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I’m in love with a non muslim man

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I'm 18 years old and I'm in love with a non Muslim man. We started off as friends which led to something more. We do not touch or kiss nor have we committed zina. We do talk on the phone though.  He is a good man and we soon hope to get married but of course he has to convert first. I am a Muslim but im not fully educated on everything so I don't want to teach him the wrong things.However, even if he does convert my parents will never approve because of cultural differences. Im arab and hes hispanic. How do I get there approval? Interracial marriage is okay for the men in my family but not the women.



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  1. Then become knowledgeable so that you can teach him or so that you both could learn together. To me it sounds like you don't want the responsibility. And that's not how a marriage works. A marriage is a partnership where both party work together. To me you don't sound ready for the marriage so I advice you to break off any haram attachment that you have with this guy . if you know your parents won't allow you to marry him then why waste his time unless you're prepared to fight for him

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