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Is being emotionally attached with a boy allowed in Islam?

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Is it ok to be emotionally attached beyond friendship?

I am boy and he is also a boy, I care about him so much and I am actually sensitive boy. I wanted to ask if being emotionally attached allowed in Islam? I really like hugs so much but have never thought about adultery with a boy. So is emotional attached allowed in Islam?

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  1. AOA WRH Wbr
    no not at all.
    its not allowed in Islam.

    • Paradise.
      Before you get all sensitive, he's not talking about sexual attraction. He's talking about emotional attachment to one specific person. It's completely different.

      Homosexual behavior and sex is what's forbidden in Islam.

      This is normal for young boys especially if they grew up together. Don't put in his head that he's doing something wrong because the shaitan will go in and pervert it.

      To the OP
      Being emotional and sensitive to a friend is okay. But you should take refuGe in Allah to protect you from any weird thoughts or ideas. The shaitan are patient and crafty, meaning they will slip in where there is an opening.

      So, try to be independent from this boy, too, meaning don't become to dependent on him or else it'll become an unhealthy attachment.

      • Many people don't reply to other comments when they have got one answer similar to all other answers, but I reply to all the people as I don't want them to feel ignored or feel bad, so I am pretty sure that Allah always protects me and by the way thank you for the answer

  2. Oh I wish i would have such friend who would care about me like this , seriously ; ) you are sweet/
    And no there's nothing to be emotionaly attached and love the other boy, love him for the sake of Allah swt and as there's a hadith too that if you love your fellow muslim brother then tell him about your good feelings and love .

    • People always get me wrong, now they say gay as an insult
      😀 haha thank you so much
      I just wanted to know if it was allowed or not

  3. As salam O alaikum brother

    It is very much allowed. After all its Brotherly Love. And where there is Love there are always Emotions.

    May ALLAH (swt) always bless you and keep you away from every evil eye. Ameen !

  4. Did you post this last year..............

    My age is 14
    I become 14 in this year
    I have committed a major sin that is called homosexuality I am really crying a lot and I am boy
    I had depressions and I am very sensitive boy
    I am asking for forgiveness all the day from Allah
    I cry to ask for forgiveness

    Hugging may lead to other things. Your emotional attachment may be overcome by your sexual urges, since you already had sex with one boy at least.

    This is the reason I asked about your age and your friends age in a comment that was deleted I guess. I just saw your other comments today.

  5. AOA

    This is very nearly a start of something unpleasant, more so from what SVS said above of the questioner's history.

    Please do not encourage him by making this look like a brotherly attachment as he is young and looking for ways to justify his feelings for another boy instead of ending them at this early stage.

    To the questioner: please stop being emotionally attached to boys and stop trying to look for ways to justify it. Inscribe this in your head that this is a heinous sin and instead attach yourself to Allah.


    • I fully agree. People need to read his other posts to see this in context. He was forced into a homosexual act, then he began asking questions about shaving his legs, and now this. It's well known that much of homosexuality is a result of molestation, where a boy is sexually abused by an older male and as a result his developing body becomes sexualized towards other males.

      However, this male-to-male sexualization is not inevitable. The boy needs encouragement in the right direction. Developing feelings or love or intimacy toward another boy, and wanting to hug him and be close physically, is NOT the right direction.

      Wael Editor

      • I understand... But I am dependent on others, this is the only thing which makes me want other people to help me. Well I think that I am don't really love myself but instead I love others as I don't want others to be in a trouble by the way I don't have bad intentions
        I may cause too much trouble to everyone around me so their is no chance that I can trust myself again. I know now homosexuality is a sin but what about brothers love/emotional attachment

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