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Is love is a wrong thing in Islam?

Love in Islam

Assalam u allakum friends..

My mother says that love and ishk is haram in Islam. What is correct?


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  1. Walaikum asalaam. No way.

    The Prophet SAW loved his wives does that mean he was comitting haram? Loving someone is a blessing of this life if done in the right way 🙂

  2. To my understanding it must be done after marriage

  3. asslamaulalikm sister

    Love is a matter of the heart .. yo have some influence over it in the beginning, but with time you become the slave and it takes control of you .. so its blessing that can destroy a person if it was not in the right way.

    Love and love-making are both halal and one of the blessings Allah gave to humans when they are done in the right context, withing married couples.

    So you mother is partially right .. (before marriage)
    So, safeguard your heart until you tie the knot ( keep away from mixing with guys in way that do not please Allah SW), you will be safe inshaaAllah.

    If a guy claims he loves you,and you find him nice, give him your parents address to come and ask for your hand formally... if he doesn't show up .. he is not the right one .... Genuine men will happily come and do it the right way..
    Players will talk too much and try to get you without the ring ....

    After you are married, the skies are the limit.

  4. Your mum is right it is haraam. Listen to your mum she is protecting you and what she really means its haraam before marriage.

  5. Dear Sister

    Love is a feeling that follows when one takes care of someone with sincerity. We are all carrying a bucket

    full with water(love) from the well(Love of Allah). It is our duty to share that water with a thirsty person(in

    search of love) who comes across our path. There are four major kinds of people, who need our love like

    parents, siblings, family and friends.

    One cannot love a person of opposite sex(friend or spouse) indefinitely, because sooner or later some

    misfortune incident may remove them from our lives and then we have to look for their replacement in order

    to survive. The replacement method is less painful if the previous attachment was at optimal level.

    That is why interaction with opposite sex is prohibited before marriage as it blocks illegal sex and also

    protects the person involved from the spiritual pain of loosing the beloved one.

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