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In love with a hindu girl


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I am loving to hindu girl and I wanted to marry her and she is ready to accept islam. But I am fearing to tell my parents ie., my only my mom.

So I am not understanding what to do.

Kindly guide me.

~ Imraan

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  1. Salaam Imraan,

    Thank you for entrusting us with this question.

    What to do is approach your mum whilst she is in a relaxed state, and say: "I have seen a girl that I would like to approach for marriage" - in a very calm and relaxed way, as if you are striking up a conversation. She will then ask you questions, who is she? Where does she live? What do you know about her? Etc etc, and let her lead the conversation, and be relaxed and natural.

    The thing to NOT do, is to sit her down with a look on your face that suggests you have just been diagnosed with a terminal illness, and say "I'm in love with a Hindu girl and we want to get married". You will make her stressed before you have even started, and you will communicate as if this is terrible news, and your stress will make her stressed and she will jump to the worst conclusion.

    Editor, Islamic Answers

  2. hi brother since this hindu girl wants to except islam i thick u should first help her to convert i thick that is more important before u go to the marriage issues so please try to guide her to her real God and i thick your mom is going to except her if Allah wills but she might refuse if she knows that she is a hindu save her from following the wrong way. so pls try. & may Allah make her a good wife for u.your sister shystar

  3. I agree, some of these girls say they will convert cuz they ar in love but they just say it. If she is serious, then have her convert, then explain our religion, how simple and pure it is. And then talk to your mom. I pray for you inshallah whatever ALllah thinks best for you. Let it be for the right reasons, you dont want ten years down the lane problems or something worse, ask me, 11 yrs later... after so much trouble getting married, anyways, this is about you. good luck

  4. what is wrong with muslim women?
    they are nice kind and their and want to make their partner happy

    as muslim man i will only marry a muslim

    how r u a muslim? remember islam and muslim is not a race we do not need outsiders destroying our religion

    we got muslim doing this 4 us and not only that when she is not going to convert u will diverce her and then marry a muslim trust me this is how it happens

    i have read this on internet many times

    • True i will only marry a muslim brother for this reason. Mix marriage only ruins a family and i have seem this in my own eyes men are taken for a ride has women say one thing and do another and that's a fact. May allah forgive me for saying such harsh words but that's how i feel.

  5. salam
    Well its good 2 hear that she wants To accept islam
    But im feeling she gonna convert just 2 marry
    Now that not islam , people convert only bcoz they feel islam is the only true religion of god
    Islam is no passport which people can use to marry with a non muslim
    First let her accept practice follow and then marry otherwise there r plenty of pious n good looking muslimah which u can marry

  6. Ppl should have a descent talk in an islamic site
    If u want to create an unaccepted atmosphere go to some other site

    Thank the mod of trashing comments of raviprakash n like of him

  7. Salaams Imraan

    some issues i want to ask you to consider

    Is she converting for the sake of your happiness or you making her to change (she will still remain a hindu on her side of the family and they may not be 100% committed, you will need to consider these options not easy has it looks).
    Is she aware what Islam is
    Are you both practicing Islam and are you aware people say one thing and do another in other words she might not have thought this through properly
    Are you 100% sure you want to marry her

    My advise to you is be honest and open to your mum about this girl you like becasue the longer you leave it the harder this will become. Secondly do not commit to marriage unless you know this girl is 100% excepting Islam. I will warn you mothers are the biggest challenge may your wish be granted.

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