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Is there any chance a 1st wife (christian) can file a concubinage or bigamy charge against my husband even though our marriage is legal attested and stamped in NSO, DFA and UAE Embassy in my county? I was converted to Islam since 2009 and lost my Shahada Certificate. For me to marry my husband I need to apply for a new shahada certificate and it was the same date as my husband. Is there any problem if our certificate have the same date. Is there any case the 1st wife can file to my husband or to us?

Note: The date in our Shahada Certificate is 6 March 2014 and 23 April 2014 is our Wedding date. (Just incase you need this information)

Thank you very much


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  1. Salaams

    Are you living in a country where polygamy is legal?

    That seems to be a vital point, before trying to answer your question.

  2. Assalaamu Alaykum,

    This is too technical a legal question for us to adequately answer here. I suggest you consult with a local attorney and discuss the details of your situation with them, and get sound legal advice you can act upon with a greater sense of security.

    -Amy Editor

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