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I have insomnia and terrible nightmares, why?

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 I am 24 years old.  I live in Canada with my two brothers, one sister, and both parents;  and have been residing here for 18 years now (in counting)! I am a college student   Anyways, I have had a rough childhood till I was a teenager because I  was traumatized  when I was growing up.  

            Lately, I have been experiencing insomnia like sleepless nights, where I am too disturbed to sleep or too worried about something.    For past few weeks, I have been staying awake and only sleeping in day time for 3 to 4 hours max.   In addition,  At night times I am full awake until morning comes, but even then I don't sleep all that well!            

          My parents are always worried about me as I am the youngest in my family and they are concerned because I have  symptoms like  senior citizens.   Sometimes I feel helpless and useless  to my family that I just lock myself in the room and try to remain in isolation;  I do not want to feel like a liabilty on their head.  I was also recently engaged to my distant aunt's son, but matters and situations became from bad to worse, that my parents and his parents broke up the engagement.   Am I prone to bad luck, if there is such a thing? 

            Furthermore, I had the most disturbing dream this morning when I finaly fell asleep some how.  It was around 5:16 am, and what I saw had shaken me. 

            I saw that i was walking through a jungle or a  forest during some eerie time of the day or night.  It was like the sky was stormy dark with smokey black clouds, but the woods were visibly light up all around as if it was day time.   I was being escorted to the edge of this cliff by some strange men who were dressed in torn and hobo like clothings.  On the edge of the cliff I saw a very big whirl pool right in the center of a dark ocean, but through it was a vertical rainbow of light so bright and beautiful.  However, around this whirlpool and above it was dark, very dark smog of clouds circulating with thunder and all over, the sky was greyish with lighting and several whirlpools and small tornados.

        What was weird about this dream was that people were sitting on the shore as if out on the beach in a warm sunny day.   Drinking and partying for some reason.  Then, they drank poison and ended up throwing guts and bial of blood and internal organs.   It was as if they wanted to celebrate comitting suicide.   Then  I saw two of my closest cousins joining the crowd of corrupted people; and my sister beside me telling me they are drinking poison.   I Look beside me towards the right and my whole family joins those maniacs as if they are hypnotized and being forced to do so.   I try to stop them but they also start throwing up severely and dying in front of my eyes.  

     It's really hard to describe, but the people who were escorting me  were also suffering.  However,  strangely it seemed like they were enjoying it;  like they felt gifted or blessed.  I saw those people on the shore skinned and burned alive.   I haven't slept since that dream,  and I feel exhausted from everything. 

       I have to know, Am I being punished for something?,  the way my life has been so far, is this a curse by shaytan or someone who is giving me an evil eye?  And this dream, it was far more worse than any nightmare I ever had!  All I want to know is whatever is happening with me,  why is it happening? 

can someone please help me or tell me what I should do...........please!!!????!!!!???? :'(


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  1. As salamu alaykum, sister AK,

    There are many different approachs to what is happening to you. First of all my duty is to tell you that in medicine there are unities of sleep where all the disorders that can occur during the sleeping times are studied, I don´t know if you have that in your area, but sure you will.

    But there are other considerations I want you to take into account.

    1....From the physical perspective, I would like that you make a review at what you eat, specially at night time, at your periods of exercising/relaxing during the day and at your timetables for all your duties.

    ....Avoid any heavy(fried, oven, pressure cooked), sticky(flour products), dish at night, not animal protein at night, no sugar, not too much salt, no teas(exept relaxing teas), no coffee, no chocolate, no cold drinks, no soft drinks(Coke, Pepsi, Seven up,.....)no candies, no icecreams,...

    .... Make habits, eat always at the same time, go to/get up bed at the same time, try to exercise at the same time,...

    ...Good exercises for you, walking 40 minutes, yoga, taichi, swimming,....stretching,...

    2...From spiritual perspective, pray your salat on time, read and recite the Quran, before going to bed do wudu and read Ayat al Kursi and sura 112, 113 and 114. Listen, read and recite the Quran understanding what you read the best you can.

    3...Relaxing exercises.


    My beloved sister, I hope you will be better soon, insha´Allah.

    Ramadan Mubarak

    María Editor

    • Asalam- O- Aliekum,

      Thank you sister for telling me the details, INSHALLAH, I will pass this horrendous time of my life........ and thank you for responding to me; be as it is that you were the only one to guide me right. I figured everyone was thinking I'm crazy and did not care enough to respond, but for you to reply back makes me feel like i'm not completely left alone in the world. Thank You so much for giving me the websites, I will definitely check them out. May Allah Bless your home, your family, and everyone you know, and give you Life Long happiness. Thank you once again my dear sister, MARIA, THANK YOU!

  2. Assalamu Alaykum wa Rahamatullahi wa Barakatuhu

    Since it is a bad dream, it is from shaytan as Muhammad saw said, good dreams are from ALLAH swt, bad from shaytan and others would be reflection of human thoughts.

    It is also a sign of ALLAH swt to you so that you'd be guided towards the right path.

    Alhamdulillah, I was in the same situation while I was around 19 - 22 where I would feel hopeless and nothing would make sense to me, at that time I was not relying on ALLAH swt or had any knowledge of ISLAM.

    Then after having experiencing unseen things, then I started praying regularly and seeking ALLAH's guidance and alhamdulillah, i'm quite happy now just after 1 month or two.

    I advise you to seek the knowledge starting from Muhammad saw's life style, Quran and ALLAH swt. Praying regularly and doing good deeds and practicing patience.

    See also Zakir Naik videos on Qur'an, ALLAH and science to enlighten you with the truth. Don't get carried away by the wrong/bad videos.

    Insha ALLAH, as soon as you realize, you'll be happy.

    May ALLAH swt bless you and guide you to the straight path. - translations and transliterations. - hadith

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