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Is it a sin for me? Will I go to hell for this??

Abused girl

I can't forget what happened when I was young.

I'm a girl first of all, this is not my real name...
I was at another city with my family when I was a child...maybe 6 or 7 or 8 I honestly don't remember
There was this cousin of mine(my mom's brother's son)
we were playfully fighting and I was awake from like many hours It was very early in the morning
I was a dramatic child...I pretended to fall asleep so that I could get carried to bed and that was just what happened...I was still pretending to stay asleep...I am ashamed of myself
I knew what was happening was wrong...yet I didn't do anything (he was undressing me)
I just lay there with my eyes closed and he thought I was asleep
he was kissing me everywhere and after some time he went away(I don't remember much) and I quickly got up after he went away and I got dressed but I knew you shouldn't be naked around people and that it was wrong...when I saw him come back he looked really scared(I still remember his face at that time) I spat on him and left
I hate him for what he did and I hate myself for letting it happen
am I going to be punished for letting it happen? Is it wrong that I did not tell anyone ("Whoever covers for a Muslim, Allah will cover for him") its still okay right because even though he won't get punished in this world, Allah will punish him in the hereafter?
Btw he never showed up after that day anymore
I heard he got married last year
he has a daughter now


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  1. You were a child. In sha Allah you are forgiven, yes you had an idea it was wrong but children also have ideas that they shouldn't throw tantrums or hit other children they still do it, their mind is not the same as an adult. Imagine an 8 year old asking you this same question you are asking would you realy believe she would be going to hell? Or would you tell her to calm down and its not her fault? You didnt mention his age but it sounds like hes a paedophile. If you feel really distressed I recommend counselling, even online counselling via Skype if you cant get counselling in your area. It sounds like you still need to process what happened to you and heal.

  2. First, children are not held responsible in Islam for their deeds. This is a basic principle of Islam. Deeds are not recorded for children until they pass the age of puberty.

    Second, you were a victim of sexual abuse. You were not the perpetrator. The man who did that to you is the one who is guilty and responsible. You didn't say how old he was at the time; if he was a child, then perhaps he was simply curious or experimenting and has left such behaviors behind. However, if he was an adult then it is very serious. It means he has a sexual attraction toward children and will most likely continue this behavior with other children. However, I don't think there's anything you can do about that, since it was so long ago and you were a small child, and if you tell people it may affect you as well.

    Wael Editor

    • I agree with the last part that if you keep telling or remembering that incident again n again , it will affect you psychologicaly so its better to forget such harsh memories and keep our self free of worries nd move forward.

  3. Don't worry you were young and innocent......what does a 1234567891011 know about Allah fear of Allah ..the most important thing is that the world is an evil place so be careful. ..3 things come with every humanbeing. .. desires bad habits and SHAITAN. .....So learn Iman and practice to perfect it . Learn to master salah n memorize QURAN this will protect t you

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