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In this case, is a secret nikah valid?

secret nikah
Asslamu Alikum,
I have seen all posts also try to search answer but I cant get satisfactory answer. You can say I am in the position cant ask Q from any scholar.
If a woman who is divorced and have been working and self made and there is no one responsible for her expenses even Not considering her their duty. She is surviving in cruel society and in that case she getting a secret marriage offer from a man without witness. That man didnt seen her and he wants to help her until she survives and is able to help her and her family. He is in a situation that cant do nikkah with witness and even they are in country where witness cant possible. He promises to repeat nikkah with witness in any other country or front of lady's brother once he would be able to to call him on that country.
They made witness only Allah (Hak maher also decided 3 laks) but after nikah he declares to some people that she is his wife. Man's side Nikkah he doing for Allah and help of lady. He is bearing all her expenses as wife lady age 40 and man is 49 years old.
If he reveals his Nikkah in the country, his own sister's and niece's marriages will be in danger. But he is ready to repeat nikah with witness once both will reach in third country.
I dont know you can understand my Q or not. I hope you can.
After passing one year, he is not able to repeat (he is not delaying he is busy in some severe issues related to family and business and property and moving in different countries) nikkah in witness as he is travelling a lot, even both cant meet for 5 months and man can meet that lady hardly once - twice a month or after 2 months.
Will this nikkah is valid in Islam although they have to repeat it and he has to until they reach in other country to register and do nikkah with 2 mens witness.
Lady has permission from her family to do Nikkah as she is independent and divorced and has right to do nikkah.
Pls do help me and reply

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  1. still waiting for answer

  2. Ask an Imaam, this is a very very specific question.

    • hmmm ...he did one more thing tht ask that lady to forgive me all rights he doesn't want any kid until he is giving third country immigration to her .... my friend is in tension neither he can spend time w her nor he can give her rights and not ready for kid.... She is on the peak of stress. Nothing hidden from her but she is in pain tht how a man can do this although he is travelling and solving his old father s property issues his 1st wife in other country he cant give time to 2nd wife as compare to 2nd wife he spends more time w 1st wife due to his offical. 2nd wife is living alone no one to talk he cant call her since 20-30 days he cant come to her more than 5-6 hrs while travelling back to other countries. She is depressed and desperate on this situation always crying.

      She does love him and cant leave him but she felt pain in heart due to his attitude. Although she knows he is stuck but she never seen happiness in life and spent sad life she wants to get all happiness from his husband but he is busy in his own issues and with family.

      pls help me and reply wht is the best solution.

  3. Salam alaikum brother,

    It sounds as though there is too much going on in the life of the man to complicate things. It does not seem right that the man and woman should get married and live apart for 5 months in a state of doubtful nikah, not knowing for sure if there is halal or haram happening until the REAL nikah takes place. To make things simple, the man could support the woman financially as a type of zakat until they are able to have their fully open nikah.

    Disclaimer: I am no mufti or imam or scholar. Please seek the direct cousel of a knowledgeable leader if the man intends on marrying the woman in "secret."

  4. There is no secret nikah concept in Islam .

    For a nikah to be valid .

    a) Minimum 2 witness required
    b) one mandatory Wali (Guradian) required from girl's side

    Above conditions should be met for a valid Islamic nikah else this will not be a valid Nikah as per Islam .
    Have they followed this properly ??
    If No sorry then this nikah is not a valid and they are committing adultery

    Also , Nikah should be openly announced and not hidden .There is no concept of secret nikah in islam
    People do it just for their own convenience and to keep easy escape route in case of difficulties in marriage ..

  5. Salaam Brother,

    You say he wants to marry her to help her in this cruel society.

    If he wants to help her, then there are many ways to help her most importantly financially.

    He should first sort out his problems and then go for nikah. He is having too many issues to help the woman. He must first help himself.

    Don't marry the woman yet. Maybe someone else will help her. And after he has sorted out all his issues he might find another woman whom he can " help " in this cruel society. There are lots of women who need help in this cruel society. So stop thinking about her. First sort out his personal problems and then when he is stable then ask him to help anyone of the numerous muslim women out there who need help.

    May Allah give you peace.

    • I agree with you brother Asif, many women need help in this "cruel society." In order to help a woman, one does not need to marry her, simply be a gentleman and support in any way he wishes without crossing Islamic limits. But perhaps this man only wants to marry this one woman, then he should wait for her until they are ready for real nikah.

  6. The Questioner should consider the above comments seriously

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