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Inheritence of ongoing pension fund

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Assalamu Alaikkum

My brother passed away few years back in England; The desceased brother left behind his wife, one daughter , mother and three brothers; Our father
passed away a year beofore my brother's death. We live in Sri Lanka. My deceased brother's wife and daughter also settled back in Sri Lanka after
his demise.
He worked for a prviate company based in London. As part of his employement, he was entitled for the company pension. On this pension fund
he made his wife as beneficiary; therefore the montlhly pesnion money is currently beign paid to his wife

please note that this is not any kind of state social benefit nor a government pension plan

My deceased brother was so keen to have his daughter grawn up by adhereing to Islamic teaching purely based on Quran and Sunnah.
Infact just before he passed away he was one of the pioneers in establishing a community centre in based on Qurna and Sunnah,
May Allah forgive his sins and accept his deeds grant him the paradise

The questions are:
1) Does the money that is paid monthly to his wife have to form part of the deceased estate and distributed according to Sharia?

2) If so how this money has to be ditributed among the heirs?


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  1. Why would your brothers pension be distributed to other people if he has mentioned his wife as an nominee ?

    And as far as my knowledge is concerned after a persons death the Pension amount goes either to the Nominee or to the wife if she is not the Nominee and obviously that applies if the person was married.

    So dont eye on the money which your sis in law is getting. That is her right.

    This i have mentioned as per my perception and knowledge. If Shariah has anything else to convey on that than am sorry .

  2. Look don't be so nosey .You don't think your brother is wise enough to know.
    What he gave to her hers...because he knows something that you don't know...Just leave it for he seems to be a pious man that left early in life...Allah loves him

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