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Is my brother all Cousin are his Milk Sister? Can he Marry One who was not born at that time?

halal or haram?

Assalaamwaalaykum, Dear brother,

I have a question regarding marriage. My brother is fed by my mother's sister's  when he was a baby and at that time we my mother's sister had daughter so they and then After 14 months another daughter born to my mother's sister can my brother marry with 2nd daughter of my mother sister And I as the younger brother can marry the 1st one daughter is it allowed in Islam.

Now our family wish to swap us with our cousin to resolve this problem Does it will be a possible optimal solution for this problem.

Can I marry to my cousin who is 14 month elder than me and my brother marry younger sister b/c of above problem

Please reply as soon as possible.

Ahmed ALi Hyder

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  1. In islam cousins in matrimonial is permitted

    • Mumtaz, yes it is permitted, though I recommend against it because of the higher chance of birth defects in the children. It is healthier to find a partner outside the family.

      Wael Editor

  2. Some people who have responded to this question haven't fully grasped the scenario.

    The original poster whose name is Ahmed wants to know if his brother is permitted to marry his aunt's daughter. This aunt breastfed Ahmed's brother. So Ahmed's brother is not allowed to marry her daughter as the girl is now his sister by suckling. Ahmed, however, is permitted to marry the aunt's daughter as she did not breastfeed him.

    I hope this is clear to you Brother Ahmed. Your brother cannot marry any of this aunt's daughters. But you may marry any one of them.

    • I have a confusion then Sister !

      Ahmed is the Brother of the one who had milk of his aunt. So in this case even though Ahmed dint have the milk of his aunt yet his brother had. So if you are saying that all his aunts offsprings become sisters to Ahmeds brother.. so practically they become sisters to Ahmed too and obviously they are. Isnt it ? 😮

      Leaving aside the practical part. Is it ISLAMICALLY actually allowed ? I am sorry i dint have knowledge about this then 🙁 . Because havent seen anyone amongst my family undergoing in this situation.

      But as Mr. Wael said he is right. There can be many Genetic disorders never know. Like as in i had read such matrimonies happen amongst Zoroastrians and that is why there population is less in the World because of marrying Blood brothers and Sisters and so the Genetic Disorders.

      Coming to Ahmed :D. Bhaijaan you and your brother rather than swapping and making things complicated find someone each of you outside the family circle if and if that is allowed.


  3. Yes you can marry either of the sisters. But, your brother cannot marry any one of them as he is their brother by virtue of having being suckled by your maternal aunt. All your aunt’s children will be like his siblings irrespective of time of birth.

  4. Aasalam alikum
    My brother got feeded by my cousin's mother and my cousin got feeded by mother for one r two times..
    I am his Elder brother can I marry her...
    My family is considering to marry my cousin so it's is possible...

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