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I’m scared to break up with him


i am planning to reverting to Islam inshallah soon but I am dating someone (non religious). He is very judgemental and if I leave him for the sake of Allah I'm scared of what he'll do. I'm scared he won't understand. He is anti Muslim and I hate it but I'm scared. Someone please help me. I don't know what to say or do. I want to end it and devote my life to Allah. No relationships. No social media. Nothing. Just the path of religion.

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  1. dear sister if you want to accept Islam sincerely so you do not scared to him.ALLAH has much more power than him.when you accept Islam and before accept Islam you should pray to ALLAH HE save you from him and protect you from him.when you accept Islam you should give charity daily to save from disasters and daily perform 2rakah nawafil for need so ALLAH will protect you from him.I am happy you accepting Islam and you should not scared from him ALLAH will not leave you alone .May ALLAH bless you ameen .remember me in your pray.

  2. salam, inshaAllah I really hope you revert soon 🙂 there is no need to be scared of him, he doesnt own you, you are your own person and free to make any decision that would make you happy. I would suggestion breaking up with him in a public place just in case there is any aggression on his part - you dont want to be alone with an angry person, you dont know what they can do.

    "I want to end it and devote my life to Allah. No relationships. No social media. Nothing. Just the path of religion."

    Please ensure you take things moderately and dont rush to do everything at once, everyone goes through an emaan high but then it crashes if not done with small consistent steps. If by no relationship you mean haram relationship yes please get rid of it but keep the relationship with your friends ect even if they are non muslim unless they are calling you to things that are prohibited. the no social media bit I dont think that would be a wise decision to be honest, use social media moderately and there are some amazing resource of FB on islamic knowledge alhamdulillah - get connected to people, groups, etc. there is nothing wrong with enjoying the blessings that Allah has given us, we just have to ensure we are not going pass the limited, may Allah forgive our mistakes. just the path of religion is fine but please ensure you are doing everything in moderation, there are lots of halal fun you can have even when you are trying to follow the path to Allah.

  3. Sister You don't need to scared of him Leave him and follow only Islam

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