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i had a dream and i want to know the meaning of my dream can some one tell me please what does it mean really. well i am trying to get my wife visa and i have already did all the paperwork and they have received them. in my dream i was at the place were they approve and deny cases. they found a brown cloth with some Qur'an lettering on it i really don't know what does letter meant. and they as soon as she saw the cloth with the quran lettering on it she deny my case then i woke up and i want to know what it really meant.


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  1. Asalam alaikum,
    I am not an expert, but maybe it is Allah's way of telling you to keep your faith even if they deny your case. There is no concrete way to know what dreams mean or where they come from, and sometimes its better to just leave them alone because they can be from Shaitan and reflect your own fears. I know that Allah swt has his plans for all of us, so in the end it reallsy doesnt matter to worry over strange dreams. Just relax and follow His path.

  2. As-salamu alaykum brother. You are best qualified to interpret the dream, as you know how it made you feel, and what the symbols in the dream mean to you. It might simply reflect your anxiety over the visa approval, nothing more.

    Wael editor

  3. Sometimes when we have dreams especially relating to the situations we are facing at the time being it mostly afflicts our emotions and worries to it for example that dream may be focusing on how your feeling to reality like what your afraid of letting it happen.

    I use to have a lot of dreams like this based on my life situations but never has the outcome of my dream followed to the reality its some time stress that causes dreams like this to occur and as sister shereen said the shaitan can interfere and make you feel more complicated into solving it as you already know devils aim is always to put us down no matter what so don't let dreams like that get to you because you won't be going nowhere if you keep worrying about them. Ask me I've been there so I know that in the end Allah swt is always looking out for us only Allah knows what's best for us and what can happen but if you really want to follow dreams best dreams to show you the right path is isthikhara , try one out and see how it goes it might be completely different from the normal dream you have seen you will see the difference as well.

    anyway whatever happens for your future I wish you all the best and may Allah swt guide you through the right path

  4. Asalam alikum
    Can any one tell me

    • Not every dream has a significant meaning. In any case, you are probably best qualified to interpret this dream for yourself, as you know the emotions associated with it and what the symbols mean to you personally.

      Wael Editor

  5. I had two dreams actually I am facing a lot of problems in my relationship I had a dream last night that we are in a new place a place where a game is played and I saw my old neighbours sons aswell I saw that I had long hair but in the hall way half of my hair all by itself fell but that didn't alarm me but I had a feeling that I could win the game.......
    Second dream was that I was talking to him asusuall randomly I told him that my sister had a son but he recognizes me less as we meet sometimes and my elder brother has no children but if Allah wanted he will grant them with children both of them dont have any children yet at the ending in a very polite emotional manner he said to me that I want to talk to you about something really serious when did u last talk to your ex even though he doesn't know about him or pretends that way I am not anymore in contact with him I am really worried......

    • Assalaamualaikam

      Sometimes a dream is just a dream - a combination of our unconscious thought processes and our experiences. It doesn't necessarily mean anything.

      If you are having problems in your relationships, turn to Allah and ask Him for help and guidance.

      Midnightmoon editor

  6. I dreamt a bright looking spherical light talking to me in an islamic truths..
    A couple of years ago, I had a dream, that till today remained a mistry.......
    My dream........ :
    Somewhere in an upstream of a crystal clear shallow river, I was gently walking, moving my legs gently to only see tiny fishes playing about around my legs. The river water was only about 5 to 6 inches from my ankles. The width of the river was only about 6 feet. Both sides were covered with wet green creepers.
    All of a sudden, the river water turned milky. The white milky look prompted me to taste the water. I bend down to drink the water. To my surprised, it was pure milk, without any sugar. Immediately I felt it was bad of me to stand in a river of pure milk. I slowly raised my leg to get out of the milky river. The swift flow of the milky river, created a small turbulance beneath my sole, and made the milk dirty. I felt hurt to see the discolouration, and I stood firm in the milky river. I tried to get hold of the side green creepers to slowly get out of the river. But the weak creepers began to uproot from its attachments of the soil. I did not know what to do and had no idea of an escape from this trap.
    The river had a small water fall right infront of me which stood approximately 10 feet high. To my surprise, a misty spherical ball slowly glides down with the water. The bright sphere very cleverly flew down in a slow motion and moved towards me at my height. As it approached, its glaring effulgence of the bright sphere made my eyes to shrink.
    The bright sphere felt like a living one. I stood with fear. As it approached very close to me, I could feel in my heart, it was an islamic truth light that has come down to flow downstream. My heart began to communicate with the bright effulgence. My heart told the light to go down stream, as there are many muslims living along the river. But the bright effulgence, reversed and stood on my right front. It called my name. " Nara, please listen to me, I command you " Look deep into my effulgence, and see, what can you find. My eyes, could not see anything in the bright effulgence surface. My heart told, nothing it saw on its surface. Again the effulgence commanded.... " And now, you see again." Alas, to my surprise, my eyes saw a full moon rotating in the bright effulgence. And when my heart spoke, it has seen a full moon rotating about in the effulgence, the next command was this...,, " Do you hear anything inside me " My ears, could not hear anything from thin the effulgence. And again, the effulgence, encouraged to listen very carefully by seen the full rotating moon. Yes ! This time, my ears heard something very islamic vibration from within the bright effulgence. This is what I heard.. A muslim prayers, " laa ilaaha illallah Muhammad Rasulullah " My heart told the effulgence, that I am hearing this magnificent prayer. The bright effulgence very humble stood infront of me and requested me to say this prayers. It was a gracious feeling of transcendental love. My heart felt a tender loving feeling due to its presence.. The heavenly effulgence stood infront of me for a reply. My heart replied, I will say the prayers as commanded. Then the galactic gracious loving bright light slowly moved down stream happily. My heart could read the consciousness of the effulgence. Then, suddenly, I woke up to see, my whole body was sweating due to the heat of the effulgence. I found my self saying the prayers.... " laa ilaaha illallah Muhammad Rasulullah "
    Years has passed. I found great spiritual solace of a special kind, in my heart, and a feeling that I find no words can describe.......

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