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I’m Hindu and inlove with a Muslim boy, but he can’t marry me.

Hindu temple in Sri Lanka

A Hindu temple in Sri Lanka

Hi! I am a girl of 23 years of age and in a relationship with a muslim guy. We both love each other. We both are in relationship since 5 months and we are very happy. But these days I am really upset coz I came to know that his parents have chosen a girl for him and he has to marry that girl, though he doesnt love her. He says he cannot hurt his family by saying no.

What can I do to change his mind? What happens if he says no to his family? Is there any ways I can help him to be strong. I don't want to lose him. I am a Hindu girl and I have already mentioned this fact about ourselves to my family. Is there anyways I can help him to solve this problem??

Please help me. He said that if his parents didn't find that girl then he would be mine forever.  This thinking is killing me day by day. I don't want to lose him.

Is there any ways he can convince his parents?


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  1. Salaams,

    I am afraid my response is not going to be the one you might be seeking. Unfortunately, with you being Hindu there would be no way for him to find you marriageable as long as you maintain that religion. While Islam has allowed for Muslim men to marry non-Muslim women, it is restricted to only those of a Jewish or Christian faith. Therefore, no Muslim man may marry a woman who is Hindu, Buddhist, etc.

    Honestly, he was in the wrong to be building any kind of relationship with you in the manner he has. He has made some sinful choices that he must now reconcile and make right, and part of that is going to involve him marrying who he has chosen to marry. It doesn't really matter if or how much he loves this other girl; if he has made a commitment to marry her then he has to be loyal and faithful to her based on that. In that equation, there would be no room for a relationship with you, even a friendship.

    At this point the honorable and right thing for you to do is to accept that your paths are no longer to cross and move on with your life in a meaningful way. Let him sort out his own feelings and choices without you becoming a further distraction for him. I would strongly encourage you to learn more about Islam and consider the benefits it would have for your life if you were to submit to it, regardless of the romantic implications.

    -Amy Editor

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