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Inheritance from widowed mother

salam ...I want to ask you about inheritance in this specific case. A woman married a man and had a daughter, a few years later that man divorced her.

She got remarried from her second husband she had two daughters and one son. Her second husband died and the widow got one eighth share in property as per islamic laws.

After some time widow died leaving no will. Her one son and two daughters from her second husband will get share from her left property behind. The question is that will her daughter from first husband will also get share in this one eighth share of her inheritance?


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  1. Djshazma, sorry, this one is too complicated for me. I studied Islamic inheritance laws in school, but it's been a while. I suggest you speak to an Islamic scholar who specializes in this area, or a Muslim attorney who is familiar with inheritance laws.

    Wael Editor

  2. Of course the daughter must have a shear from her mother's property.. And the 1/8 shear the mother took was her own legal shear and becomes her personal property,, hence her biological daughter (from the first man) reserve the right to her mother's belongings,, so she would have a shear along with her brother and two sisters.. But as brother wael suggested, you should meet a qualified imaam who is an expert in the field of 'inheritance in islam' and get more info.. Thank you.

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