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Abortion recovery

Abortion Recovery

asalamu alaikum brother and sister
i am 28 years old. i want to ask directly i was made a wrong decision when i was christian i make abortion to my baby.. what i need to do? still have a chance to forgive this huge sin i made? i was so mich guilty about what i did..and this guilty feeling i always feel from the day i did abortion until until now... now i am a muslim i am always seeking forgiveness to Allah that he will forgive me for what i did before..inshallah may Allah forgive me..


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  1. walaikum asalaam, out of the mercy of Allah everything before Islam is immediately wiped clean from our records.

  2. Hi my reply to Christian sister who is Muslim now about abortion ,,sister I am not scholar I am just a Muslim but many time I heard from welknown scholars that once the non believer inter Islam than his or her previous sins whatever are the sin completely cleared and the person will be like pure milk so In sha Allah Allah will forgive your all previous sins don't worry about that just keep continue to stand in Islam enjoy your life in Islam ,,

  3. I'm a revert married to muslim lady who is a very learned sunni scholor......can say you are clean and free from any past sins committed when you were a Christian. .fact.....Just be simple don't be hard on kind and learn patience. ...but this only comes by proper knowledge and fear of Allah. Master salah and learn to read quran....for in this will give you peaceover tranquility honor fear to those who don't fear Allah hidden knowledge Barakah in everything wealth food etc.....provided you keep away from bad company music and doubtful food...Allah will take you to great heights......but invite others to Islam with wisdom and good character like are prophet Muhammad PBUH who is a guide a role model for others. ....Help Allah's Deen Allah will help you

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