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If someone is born gay, why would Allah judge them?

Homosexuality in Islam


I am not gay myself. But I have a question about homosexuality.

It's a fact that some gay people are born gay. It isn't because of a gay gene (the gay gene doesn't exist), but it's because of many other factors. I've been having a question lately:

Why would Allah judge someone for something Allah gave them?

Please advise seriously,


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  1. Being gay is a big sin and anyone who is engaged in such acts is outside the fold of islam. Also being homosexual is not natural and genetic . There are tons of research can prove that.

  2. There is no such thing as being born gay. Every single human has desires, wallahi if I could I would love to sleep around with beautiful women, etc but because I control my desires and know that Allah is watching me, I avoid. However a person who has homosexual thoughts, is not a sin for them to think this way but its a sin if they begin to act in that way. So avoid it and fear Allah.

    No human is born gay, Allah created male and female. There would be no such thing as humanity if everyone was gay. Its not natural. Homosexuality was looked at so wrong 50-100 years ago and now its being accepted, so in 100 years from now, incest (having sex with own family member) will be accepted and everyone will be okay with it? Also, what if a pedophile said I was "born a pedophile" would you believe them? So why do you believe a homosexual who makes such claims.

    • Good response brother ,
      Every shameful thing which was deemed shameful was not allowed back in the 90s but in this century , all of it is being accepted and promoted. Mostly , it originates in the west and they accept it and causing worldwide spread throughout social media.

      As muslims we should know about our deen soo much , that all these things shouldn't effect or change our belief. Homosexuality is haram , was haram and will remain haram. There are only two genders created by Allah , male and female.

      Zahra , i would like to request you to learn and go deep into islamic teachings so that you come to realise that 'born gay' is a western phrase and it is false in its entirety.

      • Masha Allah! All your replies are top-notch. May Allah grant you all success in the dunya and akhirah.

        We muslims have no opinion.

        Our opinion is the Quran and Sunnah.


  3. Pretty much we can say all things are "born ...."

    Born criminal
    Born rapist
    Born murderer
    Born pedophile..

    How far are you willing to go accepting it all?

  4. I would highly recommend that you watch this video. The entire story is interesting but what the sheikh said in the last few minutes is very important. -

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