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In love with my classmate… Can I make dua regarding this?

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Aoa, I'm a 22 year old girl. For the past four years I have been in love with my classfellow. I thought it was a crush/infatuation but the feeling hasn't gone away. I haven't done anything about it, I don't talk to him or anything. He might have a idea that I like him and some people have told me that he likes me back. Though he has never said anything. I know it may sound like a silly problem but I really really need help. Can i perform istakhara to ask Allah If I should forget about him and try to get over him, or maybe If Allah has him in my future, I can pray for us to be together?

It is said that we should never lose hope and should make dua to Allah. Can I make dua regarding this matter? 🙁

Please help and reply soon. Shukriya 🙂


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  1. AoA, Listen Carefully Sister,

    In Islam It Is Not Allowed Something We Call Love Before Wedding, If You Love Him And He Loves You Too, Simply Propose, Islam Didn't Allow It Because People Fall In Temptation Of Zina And Physically Touching Such As Hand Shaking, Hugging etc Which Is Cmpletely Haram In Islam Before Marriage.

    It Is Not Haram To Feel Love For Someone And Islam Encourages To Marry Someone To Whom You're Attracted. If You Talk To Each Other, Just Talks And Cannot Resist Yourself From Talking Then Ask Allah For Help And If It Has Been Four Years And You Still Feel Attracted And He Too Then It Is Better To Wait Before Getting Into Any Haram Relationship And At Right Time, When Both Of You Feel That You Are Ready For Marriage, Simply Propose.

    I Know Someone Who Stayed In Relationship For One Year With No Physical Touching Nor Any Other Haram Activity, And They Got Married!

    You Can Surely Make Dua! There Is No Problem In Making Such A Dua! Because Love Is Natural Feelings And If You Want To Marry Him, You Can Make Dua! Remember Islam Isn't That Much Strict But Many People Have Very Harsh Views Which Is Completely Non Sense! Because Islam Has Stopped From Zina Not From Making Dua To Have A Good Loving Husband In Future.

    If You Talk To Him, It May Be Okay But Don't Fall Into Anything Haraam! Remember Love Marriage Is Allowed In Islam! And Many People Say It's Haram To Talk To A Girl! Which Is True! But ALLAH Knows Either He/She Is Flirting Or Wants To Marry Her/Him. If You Want To Marry Him And Talk To Him It May Be Okay To Some Extent But Don't Talk About Personal Things, Romantic Things, Arousal Talks Because They Are Most Likely To Take You To Haram Activity.

    ALLAH Is Forgiving, He Can Forgive Little Bit Talks If You Have And You Talk Because You Want To Marry And Are Scared To Lose Him But Yet Try Best Not To Talk And Wait For Right Moment To Propose. It All Depends How Badly You Want Each Other.

    Please Refer To This Link In Which Zakir Naik Gives Answer:

    ALLAH Knows Best.

  2. Assalamu alaiki ya Amnaa
    In situation like this, the best thing to do is for you to perform istikhara. Make sure the person you have crush on is religeous. Iblis (shaytaan) always find a way to make us do the wrong move. Dont just say he is good looking and thats all. No! The best of mankind is the one that is conscious of Allah. Make sure you dont fall into the wrong hands.
    Ramadan mubarak

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