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Is it permissible to want my boyfriend back?

Question mark in the skysalaam everyone. I would like for everyone to read this post and don't judge but respond with a open heart. I met a guy 3 years ago after my divorce with someone else who I was forced to marry by pressure of family. Alhamdullilah I was so happy to leave that man and the new guy came into my life exactly at same time I left my marriage.

With the new guy it was as if he was a blessing as he helped me get through so much and loved me instantly. We both got along so well right away and the chemistry and connection was there. Yes we had our ups and downs just like every other couple. And we did go astray by having an intimate relationship as he wanted it first but later I could not help myself and always thought I am going to marry him anyways.

We even had a child to which we had to lose but we still stayed together and always wanted to marry each other. Recently we began to have too many arguments but now when I look back it was stupid and wish I avoided it. But he went to his country and asked me to marry him but I didn't think he was serious as he had asked me at times and I thought it was just a way of convincing me to continue the relationship.

After that the relationship ended. I miss him all the time and want him back, but I don't know if that is permissible, since we committed some sins together.


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  1. Astag...boyfriend girlfriend is haram...let's just some up in simple words...Everything in this life world a curse except a Alim or Alima that means islamic scholor A student who is always learning or teaching deen and a od person that does zikr so much that tears flow from his eyes.My sister if you want both worlds then we have to obey Allah commandments and follow the example of Muhammad s.a.w. and oviously Quran is daily. If you leave ammals in regards to Deen Shaitan will play with your heart mind so he can destroy your purity and relationship with Allah..the problems of the world today is simply the disobedience of Allahs commandments.

    • I like your replies in general
      But How is everyone in this world a curse ? Is it obligatory to be alim or alima ? Cant a doctor who works in the way of Allah easing peoples illness blessed , or people who are people who put this website up for others to share their problems and get islamic advice blessed .
      Yes as a muslim we should make every effort to be a student of knowledge . But if you use your proffession for the betterment of muslims and humanity how is it a curse .

  2. Salam,

    You can still marry him. Go ahead and contact him and say yes to the marriage and get married. Good luck. Also, no zina please moving forward if you can handle it. But you should try to avoid it.

  3. Boyfriends are Haram easy cheap taco place you guys you Muslim people stop doing boyfriend stuff please

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