because he seems to be a self-centered person unfortunately. Since he refuses to give you the right to know when you asked him. Allah will definitely ask him about this mistreatment if he is in any misconception that somehow he has a right to mistreat you like this. May Allah make this matter better for you. Aameen!

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