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Is it allowed to make youtube videos?

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Assalamu alaykum va rahmatuALLAH va barakatuhu,

I'm a 24 year old muslimah. I started to wear hijab 6month ago and wearing an abaya since 1 month now elhamdulliALLAH.

I live in germany and its not easy to find hijabs and abayas here. There are not many islamic shops. I decided to open my own hijaab and abaya shop soon inshALLAH. I saw many  hijabis who do videos on youtube. I was gona do some too, (with my own designed hijaabs and islamic talks...) But I'm not sure if it is allowed to do that?

I asked many people but everybody is saying something else. Some say its allowed because you wearing a hijab and abaya and nobody can see anything but your face and that is not haraam. Even if everyone can watch you on youtube you are covered and for a man is not haraam to just see a face. I don't know how can I find out if its haaram or not???

Would it help if i pray Istikhara?

Thx and sorry for my english!


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  1. Assalamu'alaiki sister,

    Alhamdulillah, you have a good idea. To open your own shop for Abayas. May Allah Benefit a lot of Muslim women in Germany through you.

    For uploading videos on youtube, insha Allah you can do it without any hesitation, if it only shows the designs of your 'Abayas and so on. But if you are going to be shown in the video, then I recommend you not to do it. If it was an online community of sisters, it would then be fine. But youtube is open to all people all accross the globe (except where it is banned 🙂 ). And you do not know what king of people would see you, with what motive they see you and so on. So, do not feature yourself in the videos.

    If your video requires a narrator, then I recommend you to seek help from a male Mahram you have, preferably your husband, who can feature in your videos and explain the designs and so on.
    If none is available for this, I recommend you to use text instead of you speaking, because 'Ulama say that even the voice of a woman is 'Awrah (her privet part). It can lead a man to evil.

    I hope this helps. May Allah make this a successful initiative and give you maximum reward out of it.
    Muhammad Waseem

  2. why not sister go for it if its going to help you boost business recognition plus your selling Abayas and Hijab which will benefit sisters around.

    And no brother is interested to know about abayas and Hijab anywayz your target audience is not men it is sisters so relax and just go for it.

  3. Salaams,

    Here are my thoughts on the matter. I think if you are putting youtube videos up about hijabs, most of your viewers are going to be women than men to begin with. I don't know a lot of men who go on youtube for the express purpose of looking at hijab videos, so you already have an advantage right there.

    If you are wearing full hijab in the video like you would if you went out and about where men are present (the store etc), then really there is no difference. You can't control what a man thinks or does by looking at you when appropriately covered, whether he sees you in person or in a photo or video. You have done your part, by covering as you should.

    So based on what you are describing, I don't see how doing hijab videos would be haraam, because if you were to set up a booth in a mall with other sisters or a mahrem to do the same it wouldn't be haraam. Just take care that not only are you wearing hijab by having loose and full covering, but do not wear make up or other unnecessary adornment. If you do choose to speak in the video, speak matter of factly and with as gender neutral a tone as you can muster. If you have a very feminine and light voice you might do better to have someone else do the talking as brother Waseem suggested, but if your voice is on the deeper side for a lady you might be able to get by on your own.

    -Amy Editor

  4. I see nothing wrong with it. I commend your entrepreneurial spirit. As long as you are properly covered - and of course you will be - it's fine. Go for it. May Allah bless your business with tawfeeq (success).

    Wael Editor

  5. Alot of people have there own opinions but the fact is its not what anyone says it's what Allah makes clear and the Prophet 'Alay his Saltuwasalaam says. Seek advice from a qualified real Scholar. Nowadays religion is fading and everyone is a so called a Scholar.(not directing that to anyone here I am saying in general). What one person may think is ok and not sinful could in Islam be a very big sin.

  6. Like what one brother or sister said, you *should* seek for advice from qualified scholars, not from the internet. This is because of the obvious - opinions of what some people may have may go against the rulings in Islam.

    But here's my 2 pence anyway.
    I do not think there is any reason for you to be doing YouTube right now. Yes you are covered, but you are unnecessarily putting yourself out there for hundreds and thousands to see. There is no need for that sister. There are many other ways of going about this business, should you wish to pursue it.

    Please take this as my personal opinion.


  7. Dear Sisters and Brothers,

    I too had a question about uploading YouTube videos, most people do so for the purpose of earning money, so it is considered a source of income. It is said that the a''mal (Doings) are only accounted for based on your intentions. If you are dressed covering all of your Awra and speaking in the video, would that be haram?

  8. My only concern would be whether to put ads on the videos or not since they’re uncontrollable and earning money from liquor ads seems haram

    • I don't think I've ever seen liquor ads on Youtube. In any case, ads are usually the smallest source of revenue for bit Youtubers. They earn more money through product sales, affiliate deals, and sponsorships, all of which are controllable. So a person could turn off ads and still make money.

      Wael Editor

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