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If someone doesn’t want to get married, would that be ok with God?

Lonely man walking away.

you know how prophet Mohammad(peace upon him) says marriage i half of deen and in another place he says if someone doesn't get married he or she is not from my nation(Omaha)  . well i kinda don't wanna get married .

and in Quran god says ( you should , get married or you should use taqwa.)

Islam is all about meeting people half way. so if someone doesn't want to get married and fear god and doesn't fall in to haram . would that be ok with god?

i want to hear your thoughts about this ?

i mean sure i want to get married and have kids and staff but i  like so many young people cant afford to rise a family. maybe in my 40th when im old . than again in that age what is the point of getting married?


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  1. have u found someone you want to be married to? if not then don't worry about it. in time wen u find someone u love deeply enough then you'll know if u want to spend your life with them. I think that's good advice. although I could be wrong so I'll give the other side: NO! Allah demands that u be married! you must be married as soon ap possible! but I could be wrong on that part, too.
    **the real part is that you don't have to get married if u don't want to. but try it out anyway. u can always divorce, just marry a rich one in that case ☺

  2. Salaams

    Financial issues can be painful in life. If you feel you will not be able to fulfill the rights of your wife financially then avoiding marriage is the correct option here. Give it some time till you are stable with life and go ahead and get married regardless of your age. Being in your 40's will not matter as at that point you can still get married as there are many women who will be close to your age and single (possibly widows or divorcees but does it matter) to whom you can arrange things between your families.

    Point of marriage is to avoid many sins and to do your duties where you and your wife can help each other to get closer to Allah as well as bring children into the world in a Halal way. Plus their parents (you and your wife) can all be one house raising up the kids in the state of being Lawful. This is why marriage is half the imaan and Allah and his Prophet S.A.W wants us to treat it as a huge thing and make it a part of our life.

    Not marrying would mean we would have to control our sexual desires in some way and that way is fasting as it will help us avoid the likes of adultery and masturbation. Also we should avoid foods, fluids and anything else that stimulate sexual desires.

    May Allah give us the ability to choose what is right for ourselves and avoid forbidden stuff.

    • i will try to find a stable job with gods help than when i saw a girl i like, than i do estekhar on it , if gods will is for me to get married i'm sure he would put it in my heart.

      brother i don't fast , but i manged with gods help to avoid falling into haram. i never even dated once in my life , of course i cant take the credit for it because i wasn't a practicing muslim before, god has helped me with this matter . i'm not sexually active at all because i fear allah with all my heart .

      i have heard this hadith too our beloved prophet peace be upon him says : if you cant get married you should fast , by fasting i thought i should not look at haram or do haram activities(like masturbation , dating.....). , i never thought our prophet means i should fast every other day . i like fasting i definitely consider fasting when im not working. our prophet is very wise , he's right if we fast we fear allah more and we remember allah all the time and in turn we dont fall into haram.

  3. Dear Bro

    Marriage is a lot about developing interpersonel leadership and sharing a wealth of adventures like putting up with a completely different person and watching your children grow.

    Preparation for marriage requires a good manager while a successful family requires a good leader and mentor. The wish for staying single without any valid reason will not only open the door to forbidden relations but will also delay one's personal development.

    • you right , i have bunch of reason to not get married right now but than when i didn't had those reasons i would definitely consider marriage if allah put it in my heart.

  4. diehard98,

    Allah has created you and knows you best. If Allah has written for you to get married, He himself will put the desire to do so in your heart. There is no compulsion in religion, according to Islam.



    • dear nor this advise was one of the best advises i heard in this thread . i completely rely on god , recently i did estekhar on a career choice and he putted a choice in front of me i never thought about before. i do what god puts in my heart , i do estekhar on the marriage subject when i was ready to take care of a family. if he has written marriage for me im sure he will make it possible and easy and puts blessing in it for me. if not i will stay single even if it do mean for me to fast every other day . i try my best and i look at god for the results. i completely trust god .i'll go where he leads me

      • Assalaamualaykum Brother Kamal,

        You have very high Imaan (faith) MashaAllah! May Allah bless you abundantly in this world and the Hereafter with everything your heart desires.



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