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Is it compulsory to have intercourse before walimah?

wedding flowersI want to know whether it is compulsory to have intercourse on the night of marriage or before Walimah?

I heard that if there is no intercourse between the couple before Walimah, the food of Walimah is haram for people to eat!!

Please answer my question as my marriage is near.

- T.K.

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  1. AS, brother, and congratulations on your marriage. Inshallah you and your wife will have a long, fruitful life together, and may Allah ease any hardships you encounter and fill your days with blessings.

    There is no compulsion to have sex on the first night of marriage. Please see:

    What two married people do after they are married is no-one's business except their own, and you are not obligated to have intercourse immediately, or answer to anyone for doing (or not doing) so.

    Allah knows best. May you be well.

  2. That is completely untrue. I have no idea where you could have heard that. If you are not comfortable with having sex immediately after the marraige there is nothing wrong in waiting until you are more comfortable. When you have sex has nothing to do with the walima.

    • This is an extremely common misconception in the Indian Subcontinent. I thought that it was true for the majority of my life as well--in fact, the misconception is that if one does not consummate the marriage, the walima cannot take place. and if it does, it is invalid and therefore must be redone.

  3. No ..It is misconception ..You can have any sex any time after marriage and it is not required to have before Walima ...
    I don't how and why people spread these type of wrong information ..

  4. It is so worrying and upsetting to hear such an ignorance claims in the muslim community! I heard some of other ridiculous practice in the subcontinent muslim community, Saudi Arabia, Syria, and Afghanistan too. Only the insiders know it is so not Islam but the wider community will just laugh at our ignorance or backwardness! It proves to me once again the importance of education - both in secular and in Islam. One cannot rely on folklore, people's say so this kind of claims or waiting for the fatwa from some scholars . It is important to counter reference with Quran and supported by Hadith. Last but not least, your logic, your sense!

    For bother TK, now you know the truth, I hope you will stand firm to what you know rather than taking it from your culture.

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