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Is it a sin to see lesbian kissing?

Anyone please tell me is it a sin or haram in Islam to see lesbian kissing? Only kissing?


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  1. Salam,

    Its best to avert the gaze.. but its not a sin if you accidentally saw. Allah knows best.

  2. If your watching those videos on the internet , yes its a sin

  3. I'm 21 male. There's a non-muslim girl who's 4 years younger than me. She calls me brother and loves me a lot(as a brother). I too treat her the same. But I have heard touching Non-mehram is haram. But she touches me without my knowledge. She has none other than me and few so called relatives like me. Is there any way to become mehram with her being in Same relationship???

    • Thaha, she is not your sister, and you are not her brother, in any sense of the word. Don't make excuses. If you tell her, "I am Muslim and it's not appropriate for me to touch you," then she will stop. Furthermore there is no benefit to spending time with her. In fact you are taking advantage of her. She is only a teenager. Most likely she looks up to you and admires you because you are older. But I guarantee 100% that nothing will come from your relationship with her but haram and heartache.

      Wael Editor

      • Please explain what you want to say through "you are taking advantage"??

        • You are manipulating her thoughts by saying you are her relative. Just keep it simple and stay separated until you feel confident to ask her parents for marraige.

  4. Assalaamualaikam

    If you mean "is it OK to watch lesbian porn or explicit videos?", then the answer is quite clear - pornography is never acceptable. It involves the exploitation, objectification and degradation of vulnerable people (thus supporting oppression, which we are told we must fight against), and involves viewing things which have been clearly stated as being haraam for us to view.

    In daily life, we may inadvertently come across things which we would not want to see, especially in countries which are less Islamic in their codes of law and expectations of behaviour. In these situations, we can still lower our gaze and turn our mind to remembrance of Allah - we can't control the behaviour of others, but we can control how we respond to it.

    Midnightmoon editor

    • as salamu alikum
      i have saved my post as draft 1 month back still its in draft :'( i need advices cant wait anymore 😛 please do help me 🙂 post it soon 🙂

      • Assalaamualaikam

        You need to submit your post as Pending - the drafts section is for people to prepare their posts before submitting. If you submit your post as pending, inshaAllah we can try to publish it soon.

        Midnightmoon editor

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