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I’m a christian boy fallen in love with pakistani girl

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I'm a Christian boy hailing from asia.

I have fallen in love with a pakistani girl.

I want to marry her.

Please help me out???

- alodric

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  1. alodric,

    I am assuming the girl you are in love with is Muslim. If this is the case, you must know that a Muslim woman cannot marry anyone but a Muslim man. So either you accept Islam wholeheartedly and then try to pursue this girl in a halaal manner. Otherwise, it is best that you leave her alone.

    SisterZ Editor

  2. I'm a Christian boy hailing from asia.

    I LUST for a pakistani girl.

    I want to marry her.

    Please help me out???

    - alodric

    My good friend, i have edited your reply to remove the play of words by shaytan(devil), i hope you read your question with more of a open mind aswell.

    Its common to fall in love with asian girls, they are very attractive and beautiful, but thats just it what you feel is not love but LUST, just disguised well by the devil, and hes a dab hand it aswell, what you must realise is you cannot love anything until you know all about it and become attacthed to it, i give you example, when a girl likes a dress she says 'i love it', well in actual fact its a form of materialistic lust or materialistic want and not actual feelings of love but thats what were used to calling it(blame social media for this alternative meaning we have accepted lust as love), and this is no different in your situation, replace the garments with the girl.

    Thats just the basic, you are haraam(not permissible) for the girl, a law set by her religion, so while you want to marry her, you CANT, but dont despair here comes your test of love, actual love this time.

    If you respect her for all she has, that includes her biggest asset.. her faith. You want to marry her, you must be a muslim simple as that, but you cannot convert for the sake of the girl, this is form of shirk(major sin in islam, since your reason for submittance to god(Allah) is other than love and compassion of him alone, in your case a girl), rather you must develop love and compassion for Allah alone and only then can you convert in a islamically ligitimate manner, so the cards are in your hands, have a think and make your decision, remember what i said above though.

    If you decide you wish to make this change, then i would love to help you gain basic understanding and can provide you references to good learning sources, but think before anything and consider everything, sorry if i appear harsh but im just to trying to help you see how you stand in the viewpoint of the girls faith.
    Best of luck, any further question please ask

  3. Good Answer.

  4. Brother Alodric,

    Muslims females are only allowed to marry Muslim males. And Muslim men are allowed to marry Muslim females and/or PRACTISING jew/ christain females only.

    please don't mess up her life.

    If anything, I urge you to learn about Islam. It is indeed a beautiful religion, in fact Islam is not just a religion but Islam is REALITY. This life is not forever and we will all return to ALLAH (swt).

    I wish you well.

    Your sister in Islam,

  5. there is no way you can marry to that muslim girl, better you find a girl from your religion or other. muslim girls can not marry non- muslim in any way. there is no word like 'FALLING IN LOVE" in islam. so better is to leave her...........

  6. Its seems the Pakistni girl whom you are talking about is muslim. so mr. According to islamic law muslim ladies can't marry a non-muslim. You should change your relegion or forget her. Also keep in mind that there is no civial union rule in Pakistan permitting inter-faith marragies.

  7. Make sure you don't lie to her and tell her who you are truly, she will probably ask you to become a muslim, and doing so is a big step, just like getting married, If you are willing to sacrifice Christianity for islam, then the doors will be open for you, and that should be your first step to make her happy, and realize that your marriage will start with sacrifice, and if you start your marriage sacrificing, guess what?, you will end up sacrificing, so think carefully what you really want and if it is really worth it, if it is, you will be her king and love for life.

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