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Is my relationship with my brother in law is halal or haram


I have married 1year ago and alhamdulillah everything is going well.

But my problem is that I have come to know recently that brother in law is non mahram relation to me

But I treat my brother in law as my son as I don't have kids till. And even he respects me alot. But unfortunately I have come to know it recently that he is non mahram relation to me. What should I do now. Should I stay away from him. Even though we are very close I was always in parda with him even I were hijab every day in my home irrespective of presence of anyone. I treat my brother in law as my first son. I feed him daily and he is younger than me and unmarried. We are like best friends but we never touched each other intentionally. Even my husband is happy by seeing us like this because my brother in law never complains or share anything with anyone except me. Please do suggest me a better idea what should I do now.

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  1. Assalamu Alaykum

    Al hamdulilah you are observing hijab in front of him.
    But you should also avoid being alone with him.

    The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said: "Beware of entering upon women." One of the Sahaabah said to him, "O Messenger of Allaah, what about the brother-in-law?" He said: "The brother-in-law is death!" (Reported by al-Bukhaari, Fath al-Baari, 9/330).

    Men and women should not be alone with unrelated members of the opposite sex.

    Thanks for asking 🙂
    May Allah reward you for seeking knowledge for His sake.

  2. Relationship? This dangerous you know that...Shaitan is very intelligently sneaky.He knows you better then yourself so beware...when there is no guidance and a strong connection with our elders and a solid foundation you will lose.If you want to get married then do so .Other then this your waiting your time....

  3. You see him as a son? What goes through your mind when you say that? I also think your son doesn't see you as a mother. On top of that your husband, his father is happy? Playing family games need to be stopped. Maybe you should get a family therapy.

  4. How old are you? YOu have been only married one year therefore, very young. How old is this so called son? If he is 2 then no problem but if he is 20 then you have a problem sister. I hate that in our cultures, everyone spends time with non-mehrams openly and say "oh this is a brother, this is a sister." Only your mehrams are your mehrams everyone else has to be avoided.
    I had cousins huggng me and kissing me when I went back home and as I understood the concept to Mehram and non-Mehram, I would tell them to not touch me and they would say "you are rude, I am your brother." and if I said "not my real brother" than they could say I am the American kid and what do I know about respect and akhlaq.

  5. It is important to keep good relations with your husband's family. However a woman must learn to always, always maintain the proper distance and space with any male who is not a mahram, no matter how relaxed the friendship may be. You did not state the age of your brother-in-law. If he is a child, it is easy to treat him like your own.. However, if he is a teenager or older, it is necessary for you to not be that friendly, to observe and be very careful of your conversation when he is present.

    I am concerned that you -- a married woman -- have taken the time to ask your question about contact with a non-mahram male. This is basic information most women should already know about by the time they are 16, most definitely by the time they get married. Whether or not they should be keeping company with a man they are not related to. If your brother-in-law is an adult, you absolutely must keep your distance. I would not trust a relative of my husband who wants to be that friendly with me. That is a nightmare crisis waiting to happen. If your brother-in-law is a child then you may treat him like a much younger brother with strong consideration that one day he will be a grown man.

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