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Is it a sin if you stop within a minute?


Hey there... I had a question - If I was doing a sin intentionally or unintentionally and if suddenly I had stop myself within a min then does it mean that I have save myself from doing sin and ALLAH had save me?


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  1. when you do a small sin knowingly or unknowingly it gets washed away when you pray the following Salah but there some many possibilities and ways that Allah forgives maybe just walking to the mosque.For every step a man takes then 1 sin is erased and 1 good deed is added. let me sum it up. knowledge is the key to paradise!! So if you dont make intention for the sake of Allah then how will you get the good deed ?

  2. Yes, If you realize and stop doing the sin, you are already saved. But you must request forgiveness from Allah for the one minute sin you already have done. Allah is kind and He will forgive you, (Insah Allah)

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