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I’m lost on what to do…

Hi I'm here for a lil guidance I guess you can say.. I have been with this girl for 2 years now and I want to have a life with her and marry her but there have been some bumps in our relation ship I have not been the most loyal partner in my past and I have been trying to own up to my mistakes and been improving.. and changed.. But she just keeps looking at the stuff I did and judging me for it saying I'm the devil and that I can never change... and I have been trying my hardest to not get overwhelmed every day by my mistakes and regrets I know I can't change someone will that doesn't want to be change i care for this girl a lot she is like a best friend to me I'm just lost on What to do thank you for your time


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  1. Asalamu Alikuim if you guys can't get over this must been a bad mistake. You can't make her happy or move forward with her please don't force it . If you care for her . You should had married her what did you make her do ? Please marry her or leave her

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