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Is Love Marriage Acceptable in Islam?

Where is the love?assalaaamualaikum

i am here to solve few of my doubts.........first thing i would like to know is that.....does islam allow love??

if a boy and girl are in love.......and they get their married acceptable???

and second thing is that ....if i pray that i want to marry the girl whom i love.......will my dua be acceptable?? because i heard from few people that such kind of duas are not acceptable.......where as i heard from many people.....that if a person makes a prayer with an intention then his intention is wise if a man makes a prayer with an intention that he wants to get married with the girl he loves,he will get the girl he desired it true??

please help me out.................ill be thankful to all of you for responding to my post:)



- munna

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  1. Assalam Waleikum....well first i wud like to suggest Munna...well its not dat u pray wid d intention and ur wish gets fulfilled....Allah SWT see the intensity of ur prayers and purity of ur wish and den Allah gives u what is right for u for present and for ur future and u s hud eccept it happily whether its yes or no and never g ets dejected from Allah Taala's Rehmat....Allah always d o the best for one who has faith in Allah....and now Amjad Ali bhai....well if ur parents eccepted ur brother's love marriage and not eccepting yours then it must be dat they feel this right for u bcoz parents always try to do right for their children and yes they have rights to make decisions for u and u too have rights to eccept it or not but plz try not to hurt ur parents bcoz parents do so much for their child and never want nethng bad for them so u too try to solve ur matter widout hurting them and never compare their love for u and ur bro as parents love all their children equally....but Islam gives u the right to marry partner of ur choice and alsdo permit u to eccept ur parents decision on dis matter and also reject it if u want...but i will still suggest to plz try not to hurt ur u decide and Allah Taala knows best...take care.....Salam Waleikum

  2. kia ISLAM mai 5 shadiyaan allowed hai ?

    kia ISLAM mai love merriage allowed hai ?

    • assalamualaikum sis shumaila islam is the only religion that says MARRY ONLY ONE aur phir 4 shaadiyan allowed hain islam mein wo b under conditions jaise agar koi widow hai toh usko shelter provide karne k liye aap us se shaadi kar sakte hain ya agar ek biwi se aapki koi aulaad nhi hai toh aap dusri shaadi kar sakte hain aur isme bhi aapko apni sbhi biwion ko barabar waqt dena hai aur barabar khyal rakhna hai aur barabar pyar dena hai.......... aur jahan tak baat hai love marriage ki toh woh islam mein allowed hai even forced marriage is not allowed in islam...........................allahafiz

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  3. Assallam alaikum, my own suggestion is that u should try and understand ur parent let them know ur feelin, u must not do anytin stupid watever they do or say remember u met them in this life and they can not see a rigth way and mislead u. the most especially is just keep praying to God, My God help us. Massallam

  4. salam....well first try convincing ur parents if dey reject u den dont care about dem cuz u only ave one life n you shud enjoy it da way u want it to...u r gona live wid ur partner not ur parents...y get married wid sumone you dont even like..parents aint right all da time so becareful...always choose ur life partner....if i was you i wud first talk to my parents and if dey reject it den i wud do waeva i want to....dont let other ppl to interfer ur life its your life ok so best of luck...! n remember me in ur prayers.

    • Safia...

      Marriage is an obligation and it is also an obligation to please your parents or at the least try not to displease them.

      So to say: 'if dey reject u den dont care about dem cuz u only ave one life n you shud enjoy it da way u want it to', I find that disrespectful. Even if one is going to marry against their parent's wishes, atleast have the manners and respect to be good to them throughout.


      • assalamualaikum beshaq aap sahi hai islam bhi forced marriage allow nhi karta aap apni marzi se shaadi kar sakti hain par plz agar aapke parents nhi maante toh unhe kuch mat kaho na apne tareeke se dekho kya karna hai unke saath rude mat ho jao plz.............

        The above was written and posted by someone named 'Hamayal'; I have tried to translate it from Urdu to English -, Editor.

        Asalaamuaikum, Even though you are right, Islam does not allow forced marriages and you can marry of your own choice, but please if your parents do not agree, don't say anything to them, don't see it from your point of view, don't be rude with them please.

        • Islam does not allow love marriages.

          • Kesh, now that would depend on what you define as a 'Love Marriage'.

            If you are referring to the the girlfriend/boyfriend type love marriage, then I agree with you. But there is a such a thing as 'pure/clean' love which is for the sake of Allah with no Islamic limits crossed. Thats not forbidden. A marriage based on that type of love is also a love marriage, no?

   Senior Editor

          • why lov mariag s not allowed in islam.plz if u dont mind explain ur words

      • dear sister safia khan..
        sorry to interrupt u on ur comment..
        but think once if there aren't ur parents how would u be on this very world .... every breath we breath is their good n wellness that they bought us in this world if they weren't there then where will be n where this love of ours will be it doesn't exist isn't it...

        just try ur parents and make them convinced that u'll b very happy n even she'll turn out to be a very good respect to ur family something like that may b things can work out... but don't hurt ur parents.

        with regards

      • ya safia thts not a respectable answer parnts r the mst imprtnt prsn in life doing like this is a grt sin

      • Assalamu Alaykum,

        Dear Safia sister,

        At any cost at any moment we should not hurt our parents, In the Holy Quran the great Allah mentioned about importance of parents in many places. if we go according to them
        ALLAH will give peace and happiness in our life.

        ALLAH knows best.


    • I hav read the answer for munna by safia khan and i disagree it because in our islam huzoor e anwar s.A.w said "maa baap ki kushi me meri khushi hai aur meri khushi me allah ki kushi hai"and about enjoying our life in disobeying our parents is totaly kabira gunah. . .So better try to please them. .After all mother's heart is like a candle she ll do watever her chileren want. Allah hafiz

    • well it is very thoughtful of giving such suggestions, but you need implement better. In the verses of Quran Parents are prime blood. Don't influence others wrongly. you are in a wrong doer! yes, your Spouse has to live with you but simultaneously we need to live with our Parents also. A mother has three times HAk on you to decide what you should be into and after that a Father, Wife comes at last. said by ( Prophet mohamad SAW).

    • safia dear,parents r given a high status in islam n we should nt try to hurt or insult them......if u really love some1 and u r helpless then turn to ALLAH SWT and seek help from him and ask from him guidance for u.and keep faith in ur heart dt ALLAH SWT will help u,,INSHALLAH ur problems will b solved

    • so its a good answer i em happy to read it i love some one from the core of my heart and i asked to my mom but she is like uffffffff badly rejected mee and thn i decided to commit suside as she make this meter the ego prb for her but now em thinking to get merry by my own as u r right i have to live with my honey not with parents after mery i have to leave them so y not after geting my own

  5. Brother Wael ... i have posted drafts twice untill now ! None of them is answered ! So i think you people dont answer all the drafts ! Insteas you pick some , i think this is 1 of the reason why some ppl are posting their question as comment. I am still waiting for an answer ! And would be very grateful is someone answers to my drafts.


    • Rahman, I am sorry but I don't see any drafts saved under this username (ahmedonline5) or email address you are using now. Did you use a different username or email address?

      We do publish every draft or post, but there is a backlog. At this moment we are publishing posts that were submitted at the beginning of July.

      Wael Editor

    • Okay, I take it back, I do see a draft titled, "One marriage prospect came ! But i dont feel attracted towards him !" But it was only submitted two days ago, so you have about 60 questions in the queue in front of you.

      Wael Editor

  6. asalam walaikum,
    i have been in a relationship for some time now, and i do wish to marry this person, i want to tell my parents but i dont know whether they will agree, if the dont agree with me to marry this boy then should i leave my family or should i just accept their decision and take this as a decision from Allah SWT????


    • keep ask ur family first than please them if u didnt got positive result...
      than u ask allah what to do... ur heart will tell u what to do...
      allah hafiz

    • Hi Hamida,
      As you are committed into relation ship, i am sure you are able to notice what is Fishy in him or good! if you think he is doing some thing Fishy which could make your live suffer after marriage you should put that up front to your parents with proof evidence or either wise say if there is some concealment of information or facts you are not aware about him or purposely he is hiding any truth in that case you could refer family to undertake situation. But i also would like to say if you are very lien or u love any other then it is not good and you would be so called Pathetic.

      After all your family should keep you under consideration and they could verify the same. if they are looking only into his Economic life aspect and excluding other objects or not concentrating into basic Socio- life then you should refer the case to some who is very elder at your home or one who knows the traits and personalities or can better counsel you.
      Don't leave family,family will do best to help- you or counsel you.

    • allah says when a person asked thier needs from mee i give them always as allah says duaa takdeer badal detio hay dua takdeer say lerti hay or akhir duaa jeet jati hay so i would like to asses you dont accept defeat fight with and face them em not provoking you but as allah give us right who the hell parents are to play with our fellings

  7. Salam Dear Brothers and Sisters,

    I have similar problem. I would like to marry a girl from different country. Inspite of both of us being good Muslims, her parents reject the idea of marriage from someone outside their community. Now she is stuck with her parents as she wont agree for a forced marriage and her parents wont marry her to me. Her age is 30 now and her parents would just not change their minds.

    Is this not a sin? Are her parents being 'Good parents' thinking of her betterment and her good future or are they just being egoistic and stubborn?

    Would appreciate if any one can guide on what we can do? Or can give me direct hadith and quranic quotations that allows her to get married by her own choice and without the consent of her parents?


    • leason i read this in muslim bukhari today as one women came to prophit mohammad s.a.w.w. and says ya rasool allah my father make my meery with that guy to whom i dont like i daont wana live with him then rasool pak s.a.w.w says your nikha mean marrige is invalid em gioving u freedom go and get merry to whom u wana merry i hope u got the answer about your question that either her parents are right or wrong as what ever our nabi says who the hell we are to denay them understand

  8. Assalamualaikum,
    I met a girl on internet and proposed her after few months as herself to b my wife and me as her hubby we both agreed.Our relationship kept on for many years,she is a muslim and she belongs to a different country.I was trying to convince myparents to marry me with that girl.Now after several years of wait she lost her patience and I too became loose in my promise though I never accepted any girl's proposal for marriage other than hers.Unfortunately we could not chat regularly for two months recently since I was also feeling that by keeping her for me I m ruining her life and she also felt the same,in ththese two months she got a proposal for nikah and without informing me she married another person out oof her simplicity she thought she is binding me for a relationship when my parents r asking me to marriage another girl,As I already mentioned I never accepted any other girl for marriage,only 15 days after her nikah (she is still in her parent's house and will go to her husband's house in november 2010.
    Now my question is since ALLAH knows about our hearts and we always thought each other to b as husband and wife.Will ALLAH consider this relationship to b of husband and wife and I can get her as my wife in jannah or will she be with her husband(who she married in front of her relatives) in jannah.

    • Hi Islam. Surely, she cant be your wife now! sunnath is Nikah and she has performed that in front of every one .so she would be called his wife.

      Could understand you have being refusing several proposal but thought any where girl of other country or life style could adapt with your parents. you considering her wife verbally is not right according to rules there should be at least 10 people and Kazi who knows how to perform Nikah. and also understand situation i don't see that your family being comfortable with your decision what would they sort with out looking or knowing that girl.

      She also had some pressure, also being engaged to you for few years and nothing turning her favor, you cant blame her. she should also had some parental issue or she can also guess u being playing with her. So under circumstances she did good.

      leave her and live your life accordingly.

  9. If you make dua for some one to love you back, for e.g. you have a crush, and u make dua for them to love you back, will the dua be fullfilled?

    • Zainab, what a coincidence, I am working on an article about this right now. I will publish it soon Insha'Allah then point you to it. My short answer right now is no, dua' is not a tool to control other people. Instead of asking Allah to make someone love you, ask Allah to bring to you the person who is right for you, and is meant for you.

      Wael Editor

      • wael bhai aslkm...........!!!!!

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    • Zainab, here is the article I mentioned, it's from and it addresses this subject specifically:

      Stop trying to control others, and change yourself instead

      Wael Editor

    • shud ask allah to guide her in the right direction but can ask u to make dua for her to succeed in anything she attempts to do

    • obvisly allah knows the feelings only not a humen or any one else can understands you pnly ALLAH PAK knows dont worry just read durood e ibrahimee u will get your destiny inshallah

    • obvisly allah knows the feelings only not a humen or any one else can understands you pnly ALLAH PAK knows

  10. assalam wailaikum.
    ma parents came to know about my relationship with the boy i really love.but they are unhappy with me,and i love my parents alot i cant see them unhappy just because of me.i dunt know what to tell him and encourge them that he is a nice boy.itz not my age right now to get married but i love him truthfully and so does he.i cant go back of ma parents.hepl me out what to do?
    Your help will be much appreciated.

    • u dont have other way... u have to talk with ur parents. how long u will take this relatinship like this??
      u have to talk to ur parents. othe thing they ur parents. and every parents love there kids wishes and wants to see us happy.right?
      so you have to talk with ur parents,
      they will agree with u.. dont worry..

      we will pray for you to get him in ur life for successfull a nice happy life, inshallah

    • dont worry mahja.,,,,,,,allah wil decide a positiv solution for u namaz regularly....and ask him to do remember me and my family in ur precious dua....

    • Asslam o allikum!. i involved in love with a boy

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  11. Assalamualaikum.
    I am a muslim sister and I live in New York, just came here a few years ago.
    I am very shy and reserved but I came across this guy who went to the same school as me and somehow, I always react when he is present in the same place as I am. For example, if I am sitting in a class room and listening to the lecture and he enters, my heartbeat goes fast and I blush like crazy. I am not trying to be filmy or anything, it seriously happens. I have tried to stop myself, but failed. He is also added in my mails list and I go through his photos whenever I get time (Astaghfurullah!) but I can't stop it. I don't talk to him by the way. We never shook hands or hugged or even talked, to be honest. Whenever he comes to the same place as me, I run away so shaytaan won't make us do anything wrong. I also wear niqab (so I am not attractive) and live with my uncle and aunt and they are very strict.
    I wanted to ask, is it wrong for a muslim girl to feel this way about an unknown guy? And going through his photos and just smile like stupid?

    • Salam alaikum Munaiza,

      When I read your story, I wanted to write an answer, I do not write in such places at all but I am writing for you because you sound pretty honest. I was actually surprised when I saw no one answered your question! Look, it is actually haram to look at a na mahram's pictures or videos or anything of that sort!

      Even when you look at actors, players or famous and young personalities on TV, Internet or elsewhere, you are unknowingly committing a sin! Its really hard, i know but this is the truth....the decision is yours!

      When you love or feel for someone, it just happens, its not you doing it but you have to control yourself. If you think that you really love that guy, talk to him, if you guys think you can make it consent from both families and get married, thats what I can suggest cuz i myself am 20 years old, a Muslim college student.

      You have written that you are shy so it might be hard for you to talk to him, if this is the case, just leave it to Allah(swt) and he will decide for you cuz Allah is the best planner!!

      May Allah guide you in whatever choice you make....!

  12. Salam! Mere paas ek sawal tha. I just started wearing niqab and if I have an account on, lets say facebook, is it ok if I upload videos on it? By videos I mean me and my friends like shooting comedy movie scenes and posting them on facebook for my other family friends to watch. In the video, I cover my whole body in appropriate clothes and also wear a hijab but not niqab cuz I find it hard to say dialogues then.
    FYI - My friends list only contains girls and I think 2 or 3 guys because we are part of a school activity and sometimes we need to communicate. Other guys on facebook can't watch the videos I uploaded because I have made the appropriate settings. JasakAllah!

  13. aslmkum

    i am aman ali from karnataka,i am studyng graduation course i like my islam very much but before last week i came across a girl whom i m just crazy about her,even i saw many beautiful girls but never wanna get into love or something here after seeing her i always thought about her her character is very good even i came across many girls but saw girl like that
    but the main problem is she is hindu.

    i just wanna marry her and make her muslim
    pls help me..
    thank u

    • Aman, you cannot "make" anyone Muslim. Allah is the One who guides. There is no guarantee that this girl would ever become Muslim. It's best to leave her alone and seek a Muslim girl for marriage.

      Wael Editor

      • asalamwalaikum brother wael

        i have a doubt that is it against the law of islam that a muslim shouldn't marry a girl of other religion i mean like hindu or christian.... if yes can u just revert back with a solid proof ....

        i just wanna know whether is it acceptable in islam or not...??? nothin else

        • Brother Ameer,
          Islam is not against love marriages and that I guess was the point brother Wael was trying to get across, however, it doesn't allow any kind of intimate relations between the members of opposite gender before marriage. It includes being alone, chatting on phone, via e-mail, messenger etc etc, holding hands or being physically intimate etc etc.
          Islam allow marriage of Muslim men to women of people of book (Jews and Christians) but it is not recommended and some scholars are against it especially in these times of fitnah and other reason include, living in non-Muslim lands. Islam certainly doesn't allow marriage with peoples who follow other religion such as Budhism, Hinduism, Sikhism, or people with no religion such as Athiests or agnostics. If you need more detailed answer then log in a submit your question and don't post anything here please. Thanks.


  14. A/A... I want to marry a girl, and she also want to marry me. I trust that girl, she will b good for me and my parents Inshaallah. She loves me and also my parents a lot. I had told my mom about the girl but she is not happy with this relation. I cant forget the girl. Plz answer me in the light of Quraan and Hadees.

  15. aslkum

    wael i am a 21 male i want to know that that should we take muridi from peer ?.
    i dont know much about this but before some days my friend asked me who is my peer{saint}
    and i was confused about this.please say me is this is in islam


    • Walaykumsalaam Brother,

      I am not exactly sure what you mean by 'muridi', I searched for it on the internet and did not find anything useful.

      Although you have mentioned 'Peers' and 'Saints'. Alhumdulillah I do have some knowledge of this topic. A Peer is the title given to a so called pious/religious man in the Indian Subcontinent and I will strongly recommend you steer clear of such people. Unfortunately, in Pakistan, India and Bangladesh, many people are confused about this topic and seem to think that they require a peer or a saint through which to supplicate to Allah(swt). Alot of these Peers and Saints indulge in practices that are not from Islam, some of these practices are highly dangerous and can take one out of the folds of Islam.

      Keep your life simple and stick to the Quran and Sunnah. We do not need anyone to act as an intermediary between us and Allah. We communicate with Allah directly, no barriers, no dead saints and their graves to pray to, no peers. Its just 'you and Allah'. We do not need to ask Peers to make Taweez for us to hang around our necks for protection from evil. All we need to do is that which Allah(swt) has told us to do in the Quran and Sunnah and stay away from that which He(swt) has warned us against. So pray your Salaah, Fast, pay your Zakah, keep clean, have good relations with people, recite Quran, do dhikr and learn your daily duas for to say when awaking, when sleeping, when entering/leaving the bathroom, before/after eating, when having marital relations etc.

      SisterZ Editor

  16. aslmkm,

    yes if in islam these things are prohibited then you may take it that way, fine?
    but if you want to get answer for your question,

    i wasnt a muslim, i meet a girl on facebook, there my name is "manav wassan" and i dont want to mention that girl name,
    i was with her in relationship from an a year, even i didnt see her ever, but i got serious for her, i was going to visit to her country new zealand, but some days ago i catch her at her other account, she was flirting with other many guys, i forgive her as i did before many times, i was hoping she will change for me, but she didnt,

    at least i putt a knif in my heart and decide to go away from her,

    same here, if you fall in love with any person on internet, keep not it, dont take steps without think or enquiry,
    be sure he/she is serious, or be sure what is his/her motive, is he/she love you or just using you for personal profit,

    allah hafiz

  17. Sallam i have a question but i have no time to ask u personally sorry for that plz ans. it here i wanna know its urgent my question goes like this..i met a guy on internet he loves me his age is 29 n my age is 17 even i loved him but now m not interested in him as its my age only 2 study n make my carrier he every time tells me he will die if i left him but i want 2 end this relationship as soon as possible but m scared if he does anything 2 himself ..Allah said dnt hurt anyone feeling or intentions but what should i do now i really want 2 move on but he everytime tells me he will harm himself so i kindly request u 2 suggest some answers 4 me as i want to leave him but without any hard feeling left in his mind.....Allah hafiz

    • its not easy to take suicide,
      and specialy i am perfesionaly a lawyer, and i have faced alot of cases smilier ur case.
      you my advice if you realy wants to move on, then just move on, start to avoid him, and in few days just stop the contect, if he is really very serious, it will be painful but it wont be tuff for accept, as everyone accpting,

      u just try to avoid him,, in few days he will habbit of ur avoidance, and then just stop the relationship,

      i dont want to give u this kind of advice, coz i am also killed by someone, but specialy it will be better if u will take action soon as posible, but if he got more serious that problems can be grow,
      so carry on,


    • why you knowingly loved him. were u not aware about his age or not even yours. Also to predict some one on line is not good thing to do we need thoroughly examine factors, better is if you think there would be any distractions in your life towards latter stage u cancel it right now. love before wedding is not allowed. all u could do is to prey Allah for his good life and also beg Allah for that u committed sin and wont repeat it again.

      Take Care nothing will happen to him. Make strong initiative

  18. Kesh, now that would depend on what you define as a 'Love Marriage'.

    The wooing factor - courtship is involved, and that is taboo under Islam.

    • Kesh, courting and wooing does not necessarily have to be involved. What if two people know each other through a working, studying or family environment and they come to like the character, personality and deen of one another? That could cause them to develop love for one another, hence again a marriage with 'love' involved. I find nothing Islaically wrong with that.

      SisterZ Senior Editor

      • Kesh, courting and wooing does not necessarily have to be involved

        But if these (above) acts are involved then?

        Its a taboo right?

        Because as per Sunnah, prophet did not do any love marriage, and every muslim must abide by Sunnah right?

  19. thank you very very much rayan bro i'll do that i really wanna move on in my life i said him that i wanna move on but he is not understanding i'll avoid him so even he will b happy n so am i thanks again.! tc Allah hafiz

  20. Thanks a loooooooootttttttt

  21. it all depends on what Allah decides for you.... we were created to worship Allah not to run after loved ones

  22. Slamz.
    sister fatima,
    dont worry, just giving u a example, wheneva our family member, who always live with us, he leave this world, and leave us too. then what we doing, are we going with him or doing same as he leaved this world?

    no, ..

    we have natuarly power for accept everything,
    if somthing happening wrong or good, we cant stop that, we can accpet the resluts,

    if u using facebook, then u may add me , then i will explain u all things sister,

    thank you for call me brother,
    am happy for this honour, we indian respect relations, and u has taken me as ur brother, so i would love to share my life experience with u sister,
    i am a successful person in 24 year age, its just coz i was learnt somthing from the past,

    and ur brother will help you for grow and come out from the situation, ADD ME ON FACEBOOK,


  23. Sallam..Haniyyya its true we r created to worship but love is the thing it happens...

  24. nothing wrong with love,,,,, aslong as it is halaal .... and always remember Allah comes first you wont understand most wont till they reach the grave they would wish they could have another chance at life to perform more good deeds and have become much better believers and concentrated and stressed more on their deeds then what they are stressing over things that will not help them in the herafter.... look i love my baby i love my husband i love many things im human.... but im also a believer and what comes first?

  25. haniyyyyaaaa.....

    do u know who made air?

    yes allah made these all,

    but the love feelings made by human?


    then who made this feeling?

    then why we runing away?

    • and who created shaytaan? we humans? no then who craeted shaytaan? then why dont we follow him? because Allah has said so..... same way Allah has said LA TAQRABU ZINA 😉 come on we are not 2 years old

  26. asalam walakum

    i m Neha i m muslim girl i read all the view and all the answer but one think i wants to says my muslims frnds we are muslim allamdulilla and plz follow the islam with honesty

    Allah Hafiz

  27. Salaam,
    I'm a muslim girl.. Mashallah... I'm rly confused n worried, im in a very big problem.. I like a guy & i want 2 marry him. My family came 2 knw abt dis frm a 3rd person n he pesented it in a very wrong way. He told my father false thngs abt me n him. My father & brothers got very angry. Dey beated me abused me, dint allow me to study n told me 2 sit at home... dey stopped my university... Now dey forcing me to swear on the Quran Shareef.... I dnt knw wot 2 do... Plz help me plzzzzzzzzzzz answer me wot to do..... Dey r forcing me trying to lock me up in ma room.... i ve no way... cn i leave n live or do i ve 2 live in hell like dis.... How cn i breath in dis atmosphere.... I'll die plzzz help me.... I ve tried 2 suicide 6 times bt cnt go against Allah.... Can i marry ma own choice n leave...?? Plzzzzzzzzzzzzz help me....!!!!!!!!

    • Normally I would not advise anyone to go out and get married without the parents' permission. However, your case is an extreme situation. No one has the right to keep you locked up like a prisoner. I suggest that you get out and go to a women's shelter. Try to find someone who can help you. If the man is willing to marry and support you, then marry him.

      Wael Editor

    • Wslamz,

      I read your msg carefuly, we can understand your feelings,
      so as my advice before take any kind of step you have to think on these lines:

      1. we all lives in society. we have some rule regulations for live in society. we cant say its wrong if our religion is against what we wants to do, but we have to think one more things on this topic, all kind of rules and regulations are created for us, for security of our privacy, for security of our life and our freedom, if there wont be any kind of rule regulations, then anyone will do what he want, nobuddy will come to explain for right or wrong, we will live life like as animals,

      2. now this topic include of your problem, you love that guy, you think he is best choice, and he can give you happiness for whole life, and u also. and in case ur family makes ur marrige to another person and u cant be happy with that another men,

      then my advice you have to take steps for your own future. you have to choose right way, if you think u cant stay away from him, just go to him,

      but be sure:
      1. your future secure with him.
      2. be sure he wont leave you alone after some years (test him)
      3. be sure you both can be happy with each other
      4. be sure his parents allow him or they supported both of you, if they dont, dont take risk please.

      Go to court if you adult.
      -------> do court marrige
      -----------------------> come to home with him.
      --------------------------------------> try to conversion with families

      Everything will be fine. INSHALLAH.

      ALLAH Hafiz

  28. Salaam...
    Thank u so much Wael Sahib.. I rly wnt 2 leave n ask 4 help bt now a days no1 helps any1.. No1 s interstd in others prob... No1 s trustworthy... I'm a graduate n i wntd 2 study futher, i comprimsd on d university n studies, i wntd 2 study in a gud university bt they told me no u ve 2 study whre we say...i agreed... i thought aftr 2 yrs ill agn ask dem 4 our marriage n till den he ll olso ve a respctful job.. bt nw suddnly dey askng me 2 swear on Quran dat ill nt talk & will never meet him & 4gt him 4eva.. Else dey ll lock me or kill me... i rly dnt knw wat ill do.....

    Thank u so much Rayaz Sahib... Yes i knw der r 2 thngs in life Right & Wrong... Society & Religion...
    Im born Muslim only a Muslim.. Im nt born a society or 4 d society..!! I knw i live in a society bt bfre dat im a muslim n i ve 2 follow d rules of Islam nt of a society...
    I love him a lot n cnt live without him, bt i still comprmsd even when my father beated me n my face was full of blood i stayed at home n kept quite.... But nw dey threatng me dat dey ll kill me n lock me up.... i dnt knw if aftr dis msg i cn evr use internet.... Plz pray 4 me......
    Thank you again... Allah bless u both..!! Allahafis

    • As salamu alaykum Sister Laila,

      My only advice will be Istikhara, look for Allah´s (swt) guidance to show you the open door in front of you, this way you will have the strength to move on in the right direction. The only support, I can offer to you is spiritual, Insha´Allah, I will try to be as spiritually supportive of you as I am allowed to be, insha´Allah.

      Please, keep focus on Allah(swt), Alhamdulillah.

      From Heart to Heart,

      María Editor

  29. Al hamdulillah, let me say you brother, that Allah has made us muslims first and above all, ahsani thakweem ...the highest of his created makhluks..
    Well i am not aware of the consequences of love marriages but i want you to recite this dua of Prophet musa a.s "Rabbi Inni lima Anzalta Ilay'ya min khaiyrin faqeer"---O Allah surely I am in need of what ever best you bestow upon me.. Quran 28:24...
    DO remember brother dua is a weapon with which you can achieve the qurb of allah. you can achieve wat ever you want in your life...........

    At last have taqwa and fear allah ...
    because allah says in Quran 65:2-3
    "And those who are conscious of allah s.w.t He will surely wake a may out for him from what ever problem he has (i.e the mo'min), and will grant him sustenance from places where he 'd never expected .,never imagined......"

    Jazaka allah hu khair..
    From mohammed Abdullah

    May almighty bless you and reward you with a pious wife..

  30. asalamialaikum...!! question is...are love marraiges blessed..??

  31. question is love come arrenge marriage is acceptebel in islam...ur response will change my life..


  32. assalaaamualaikum

    i am here to solve few of my doubts.........first thing i would like to know is that.....does islam allow love??

    if a boy and girl are in love.......and they get their married acceptable???

    and second thing is that ....if i pray that i want to marry the boy whom i love.......will my dua be acceptable?? .bcoz i love a person very much.he also love me.i tel my parents i love very much that guy but sometimes we are not accesstable bcoz status always pray for allah may dua's are acceptable??... may allah only help me.....

  33. salam

    i thhink love marriage is not agood idea beacuse islam dont want this and it is not allowed in islamic culture.

  34. i thnk its not gud i dea to get married aftr a love coz i dnt feel it is a happy decisn for our parents

  35. assalam alaikum warahmatullah, loved brothers and sisters, am in big trouble, i loved a muslim girl, she also loves me, we are in love for 3 years, we both talked wth our parents, alhamdulilah my parents agreed, bt her parents did't agreed bcz am poor, she s ready to do anythng for me, she told if she did't marry me she wl do suicide, i dnt knw what to do, so i decided if a girl ready to die for me, hw can i leave her, so i decided to go for register marriage, so plz tell me what am doing is that ryt,

    • Mohammad, please log in and and write your question as a separate post, thank you. My short answer to you is that you should not allow anyone to emotionally blackmail you. She is using these threats of suicide to pressure you. But you cannot base a marriage on such threats.

      Wael Editor

  36. First make this clear in your mind ,what matters you more "Your Lover Or Religiousbelief" you need to chooseone of them , better discuss to your parents first afterthat whole world , Marraige is something which is nonIntentional , Your mind should be pure for your love , Marraige ,etc . Be Punctual for everyone .Love is best part of humanity ,And Brother dont Mind Humanity 1st compare to any Religion.

  37. please my brothers in islam. I am 18 years old and i am in love with one girl

    (Remainer of question deleted by Editor)

    • Lukman,

      Please log in and submit your question as a separate post.

      In the meantime,you may find this video very useful:

      SisterZ Editor

  38. Asalam-o-alekum !
    Plz clear my mind that is islam allows love marriage...I would like to know
    Many people say's that Arrage marriages is acceptable in islam...

    • Fiza, Islam does not govern people's emotions, only their behavior. There's nothing wrong with marrying someone who you have feelings for, as long as your behavior with that person is appropriate before marriage and does not cross the Islamic boundaries.

      Wael Editor

  39. My question has not been answered. Wael and Sisterz pls do something. And my phone does not play video on the web.

    • Lukman, you have already been requested to log in and write your question as a separate post. If you have done so, then it is in the queue and will be published in turn. There are about 80 questions ahead of yours right now.

      Wael Editor

  40. Assalamualaikum,

    i am a 22 years old girl and i am in love with a boy which is 1.5 years younger then me. our problem is that the parents of the boy are not getting agree for our marriage. they are strictly against to love marriage. we don't want to get marry without their permission. the boy says that he would marry me only if his parents are agree otherwise not. And now he don't have dare to talk to his parents related to our marriage. please help me out what should i do and what can i do in this situation?


  41. Brother Wael please direct me on how to log in and ask question seperately

    • Lukman, see the right side of the page, heading "Log in Or Register". Click the link to register or log in, write a post, and save it as pending.

      Wael Editor

  42. Hi there, I am 22 year old revert... I am not married but have 1 child, her father has left us...I have an old friend who helped me with many issues in my life before i became Muslim and I supported him too.I am still just learning and am quite new to islam He is Muslim too..I moved away from him because we have growen close and donot wish to be sinful.

    (Remainer of question deleted by Editor)

    • Dear Sister,

      I read your question and it touched my heart. I have to stick to the rules though and ask you to log in and submit your question as a separate post.

      May Allah bless you sweet innocent soul, grant you with your hearts and make it a source of immense blessings for you, aameen.

      SisterZ Editor

  43. Salam to all, one of my friends is in love with his cozin, ...........

    (Remainder of question deleted by Editor)

    • Fazil, Asalaamualaykum,

      Please log in and submit your question as a separate post.

      Thank you,

      SisterZ Editor

  44. sala, mujhe bohot dar hai k mere parents meri shad usse nhi krenge jisse main chahti hun..plz mhe bataen k main kia karun?

    • Sister, log in and submit your question as a separate post and add more detail.

      Also, if you can write in English, please do so.

      SisterZ Editor

  45. Asalam-o-alekum

    i m in love with a boy since last 3 years, my relationship start at the point when he asked me to get married and without answering him i told my mother about the proposal, she asked me not to communicate him untill the time he get established but i didnt listen her and continue the relationship, now he is well established boy and because i insist my parents are ready to tie our knots, but they didnt seem happy as much as i do.and i always think that whether i did wrong in continue the relationship when my mother instruct me not to communicate with him.what should i do i cant leave him and also want my parents to be happy?????

  46. assalamualaikum...i 2 am suffering from the severity of fallin in love...i had little knowldge of wat islam signifies on love....but i would advice all fellow brothers and sisters that love is a desire arisen to all teenagers...but u must hav the control and the strength to forsake is in fact simply prohibited in is a shaitans desire....i would like to write my whole knowldge on this but due to difficulties im unable..hope Allah guides us all in the straight path...ameen...

    • Dear Saadiya,

      'Love is not prohibited in Islam' as you said. Although 'Love' of something that leads you to break Allah's Laws is wrong. I understand what you are trying to say though and I agree with that, that shaytan uses 'feelings, emotions and love' to lead people astray and we need to guard ourselves by staying close to the right path.

      SisterZ Editor

  47. Jazakhallahuhair for sharin ure knowledge sister...i would like to know detail information on this topic...i would like if u recommend me some sites...blogs....o even bayaans frm islamic scholars....wassalam.

  48. Assalamualaikum,

    My parents and i were reverts to islam. A year back my father passed away and i stay with my mother. recently my muslim friends brother has proposed me and inspite of knowing my revert status he has accepted me. since his mature decision to marry me, i'm very much in love with him and respect him. but my only question is that i will not have my fathers consent obviously and have no other muslim guardian. In such a case can i marry without a gaurdian?

  49. walilumassalam...alhamdulillah glad to hear dat ul hav acpted islam...and may Allah hav mercy on ur fther and grant him jannah...ameen...if ure mums k with da proposal u can cntnue ure mrge proposal...and in terms of guardians its not cmpulsry dat u shud hav a guardian...snce u hav ure mum..nd i hpe u hav muslim frends...dose sisters of islam can help u even more...

  50. Dear Friends.......

    I too once

    (Remainder deleted by editor)

    • Fathima Afra,

      Please log in and submit your question as a separate post. And if you want the readers to understand your situation,write in proper English, not abbreviated slang. Thank You.


  51. is love marriage allowed in islam

  52. assalamualaikum,

    i m in love with him for 6 years ..(Deleted by Editor)

  53. Assalamu allikum i have a concen that is i won't pray namaz i don't know what's wrong with me earlyer i was praying daily 5time Namaz Tahajud quran but now a days i won't i like to pray but if i feel i pray namaz after namaz time i won't pray please with out namaz am feeling my life is borden on me.......... plz as soon as possible response my question and reply .......... even plz DUA ME YAAD RAKNA

  54. maine ek ladki ko pyaa karthahu...
    she was my schoolmat...
    dont knw wat to do.....
    plzz help me..
    tel me is love marriage not acceptable in our islam...

    (Content deleted by Editor)

    • Mohammed Irfan,

      You have asked the same question as the original poster has. Please read the replies. If you have any other questions, please log in and submit them as a separate post. Thank You.

      SisterZ Editor

  55. Asalaam-AlikUm...
    I love sumone i met him on internet 5 years ago...We both want to get married ...but main problem is Firqa i dont want to hurt anyone.....but i dont know how to solve diz issue ... but i blv on Allah...i pray every time to Allah ...He will help me ...:)coz pray Allah helps you in your situation and gives you provision from where you do not expect.
    i Request all Of You! please Pray for me To get me My Love

    • afshan, please log in and write your question as a separate post, and give us more details about the situation. Thank you.

      Wael Editor

  56. sir i login but where i discuss ?

  57. Asalaam-AlikUm...
    I love sumone i met him on internet 5 years ago...We both want to get married ...but main issue is Firqa ..He belongs AHL e Tashee and i M Ahl e HaDith....My father is Very StRict about Religion...He never make any relation out of our community...even in ahle Sunnat ....i dont want to hurt anyone.....but i dont know how to solve diz issue ... but i blv on Allah...i pray every time to Allah ...He will help me ...:)coz pray Allah helps you in your situation and gives you provision from where you do not expect.
    i Request all Of You! please Pray for me To get me My Love. may Allah show him (lov) the right path,ameen!!

  58. evn m facing d same prblm

    (Remainder of comment deleted. Please log in and write your question as a separate post, and try to use proper English spelling if you can. - Editor)

  59. Assalamalekum friends,
    I love a girl who is of other religion she is willing to convert into islam after marriage but what the problem here is my parents are not accepting me to do that and i am thinking to marry her in register office and later according to islam. but i am in a dilamo whether what i think is right or wrong?

  60. my question is, if a person who is sincere to his/her parents and shares with them each and everything...

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  61. hi, i love someone.........he also loves me

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  62. Assalam o Alaikum
    dear frinds the question "is love marriage is accepted in Islam"?
    i think yes bt if u agreed to get married then should inform ur parents for this so that ur parents do it for u.

  63. hi so far as i know about islam teachings, u cant love any girl before ur mariiage, yeh you like her then propose her for mariiage.

  64. Assalamu alaikkum..i dnt knw whethr love is prohibited in islam teach us 2 lov eyryone..pray 2 allah..he knws evrtng..he wil giv da bst 4 hm..and pray..dnt disobey ur parnts..jst talk to them frankly...pray 4 da bst..insha allah..

  65. salam guyz i want to spend my whole life wid him but i m sure that my parents will not allow what should i do

    • Tabi:you should ask your parents first..and try to convince them emotionally and plz dont misbehave with them...and everything is in the hand of Allah...pray to Him...

  66. Aslaamwalaykam brothers and sisters i want to marry someon who ve known for ver 4 years we love each other and havent met in person much if did always in public places or with 3rd person so dont commit haraam so far we had clean relatinship hes fam has agred but mine dont agree as hes from diffrent cast and people will talk i really love that guy he came for my hand but my dad said no iv explained about cast dont matter but hedoes not agree we both pray our salahs what can i do so my parents and sister agrees as they keep makein excuses aout him please elp jazaks

    • Saz, as you said, we have no castes in Islam. If the man is a good Muslim man and good husband material, then you could ask your local Imam to represent you as a wali, and go ahead and marry him.

      Wael Editor

    • Asking the local Imam to be your wali must be your last option when all others fail, i.e, If your father deny this proposal with no valid sharia reason then you must ask other male relatives/members of your family like grandfather, uncles etc to be your wali, if none available then only you may go to an Imam, but note that, this might not lead to a happy ending. You're going to have to face the consequences of your actions which exceeds the limits of sharia. As bro Wael said, make a choice. Personally I would say, obey your parents because a stranger man is not worth your parents who did much for you. Think about it. Pray salat al istikhara for proper guidance insha'Allah.

  67. Also i dont wantto hurt my parents they said f i marry him i have to leav this house and im dead for them which i dont want i want them to agree and be happy with it

  68. Assalamalaikum...
    May be below url will answer most of your questions..

  69. Is love marriage is acceptable in islam with reference to quran and hadeeth?

  70. Can I chat with my cousin whom I love without my parents knowing..

    • Huraima,

      You should not do that. A chatroom is a place of seclusion where the following hadith applies:

      The Messenger (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) warned us against being alone with a non- mahram woman, and said: “No man is alone with a woman but the shaytaan is the third one present.” [Narrated by Ahmad, al-Tirmidhi and al-Haakim; classed as saheeh by al-Albaani in Saheeh al- Jaami’ (2546)].

      If you need further advise, please login and submit your post separately.

      Abu Abdul Bari Editor

      • Salam,
        I am in a situation like this i am in love with a guy i am just 20 it has been 1 and a half year since i know him i told my mother 2 months ago about him but she told me to leave him not possible she hit me too after exactly 2 months my dad came to know about him my mum told him she hit me he hit me my mum said to me i am worst than a call girl should have become club dancer and stuff like that they treated me really bad i tried to avoid him but could not we have a long distance relationship i was never involved physically with him but i love him way too much every day i feel something new for him this love gets strong every day i still talk to him and we are getting closer every day my parents think that i dont but truth is i do i tried to stop myself but is not just i love him its more than that its beyond love he never treated me as his girl friend always like a wife he wears a wedding ring tell every one he is married i am his wife well we never had nikkah but one time he just said my name my father name his name his father said that Allah is witnessed and had each other married i said three times i accept am i married to him just by keeping Allah witness? My parents they wont agree its been 2 weeks they know about him and after that i am not good i am getting on random pills dont eat good hate everything geg annoyed by my family they just rejected him because we have different culture and tradition i am a born muslim and pakistani origin he is a born christain spasnish but its been Mashallah 5 years he converted he truly belives that Allah is one and follows islam i had thoughts of sucide now i feel like i should run away hd is 22 becoming doctor independant but my father he got business he belives in facts not love he said to me you will marry a pakistani and i will ask you if you will say yes than it will done otherwise no just make your career he wants me to go for dentistry course but i am planning to run away what should i do

        • Assalaamualaikam

          Please register, log in and submit your question as a new post for publication (rather than as a comment) - that way it can be published and answered in turn, inshaAllah.


    • No. This will only lead to sin.

      Wael Editor

  71. if a boy n girl r commited with each other frm many years n after dat they get married with each it acceptable in islam????

  72. Depends on what?
    btw, the mask in your picture is really creeping me out.

  73. May Allah fulfill your wish

  74. Does anyone here helps to inform parents about islamic taleemat?

    • Sajjad, I deleted your question as you must register and submit your question as a separate post. Please avoid using any bad language. Thanks.

      Wael Editor

  75. Sir salam .
    Please i wanted to know about the right way of love marriage in islam.
    I love a girl and truly.
    She loved me too but now we are apart and seperate just because she said Allah is not happy with us by our this act (talking to each other )
    We didnt met anyone since we fall in love and i want to marry her in islamic way please tell me in light of Quran or Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)

    • fahad, if you are genuinely interested in marrying her, then approach her family with a proper marriage proposal. If are not prepared to do that then it's best to leave her alone.

      Wael Editor

  76. i want 2 convince my father for my love marriage,,, i love somone alooot for 4 yearzz he also love me,, but i sumtym feared dat if it will be good or bad for my future ... n i knw dat my father is not agree but i cant live without my love ,,, what should i do to convine my father n also my family plzz suggest me right answer within the circle of islam

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