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Is my nikah valid?

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A few years when I was young I made a very big mistake and decided to do nikah with a boy to prevent haram.

We were not ready for marriage and my mum wouldn't have agreed

So we decided to do nikah. It was my boyfriend at the time, his friend and another friend who did the nikah as 2 witnesses. He did the prayer, we agreed and that was it.

Since then a lot has happened. He went prison, got another girlfriend. I do not wish to be with him and want to move on with my life but he is using this against me and manipulating me.

Is this nikah valid ? Because he is ruining my life.

I hope to hear from you soon



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  1. Saalam sister I am not sure but I think you need the permission of your walli if you under 30 Also I think this needs to be fine by a proper molvi You can however clarify this by ringing up any mosque and putting this question to them they will be able to clarify this All the best Allsh hafiz

  2. from your side there was no witness, this nikkah is invalid

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