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Is my marriage valid?

Pakistani bride with flowersQuestion:

I'm  a Muslim girl and wanted to get married because I am afraid of committing big sins.. I know my self well.. thats why i asked my mother if I can get married.. my mother is the only person I could ask because my father is dead I do not have a grandfather and my father has no brother either.. i have my brother but he is younger than me. he is 18 and when i ask him that what if I get married he just said he doesn't care. he doesn't have enough knowledge about Islam and not performing the 5 times salah. thats why I keep on asking my self if he is suited to by my wali.

so then I assigned another wali for my self when I was still in syria but now I came back to my own hometown. so we are far apart.

And so here is my point. I am so scared to commit a sin so I keep on asking my mother that i really want to get married. But she always says no. And I have a boyfriend through text. I already done sin from before but i already ask repent on that inshaALLAH. so I am serious about him now thats why I decided to ask my mother to permit us to get married.

my mother doesn't like him for he has a child and his wife is still staying at his mothers house. I already talk to his wife and ask her about us. then she told me that she doesn't care anymore because she already has a boyfriend. the other thing that my mother didn't like about him is about politics. my mother is the current governor in our province and his uncle is also running for the same position. actually his uncle was my relative either.

Now what we did is that we got married without my mother's knowledge. The problem is the ceremony. we were only 4 that time. 3 males and me. I ask the one who is performing the nikah if it is ok to do with 1 witness. because for what I know there should be at least two witnesses. then he said it's fine because he will be the other witness. this is the hanafi nikah.

my question is, what is the hukum of our marriage?

- Muslim Sister

Wael's Answer:

Dear Muslim Sister, As-salamu alaykum,

I appreciate the trust that you have placed in us by writing and explaining your situation. Unfortunately, we cannot answer questions of this kind here on  You are asking us to render a fatwa or legal ruling about the validity of your marriage. We are not qualified for that. This is an advice website that gives common-sense Islamic advice to people with marriage and family problems. But we are not scholars or a fatwa service and do not give legal rulings.

I encourage you to seek out a qualified Muslim scholar in your region who can answer this question for you, Insha'Allah.

Best Regards,

Wael Abdelgawad Editor

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  1. salam.. thank you for the answer. JazakaLLAH-u- khairan ya akhi...

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