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I fell in love with a guy who is not as financial strong as my family and now my family wont agree for our marriage and has strictly asked me not to be in touch with him

The problem is i left him and he became a devil he calls 100 times sends 10000 of mssgs and threatens to ruin me follows me and has questionalable pictures of me which i am sure he will use against me. He is in contact with my enemies too now

I trusted him so much i thouggt he wil never do things like this but i ws wrong
If i say to him that im back with him he becomes normal and nice like he was
He has serious anger issues.
But i still love him and want to be with him no matter what.
I know if i dont marry him i will ruin my life and honor and if i do i will ruin my life too and honour too

I dont have any friends as well. I am seriously considering suicide
Please tell me what should i do.


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  1. Salaam sister,
    If he is becoming a stalker and is messaging you a million times a day, I strongly advise you to tell your parents without further thoughts. This man could be the biggest mistake of your life - sorry for being rude, but there are so many cases like yours in the world currently happening and some as I have witnessed myself. Please do not let him do this to you and please ask for help.
    Also sister, please do not go on the verge of thinking further about suicide. You have a life ahead in Sha Allah (if God wills) and killing yourself would only make you look like a coward in the yes of people dear to you and possibly him if he is a psycho.
    I tell you the reason you are thinking about suicide is because you have not told anyone about it,. You do not deserve to live in fear like this; you deserve better. Hence, you should discuss this matter with someone - possibly your mother, if she is understanding or anyone else you trust.
    People have boyfriends of girlfriends and end up not knowing much about them when there is a lot to learn about them. They could be anything hidden behind their mask of innocence.
    Sister, please ask for help from anyone you trust and feel comfortable with sharing your life and thoughts with, whether it is your boyfriend who is not as rich as your family. Who knows, your family may be on help.


    • Salaam sister
      This man sounds dangerous and it's not advisable to continue a relationship with him .
      If he is willing to hurt you by the threat of circulating images of you , being in touch with your enemies and stalking you and has anger issues you should get out of this whilst you still can .

  2. Salam sis , I don't think you will be happy after marrying seems he will be bad husband..don't be threaten..take your parents in confidence and tell them about him blackmailing you and stay away from him

  3. 1 . Do marriage with him or 2 .tell your parents or 3 .Do police reporte for black mailing

    If he is good guy than marry with him . research about him. Rumour are very bad for all because rumours destroy life . enemys never forgive any one . they will disturb you . ask your parents about all negative thing and do peaceful decisions.

    Never forget all brothers and sisters if your time is not good than keep cool a mind always. don't anger with any body never create enemys in your life . live peacefull life.

    Becarefull in your life .

    Sorry for poor English


    • The sister has already explained the bad qualities of this man. It is not advisable to marry him. Please do not marry that guy.

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