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In sha allah my hopes will be fulfiled by the power of duaa.

Asalamualaikum! dear brother/sister. im 16 years old. and i love a guy since 3 years and i have heard in islam if you love someone u should ask them in prayers and i guess thats what islam says about love marriage. we have been in a relationship but i heard Allah doesn't bless these relationships so if i pause this relationship till the marriage time meaning there by if i dont talk to him and keep praying to Allah and asking him in duaa's will that be appropriate? i really love him so much and i fear i might lose him but i want to make this relationship halal not haram. halal in this stage by asking him to pray 5 times a day waking him up for fajr asking him to control his feelings. i would be very grateful if u answer my question. I trust Allah that he is the best planner and he will grant me my duaa. i dont want anyone else because i cant betray someone. JAZAK ALLAH.


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