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Is my money Haram or Halal?

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I'm 16 YO guy and i need help. Sorry for my bad english

There's a website where you can apply for jobs and earn some money. On that Website the accounts have Ranks, the higher rank accounts have more chance of getting the job and can earn more money while the lower rank accounts have some trouble getting the job. So My account had a lower rank and i decided to buy a higher rank account. I looked for a seller, found one, contacted him to buy the account. The seller told me that the accounts he's selling are not his, they're hacked. So i scammed him and didn't pay him for the account he gave me because i thought to myself why would i pay for a hacked account? . Using that, i found an online job and earned money.

Please tell me if the money i earned from that account is haram or halal?

if it's haram, what should i do with it?



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  1. first there is no such thing as AOA
    spend a little time atleast to say it fully as Assalamu alaikum wa rahamathulahi wa barakathu

    Fooling / spamming a person just because he spammed someone desnt make any things hallal its still haram
    as far as the owner of the account is unaware of being cheated by both of you

    If you want to earn it will surely take time
    So please be patient or find some other better work
    Insha allah you will be guided

  2. Assalaamualaikum

    Scamming and any other form of behaving dishonestly is not acceptable in Islam. It's as simple as that.

    It's also illegal and could land you in major trouble with the law in whatever country you live. Or even other countries - there have been cases of people being extradited abroad for online offences.

    Just because something is online and "virtual", doesn't make it without consequences, even though it can be harder to see them immediately. Would you steal money from a shopkeeper's cash register? No? Then don't steal it online.

    The online world can make it seem harder to behave with integrity - after all, who's watching us, who's going to know if we cut corners a bit or say something we don't mean or even cheat someone out of real resources...? The answer, though, is as simple as it is in the real world. Allah. Allah is All-Seeing, All-Knowing.

    So, quite simply, I think you need to make amends for what you've done and make sure you never do this sort of thing again. In a step by step way...

    1. Make taubah - repent to Allah and resolve that from now on you will do your best to live in accordance with Islamic values.

    2. If it is safe to do so, contact the seller you scammed and arrange to send him the money (regardless of his behaviour, you made a commitment, so honour it). You don't need to tell him that you intentionally scammed him, but maybe you could say that you were checking your finances and realised that the payment didn't seem to have gone through and could he check if he'd received the money ok - if he is agreeable, you can then arrange to pay him what you promised.

    3. If it is not safe to contact the seller (eg. if you told him you'd scammed him, or contacting him would put you at risk), then it won't be possible to give him the money you owe. What you could do instead is find a charity and donate the same amount to them. It might be nice to donate to a project that helps people who have been victims of the same or similar kind of thing as happened here, so you could look and see if there are any Islamically appropriate charities that support people who have been victims of cybercrime.

    4. Then there's the matter of the money you've earned from this job. In my opinion, that money was earned because of dishonesty, and I would feel uncomfortable with keeping it. If you're able to, I would recommend giving it to charity. Real life can be complicated though - I don't know your personal circumstances, but if you are relying on that money to keep a roof over your head and to buy essentials such as food or medicine, then what you could do is instead keep a note of how much money you earned and resolve to donate that same amount to charity once you are in a position where you can afford to do so.

    5. I think you should then look for a new job. I'm not sure where your family is, but I wouldn't feel comfortable with one of my loved ones being involved in business that involves hacked accounts and scamming other people. You're clearly intelligent and resourceful, so put those skills to use in an honest way before it's too late.

    Midnightmoon editor

  3. First of all, you need to pay that guy exactly what you owe him - every single penny - and then apologize to him. Then you need to seriously evaluate your morals and values. Scamming and stealing is NOT okay, and it's NOT okay for you to enjoy a service and not pay for it. Would you go to a restaurant and run away from the bill? I hope not.

    You also need to find jobs within your means and abilities. If your rankings are too low for a certain job, that means that particular job is not for you. I don't know how to perform cardiac operations, so that means I have no business working as a cardiologist. It'd be wrong of me to lie and pretend I'm a doctor when I'm not.

    The fact that you have written to us here shows me that you DO have a conscience...and that's a good thing. Just, please, be better at listening to it. Clearly, you DO have an idea of what's right and wrong, so please stop doing things that you're doubtful about.

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