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Is all music haram?

musical notes

Every one knows that music in Islam is haram because it weakens the faith of a Muslim alhamdullah.

I am not listening to music but there are some islamic songs witch are with musical instruments but they do not weaken the faith of a Muslim but they encourage a Muslim how to obey Allah, his parents and follow the prophet s.a.w.

So I just want to know are they also haram pls bro & sis & thank u may Allah rewards u the heaven of Firdos.


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  1. Sister saja, As-salamu alaykum,

    This website specializes in answering questions about family and marriage issues. We don't usually address other topics. But I'll give you a brief answer Insha'Allah.

    First, it's not true that "everyone knows" that music is haram. Actually there are differences of opinions among the scholars. If the music is promoting something haram, then everyone agrees it is haram. However if the music is uplifting or positive (for example some classical music or folk music), then some scholars have said that it is permissible; while others hold that musical instruments themselves are haram (with the exception of the drum and tambourine), and that therefore all music is haram.

    So-called "Islamic music" is generally done without instruments, or with percussion only. These are called nasheeds. They are widely available in all styles, and in many languages. So if you are worried about this issue and you want to protect your deen, stick to the nasheeds.

    Wael Editor

  2. good advice bro !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!,sweet saja follow what he says

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