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If a man recites his own khutaba a nikkah…

Pre-marital/extra-marital relationships are haram in Islam

I want to ask if a man recites his own khutaba Nikkah in front of girl and set a Mehar of Rs 15000 in the absence of girl's parents and witnesses and asked the girl if she accepted in his nikkah and the girl accepted the mehar.
Is this nikkah is valid or not?

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  1. NO , thats not a valid nikah , wali ( parents or any one else in the family if the parents are dead ) and the witnesses are important for nikah.

  2. Such Nikah is not valid because there are essential requisites of Marriage that are not complied with, like the absence of Wali and witnesses. There should be at least two Muslim witnesses.

  3. No ..This nikah is not valid ..

    For nikah you need two witnesses and a Wali(Guardian) from girl's side ...

  4. If the girl took khula and after 1 year she wants to get marry with same guy. still she need Wali presence ? or she can do the nikkah to the same guy without Wali.

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