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as salaamu alekum,

I saw a dream in which I saw that I am on sky and I have to come to earth just as birds fly in the sky coming down to earth but I find it too far away. I fear that something might happen while coming down toward earth; then I saw that I somehow successfully landed on earth and some other stuff happened. Kindly tell me what is the interpretation of this dream.

Waseem Ahmad

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  1. Assalamu'alaikum Waseem,

    Dreams have a personalized interpretation, though some signs explained in Quran and Sunnah maybe general. Not everyone has the knowledge of dream interpretation and one should not just ask anybody to interpret dreams.

    Concerning your dream, according to the book by Shaikh Muhammad al Jibaly, falling from the sky means disgrace or great sinning. Though even this is not confirmed to be the correct interpretation, as I said above.

    Keep yourself upon the deen, correct your Aqeedah and gain knowledge to act on it. Keep yourself away from sins and do tawbah for any sin that you commit, however small it may seem. Learn more about the deen from here:

    Abu Abdul Bari Editor

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