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Is Amila a Muslim name?

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Is Amila a Muslim name meaning hopeful? How do you pronounce it? Like Aah-me-la or A-mee-la? Also, is the book "Dictionary of Muslim Names" by S. A. Rahman a reliable source for Muslim names?

~ SisterBibi

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  1. Amelia Trustworthy, beautiful
    Amilah Hopeful

    I think.....

  2. Sister,

    The name Amilah generally means Hopeful, and is of Indian origin. Persons with the name Amilah are mainly Muslim by religion. I don't know the book you speak of so I can't comment on it however, there are a ton of websites to search for baby names via the web.


  3. Thank you for your replies. The problem with the websites is that every name I like, when I check if it is acceptable, turns out not to be acceptable. If anyone could tell me for sure if Amila is an acceptable name, and if the book I mentioned is suitable to choose a name from it would make things much easier.

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