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Is my nikah still valid?

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Salaam I needed some help ..I've been married mashallah for 12 yrz husband took me abroad and forced me to read nikha to his brother so I could bring him over. To this her.. after this is my nikha with my husband still valid?



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  1. I don't really understand your question but are you saying that your husband forced you to marry his brother just to bring him to the country and then your husband married you too? If that's the case, your nikkah is definetly not valid with him unless his brother divorced you. And even if it is, personally the fact that your husband forced you to marry his brother for visa purposes is actually disgusting ! Nikkah isn't a joke, it's a contract in the eyes of Allah. Does your husband need a visa too? He sounds like a very dodgy character from what I'm understanding, I think your probably lucky if the nikkah isn't valid, it'll be a lucky escape. Please think carefully about whether you want to be with this man.

  2. This doesn't surprise me at all people go through extreme measures to get what they want!

    Seriously I would reconsider staying married to such a man and would no way allow such thing to take place this is disgusting. YOUR husband should be ashamed and his brother should have stopped this how selfish of them.

  3. Assalaamu Alaykum,

    There are lots of factors to consider in what makes a nikkah valid, on its own face. It basically requires consent from the couple, the woman's guardian, a mahr to be exchanged, and two witnesses.

    You said you "read nikkah" to his brother, which doesn't explain what actually happened. But it may not even matter.

    For women, polyandry is not permissable nor valid. You married your first husband free and clear. I would imagine any other so-called marriages you take (whether they had all the 'requirements' or not) would not even be valid by virtue of the fact that they are haraam. If you, as a muslim woman, married a polytheist in monogamy- even that wouldn't be valid or recognized. So a second marriage to any man would probably not be, either. But what makes this even more invalid is the fact that it's his blood brother. Islamically, not even a man can be married to two sisters at the same time. So you certainly cannot be married to him and his brother at the same time, and think it could weigh a thing.

    In my personal opinion (and I am not a scholar) it appears that there is no marriage to your brother in law from an Islamic standpoint. The only valid marriage would be to your first husband, and I don't see how that marriage would become invalidated. Even if you cheated on him, it doesn't invalidate the marriage, and right now any interactions with his brother would be on the same level of haraam (legally speaking) as adultery. I won't even ask if you consummated that so-called marriage with his brother. In shaa Allah, you didn't, and it was just for show only.

    The only thing I don't get about this is how, by you marrying your brother in law while being married to your first husband, that helps him to immigrate? I'm assuming you and your regular husband already have a legal marriage on the books wherever you all live. What country would recognize a legal marriage of a woman to two men, that could help the 'second husband' immigrate there? Or are you implying your real husband had to legally divorce you, to have you marry the brother? If that's the case, then we are talking about a whole other issue. So feel free to clarify any details if you want more specific advice about something along those lines.

    -Amy Editor

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