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My husband is not from a very practicing family. They drink occasionally and none of his family know how to pray or barely know anything about islam other than saying that they are muslims. Alhamdulilah my husband changed for me and he prays, fasts and rarely drinks.

When I first married him, he wasnt very good but changed very slowly. After he went to prison, he changed dramatically and it was for the better.

Unfortunatley his past stupidity has caused alot of debt and problems for us now. My husband has a very successful business and was making alot of money. He was young and just spent and spent and never paid his taxes. He brought cars, properties, big holidays and got into alot of loans.

He only paid interest and didnt put a dollar extra on his loans. I had no say or control, if i opened my mouth, I got told off.

We owe a total of $1.5 million AUS dollars in loans. 1m alone for tax and home loans and the remaining is to his father, his father had alot of savings and his father gave all his savings to us which he wants back.

The business is running but nothing like before, he has to work 7 days and extremely hard to manage these loans. I pray and make dua all the time and its put a huge toll on our marriage. I ask for Allah help and guidance. I always do the right thing, teach my children islam, pay zakat, pray and i also work part time.

It makes it harder that we live together with his parents and his sister (with her child) who do not practice at all and treat me like a freak. They say im weird and strange. Almost every 2 or 3rd day my father in law brings his friends and drinks alcohol for hours. Their is no barakat in my house and I try to keep my children away from it but I can't. Im struggling...


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  1. Sabeel, As-salamu alaykum. You left some details unexplained. What did your husband go to prison for? Was it tax evasion? Is your husband still in prison?

    If he still owns the properties and cars, then let him sell them and pay off the loans. That must be the top priority. Otherwise the interest payments will bankrupt him eventually, or at least make it impossible for him to get ahead. This is why interest (riba) is haram in Islam.

    You need to get out of that unIslamic environment. It is no good for your children to be exposed to that. Move out and get your own flat. Even if you have to live in a cheap one-bedroom it would be better than living amid haram.

    Wael Editor

  2. This is a bad sign . Sister you better talk to a mufti or scholor or the Imam at mosque.In no way interest is right and drinking occasionally is permitted. you only bring the wrath of Allah and a curse.So sister you must talk to a learned man not to a bunch of amatures on this forum. who lack qaulifications. There is site i heard of ..

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