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I’m 15 and I Want To Marry The Girl I Love

I'm 15 and i know that I'm young and i have been dating my girlfriend she is 15 for the past 1 and a half years...and i had committed zina kissing (no penetration).

i want to marry her.

i know that i'm not matured as legally... i need answers and help me..


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  1. hi I think u should wait at least until u are ready u are to young n rebuild your relationship with your girlfriend tc n good luck that my opinion the rest is up to you

  2. Then marry her when you are of the legalized age like 3 yrs later
    Till than avoid all shabby habbits like kissing and all that is also a type of zina

  3. Make Istikhar, talk to your families and repent, ask Allah to forgive you both , leave this haram relationship, fast and ask Allah for guidance. You both must repent before thinking about getting married, you don't want to enter a marriage under a curse or with Allah's displeasures. You want a blessed marriage. Help one another to the Jannah, not to the Hellfire. Read Qu'ran, fast, increase in opitional prayers, dhikr, seek knowledge about marriage, read about the sahabahs, read what our Prophet(Sallahu Alayhi wa Sallam)said for us to do in concering marriage. Everyone marrys according to how Allah guides them. Don't use zina to fill in your waiting period. Fast and ask your families for advice and help. Do what Allah guides you to do. When you commit zina shaytan takes apart in what you do. If you have a baby outside of marriage, shaytan takes in part of that baby, he folds himself up into the male and takes part of the zina. Fasting is a shield,fast Mondays and Thursday. Never be alone with one you can marry, shaytan is the third party. Repent, seek Allah's help and ask your family for help. Lock the door of zina you cracked opened and runaway from the zina. Die not except in the state of Islam.

  4. You must marry the one you like but do not tell your sins. Ask Allah not a human being. Stay away from the sin

  5. Assalaamualaykum sis,

    You need to obey the laws of the land in which you live when it comes to the age at which you can marry. In certain countries, you would be considered too young to marry; in others, you'd need a parental consent, etc. Islam doesn't allow you to illegally get married.

    It'd be best for you future if you would abstain from any physical or emotional relations with this guy until your parents have talked to his parents, set out a plan, and married you to him.

    Inshallah you will be then married to the one who interests you. 🙂



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