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I’m a revert, do I have to get circumcised?

Asalamu Alaikum,

i am a muslim revert. just wondering, I was not able to get circumsized when i was young because of financial hardship. Is it necessary now? Now that I am almost 20, the doctors are not advising it and it costs 5-10K and is not covered by insurance. It has to come out of your pocket. DO i need to get it done? I live in chicago. Is there someplace I can get it done for free? Also, will my muslim wife care or make a big deal after we get married and have sex?

shukran brothers and sisters.

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  1. assalamu alaikum. I am from india here circumcision does not cost high about 2500 rupees

  2. Salaam, brother it shouldn't cost that much as the procedure is not that expensive I don't understand what are the docs charging 5k for :S it should even be more then $100 anyhow goto a mosque and ask them they might help you in this regard to find a suitable and affordable place to have circumcision done.
    and yes u have to have circumcision done.

  3. shukran brother

  4. Salam Alykom Brother

    in egypt it is not that costly arround 200 dollars or so

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